Sunday, October 10, 2010

Podcast 22 ready for download

ShareThe Diva and friends held their 22nd podcast last night.  Topics of conversation include:  Melanie/Chloe smackdown, Phelanie marriage, Carly's sexy make over, Bricole, Magic, State, and The Bay.  You can listen by pressing play here on our homepage or on our blogtalkradio page. 

Tuesday, we are interviewing Laura Sinnema, mother of the twins that used to play Sydney DiMera.  Interview is on Tuesday at 10 pm est for a half an hour.


  1. Very cool! The twins are too adorable!

  2. I had no idea that Crystal got her boobs done I'm kind of shocked that she wanted to make them smaller since she did just fine on GL with them ermmm just as they were I did know she had liposuction on her face around the forehead area. I really do think they were making Carly look frumpy on purpose because it made Hope look more appealing, and I also think that Crystal got the message via twitter that she needed to dress better lol I bet she became more controlling over her wardrobe and hair and it helps that she'll eventually get a new love interest. I really don't know if she's competing with Nadia or not maybe because of Venice she could be but I dunno most Venice fans want her with Ani anyway no mater how much they like Nadia's character Lara.

  3. "I really don't know if she's competing with Nadia."

    LOL, I doubt it because she looks pretty rough in Venice. I also doubt that she has any control over her "sexy" DOOL makeover. She's more interested in good storylines than wardrobe and hair.

  4. Well see I would think that to but I read her twitter and I have seen her be told how bad she looked on Days and she responded "Carly is getting a new makeover" and "I'll tuck my scrubs in from now on" so she had to know she looked bad if even her fans were telling her. Plus I don't know about good storyline, I wish she had more input because right now I think she deserves alot better.