Friday, October 8, 2010

Diva interviews Laura Sinnema

Too cute!

The Diva of Days of Our Lives will interview Laura Sinnema on Tuesday, at 10 pm est for a half an hour.  Laura is the proud mother of the twins who played Sydney DiMera, Lauren and Hailey.  Feel free to call in to talk to Laura about being a show biz mom of those beautiful girls.  You can also join us in our chat room to discuss the show live.  The Diva blogtalkradio is skype friendly. Archives of the show are usually available ten minutes after the show airs. If you cannot attend the show live, but would like for Laura to answer a question, feel free to leave a comment here for Laura.  Thanks!Share

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  1. I would like to know what does she think about the fact that the show let go her twins.
    I mean during last year her twins became the star of one major storyline of this show with their character of Sydney Dimera. The casting change was a storyline choice ? Because otherwise i don't get this new casting change, her daughters became a real "IT": one of the most popular character on this show. And it is quite impressing for little actors like that, they have little lines to say obviously but for toddler actors they had lot's of screen time and they seem to really click with their adult costars with their body language. I think they have already the potential to become great actresses; they already know how to interact with other actors on-screen whereas they are still little babies; really impressing and rare i repeat.
    Otherwise i would like to know what she thinks of the fact they don't show much Sydney with Sami right now whereas she is her mother and all the goal of this baby-switch/sydnapping story was to see Sami reunite with her daughter Sydney. So i don't get the show choice to show so little of Sami with her dear lost Sydney, it doesn't make any sense in my book..we could have a story with Sami going in therapy with Sydney to reconnect their bond as mother/ much potential, good storytelling wasted..sigh..
    p.s : Laura, congratulations for your talented and beautiful little girls. I hope to see them soon in other projects, they have already the "it" factor, the screen presence (and we can't say for many actors..) so i am not worried; i know they will make it big, of course if in the futur they still want to act..(this business stays hard even when you have the charisma and the talent).
    To end i would say thank you to you and your adorable daughters.