Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free at last!!!

The fab five share a toast not knowing that Vivian has made it out of the sarcophagus. Melanie arrives and demands to know why Phillip missed Ari’s service. Victor tells Melanie that they were all celebrating closing a deal at Titan and lost track of time. Mel also asks Brady why he also missed the service because yeah… Gabi and Rafe noticed. Brady apologizes to Melanie and tells Melanie that he’ll head back to the Pub to apologize to Gabi and Rafe in person. Melanie asks Phillip to tell her what happened today… and she begs him NOT to lie. Phillip asks Melanie to trust him because he can’t tell her what’s going on.

Brady and Nicole arrive at the Pub and asks that Nicole please keep her quiet while they are there. Brady attempts to leave, but Justin asks him to stay because he is mentioned in Arianna’s will. Sami confronts Nicole and asks her why she’s come to the Pub. Sami reminds Nicole that Sydney isn’t there and that she’ll never see her daughter again. EJ overhears the conversation and informs the two of them that he’ll make sure that neither of them see either of his children. Justin then asks EJ to stick around while he reads Arianna’s will.
Vivian is rescued by her faithful servant Gus. Gus tries to get Vivian to leave with him before the gang discovers that she’s free. Vivian tells him no, that she has other plans. Gus and Vivian decide to get their revenge on the gang. Vivian calls Maggie to announce her return to Salem. Vivian asks Maggie to meet her at the mausoleum so that they can discuss Victor’s soul. Maggie arrives at the mausoleum to find Vivian and Gus. Vivian tells Maggie that she had been stuck in the sarcophagus. Vivian tells Maggie that Victor put her in there so that he could pursue Maggie. Maggie thinks the idea is ridiculous… and only something that Vivian would come up with. She tells Vivian that there is no way that she could have been in the coffin… and then Vivian tells Maggie about the conversation that she had with Victor and how she took his hand. Maggie flashed back to the conversation that she and Victor had and realizes that Vivian is NOT lying. Maggie suggests that they call the police because Victor can’t get away with putting Vivian in the coffin. Vivian tells her not to worry – that Victor will pay and hurt worse than anything he ever did to her. Vivian and Gus leave the sarcophagus… and leave Maggie behind in Vivian’s place.
Justin tells Sami, Rafe and EJ that Arianna made up a will and left several items to friends and family. Sami and EJ talk about what is in the box that Justin brought along with him. EJ believes that Arianna’s proof that he needs is in the box. Rafe and Gabi are surprised by the fact that Ari even had a will. Sami suggests that they read the will while everyone is still at the Pub. Justin breaks the news that Arianna’s will is actually a video, which kinda creeps everyone out. (Me too!) They watch the video… Ari leaves Rafe her car… because her car will always be cooler than his. She asks him to take care of their mother, call her once a week and tell her that he loves her because she needs to hear it. Arianna leaves Gabi her jewelry and DVD collection as well as a request to take care of big brother Rafe. Gabi asks to pause the DVD and leaves. Before Justin starts the tape, he reveals what Ari left for EJ – a statue of St. Anthony, the patron Saint of miracles. Sami looks like she’s just witnessed a miracle of her own. Ari leaves the rest of her belongings to Brady.

Chad stops by his “Dad’s” office… thinking that he finally wanted to see him and reconcile. Much to Chad’s dismay, he only wanted Chad to pick up the mail that arrived at the house for him. Chad opens the envelope with his birth certificate and reveals who his real father is. Chad arrives at the DiMansion and demands to know where Stefano is. He runs into Will and when he discovered that Kate and Stefano aren’t home he takes off. Will follows him down to the pier. Chad wants to know who is behind this cruel joke – trying to make Chad think that he’s Stefano’s son. Will offers to help Chad anyway that he can.

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