Monday, October 4, 2010

Michael Fairman Days 45th interviews

You can read Michael's blog about Days of Our Lives 45th anniversary panel here.


  1. Were Thaao and Leann involved? Was Thaao even invited? I saw a photo of Matthew Ashford with Missy, but he was not part of the event either? What gives? These two are just as important as Drake, and are more of show icons than Dattilo, they are not on the show but part of panels.

    I would like to know what gives that Ken Corday never includes these two actors, and always allows their characters to be trashed and them fired. However, they continue to remain loyal and the fans love them; plus they are two of the more talented actors the show has had.

  2. Thaao was invited, but had a scheduling conflict. Leann was not invited. Some actors were invited to be on the panel, some were told to sit in the audience. The whole event was very rude to some of the vet actors who weren't allowed to participate. The whole event was like watching a train wreck with the awful host.

  3. Good that Thaoo was at least invited. But really stupid and insulting Leann wasn't. Rude to the long time cast, but then that is Corday for you. He always has treated some actors like dirt while unjustly promoting others.

    Wasn't the host Ty Treadway? He is coming on DAYS. Someone over at Daytime Royalty said that Treadway said that he will be playing Jennifer's love interest. If true, gag, they refuse to bring back Matt and then hire him? Not to mention it is insulting.

  4. They had some host from Detroit who hosted their DOOL auditions there this past year.

    Ty Treadway didn't know who Leann Hunley was when he interviewed her on the red carpet back in 2007.