Tuesday, October 26, 2010

“May you can get romantic when there’s a live women in a coffin a few feet away, but me… I find it a little hard to concentrate.”

Maggie and Victor talk about his regrets over Isabella while Vivian looks on from the comfy coffin. Much to Vivian’s annoyance and disappointment, Maggie comforts Victor. Maggie asks Victor if Vivian was part of the reason why he told Maggie to walk away and not come back. Victor explains that he’s taking care of a situation his way… not the Maggie Horton way. Maggie asks Victor if he married Vivian to “take one for the team”… guess it all depends on how you look at it. Brady interrupts Victor and Maggie’s chat.

Brady apologizes for walking in on Maggie and Victor. Victor admits that having Vivian in the coffin is a bit distracting. Brady wonders if Victor is starting to have second thoughts. Brady tells Victor that he feels the need to tell him that he should go ahead and let Vivian out. Victor tells Brady that the only thing left to do is keep Vivian in the box because if they let her out, she’ll return to acting as Victor’s wife or tell everyone about what Victor and Brady have done. Either way, he’ll end up losing Maggie. Vivian commends Victor for trying to send Maggie away. Victor tells Vivian that she didn’t leave… and that he plans to try and continue things. He wanders off with a nonchalant, “Good night Mrs. Kiriakis, where ever you are… “ Vivian entertains herself by singing “99 Bottles of Beer” on the wall.

EJ calls Brady about Ari and tell him about her accident. He tells Brady that he needs to rush down to the hospital in order to have time to say goodbye to her. Brady arrives find out that EJ wasn’t lying and tells Rafe that he found out about Ari’s accident from EJ. Brady asks for some time with Ari, so Rafe leaves. Brady reminds Ari about all the plans and dreams they had and that he never understood what happened, but he always assumed that he’d have Ari in his life somehow.

Stefano and Kate talk about Ari’s accident and are interrupted by a visit from Chad. Chad asks if he’s come at a bad time and as Kate explains that they’ve recently got bad news, Stefano tells her to go ahead and let him in. Chad explains how he was wrong to run off after he was offered a job at DiMera Enterprises. Stefano explains that he likes the fact that Chad wants to make it on his own and how he was once like that. Hmmm… foreshadowing, much? Chad goes to leave…and Kate stops him. Chad and Kate have an interesting conversation about how she was simply trying to help him since he’s essentially lost both his mother and his father. Chad storms off. Kate has a conversation with Madeline… and decides that she is no longer going to keep her secret. Wonder how Stefano will react to the news that he has yet ANOTHER son? Kate makes arrangements for Chad to get a copy of the birth certificate.

Will rummages through Ari’s purse in search of the camera she used to tape Sami’s confession. NuGabi catches him and he quickly makes up a story about how he knocked it off the table. (Like mother, like son, eh?) NuGabi and Will talk about Ari and Will reminds her that the doctors at University Hospital are the best… really?! Rafe interrupts their discussion and asks her to rush to the hospital. Will comforts her... and Gabi seems to be only concerned with how her makeup looks. Really?! Will calls Sami to let her know that he has not yet found the camera and that she needs to call Rafe as soon as she gets the message.

Will heads to the hospital to see Rafe and Ari and tells Rafe that he feels as though her accident was all his fault.

Rafe learns that Ari’s lungs are too damaged from the accident for her to survive. Rafe goes in to see her and tells her the story about how she found a sick cat when she was a kid. He reminds her how he told her that the cat will never make it and how she responded about how she asked God for a miracle for the cat to survive… and he did. So, now Rafe is asking Ari to ask God for another miracle so that she’ll survive her injuries. Rafe calls Father Matt to visit with Ari and give her Last Rites and admits that he has not even told their mother or NuGabi how bad things really are. (I personally would think that both would have been holding vigil by her bed side!) Rafe apologizes to Ari for getting caught up in Sami (again!) and that he knows that big brothers are supposed to watch out for their little sisters… and he didn’t do that. It’s kinda hard to do when you’re stuck in some South American prison, isn’t it? Father Matt (who has taken time away from counseling Chloe about her personal problems) administers Last Rites while Rafe and NuGabi look on. Is it me, or shouldn’t the two of them have been showing a bit more emotion during this? I just wasn’t feeling the heart wrenching that one should feel during someone’s death scenes. Gabi rushes out the room… and Rafe sends Will after her. Will finds Gabi at the pier (is it really that close to the hospital?!) and he admits to Gabi that he and Ari had a fight… and that she ran into the street in order to get away from him and the fight they were having.

EJ is just as devastated as Rafe is about Ari… but only because she’ll never be able to tell him what she knows. EJ asks the nurse if he could have Ari’s phone so that he could begin to call some of her friends… and the nurse realizes that the purse (which would likely contain the phone) is gone. EJ receives a visit from Stefano at the hospital while he is holding vigil outside of Ari’s room. EJ explains Ari’s situation as well as the fact that Ari wanted to talk to him because she knew who shot him. EJ tells Stefano that he considered Ari a friend, which in his privileged life; he’s always been short on. Stefano and EJ wonder where the item is that Ari wanted to show him. They both look to Will as the potential reason why Ari’s purse is now missing. EJ vows to Stefano that he will find out what it was that Ari knew that could help him get his children back.

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