Saturday, November 20, 2010

Episode 24 ready for playback!

Yeah, I know the feeling Sami.  Poor Diva almost had to do tonight's show solo.  At literally the last second, co-hosts Madeline and Marianne showed up.  We were also joined by our friend, Anna.  To listen to tonight's show that almost didn't happen by clicking play on the blog home page on the right, or you can hear it from the Diva's blogtalkradio page.  Tonight's topics included the umpteenth Ejami smackdown, Ejole, Bo covering up another Brady family crime, Victor/Maggie/Vivian, Chad being Stefano's son, baby Parker Jonas, Jay Kenneth Johnson finally cutting his hair, Sheri Anderson's book, and a few spoilers and rumors floating around.  Enjoy the show!

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