Saturday, November 6, 2010

Full Day of Days promo


  1. I am hoping there isn't a SAFE wedding and i couldn't care less about Chloe's baby but it was nice to see Melissa Reeves. Can't stand that she isn't with Jack and they are trying to put her with yet another love interest.

  2. Free Sami from this boring pairing for pete's sake. Make her single with a business storyline where she also hang out with some girlfriends (the girl has only enemies..well expect her boring "hero" and her self-righteous, judgemental father/granny even Ari didn't like is sad..) and show us more scenes with her and her children..after a while she can chasing Ej..hey after all these years it is her turn and it will bring back her scheming spark.
    As for the other stories..Danloe..boring..let Carly (she is a good actress) be mixed with some more fun characters like the Dimera or back some Hortons..and let Brady be badass and write a twisted love story between him and Nicole..she can finally have her "miracle" baby with him and stop obsessing with is getting really old..Bring back Jack and get rid of ALL the Hernandez this family is a bust face it Corday and Tomlin. Your Passion love doesn't work for us so get over it and give up ! The Vets and senior characters are well used good job for that but there is no stories for the teens..bring back Jen and Jack's children, Adrienne and Justin's sons..teens from Core Families with Will (Horton) and Chad (Dimera) not some nobody like Gaby or whatever. ect...