Wednesday, October 27, 2010

“Did you know I have a Title? … Yeah, Old Bat.” / “Broke and alone, cookie!”

Vivian and Nicole chat… and Vivian tells Nicole that she believes that Nicole is going to end up alone and broke. Vivian tells Nicole that she’ll be able to change that. Vivian tells Nicole that if she lets her out, that she’ll leave her title and the oil fields that go with it to her. Nicole tells Vivian that she doesn’t believe that Vivian would do anything BUT run to the police to rat out Nicole and Brady.

Vivian ponders about her future now that Nicole has turned down her offer and hopes for someone kind and compassionate to come along… Vivian prays and make a deal that she’ll do what she needs to so long as SOMEONE comes along to save her. She turns on the monitor to find Kate wandering around her bedroom.

… and how fortuitous! Kate shows up at the Mansion, although Henderson won’t let her in. Much to Kate’s surprise, Nicole is at the house… and even bigger surprise is that Nicole now lives there! Kate and Nicole share jabs back and forth about Victor, Brady and the rest of the Kiriakis clan. Kate starts to wonder what exactly is going on… seeing as how Brady says that Vivian has been the focus of his life, Nicole is living at the mansion and Victor is ok with it… meanwhile, Vivian is gone and there is no way that they could have gotten Vivian out of the house unless they used a crow bar. Kate wanders around Vivian’s bedroom. Kate finds the earpiece… and turns on the monitor… and is shocked to see Vivian (who all along has been calling Kate nasty names while trying to direct her to the monitor!) Vivian tells Kate that she’s stuck in Isabella’s sarcophagus. Kate tells Vivian that she’s impressed with Brady. Vivian tells Kate that she can get revenge on both Nicole and Victor by just letting her out.

Brady says his good bye to Arianna and he confesses to her that he’s been too busy for her because he’s been busy torturing an “old woman”. He’s been focused on nothing but Vivian for the past few weeks. Arianna wakes and squeezes Brady’s hand. Brady leaves Isabella’s rosary with Arianna and tells her that his mother will look after Ari. Gabi arrives and Brady tells her that Arianna woke up for a bit, but has since drifted off again. Gabi regrets not telling Ari that she loved her and Brady suggests that she take the time to do it now. Brady tells Nicole about Arianna’s condition. Nicole tells him that she’s ok with him staying at the hospital. Brady declined since she has family there. Nicole tells Brady that although she and Arianna didn’t get along, she wouldn’t have wished this on her.

NuGabi runs off. And Will starts to follow her, but Sami tells him to let her go. Sami tells Will that they will talk to Arianna and make things right. Will tell her that Ari is dying. Sami is shocked and argues with Will that she doesn’t believe him. She finally realizes that he is telling the truth. The two rush off to be with Rafe at the hospital.

EJ confronts Rafe about what it was that she so desperately had to tell EJ. Rafe threatens to knock him in the face. The two ramble on about Sami and what a terrible mother she is and how all Arianna was doing was trying to save Rafe from a life with Sami. Rafe asks EJ to leave him be so that he can spend time with his sister… and EJ reminds Rafe who is to blame for his sister’s death – just as Sami walks through the door. Sami tells EJ that he’s just being cruel and stupid for all his scheming at this point and how EJ knows that if it were Lexie laying in that hospital bed that Rafe would more than certainly back off. Really Sami?! After he tortured EJ while he was unconscious and even joked about giving EJ a stroke?! Sami apologizes to Rafe (who comforts her?!) for not being with him at the hospital.

A Code Blue (which in hospital speak is a BIG PROBLEM) is called for Arianna’s room. Rafe rushes out of the waiting room and waits with the rest of Ari’s family and friends wait outside. Lexie attempts to save Arianna… with little help from Melanie, who tells Ari that she can’t die because they are supposed to go shoe shopping together. Lexie manages to save Ari, but who knows for how long. Gabi tells Rafe that she knows that she knows the real reason why this happened. Gabi and Rafe argue about the accident and that she knows that Ari was fighting with Will before it happened. Sami walks in to see if they need anything and Rafe tells her that he wants her with him, much to Gabi’s annoyance. Momma Hernandez calls and Rafe and Gabi leave the room to talk to her. Arianna picks that moment to wake up and is not happy to see Sami her bedside. She manages to squeak out to Sami that she won’t get away with what she did to EJ before she loses the battle to her injuries. Rafe and Gabi say their final goodbyes.

Kate and Melanie chat about the fact that Melanie and Phillip are moving into Victor’s. Kate spills the beans to Melanie about Arianna’s condition. Melanie tries to comfort Brady.

Will tells Lexie about how guilty he feels about Arianna’s accident. Lexie tries to comfort Will. Will asks Lexie if she can try and send EJ home. Lexie asks EJ is he really needs to be at the hospital… and of course he does because she might just wake up and tell him what he needs to know in order for him to keep his children. Lexie asks him to have some compassion. EJ tells Will that he’s been watching him… and that he knows that Will wasn’t the one who shot him. EJ tells Will that he knows that it was Sami that shot him. Lexie walks in and tells EJ that he needs to leave. EJ tells Will that he will make sure that Arianna doesn’t die in vain.

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