Saturday, October 2, 2010

Days actors on prime time this week

October 6th, 2010
Sarah Buxton on Criminal Minds (ex-Crystal Chablis, Nicole's friend, she was also on the Bold and the Beautiful)

October 11th, 2010
Victor Webster on Castle (ex Nicholas Alamain)

October 13, 2010
Mary Beth Evans on Criminal Minds (Kayla)


  1. Hope he is not permanent on Castle, I like that show. And no need to ruin the character dynamics which exists.

  2. Yeah i prefer by far Nathan Fillion to a guy like Victor Webster (Webster is hot right but not a good actor whereas Fillion is charming, hot, witty and very talented..there is no comparison seriously !).
    Anyway Webster's character will give some angst/conflict for Castle and Beckett but i would have rather seen a more charismatic actor to play with the Castle/Beckett duo i don't know somebody like Noah Whyle, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Jason Dohring..i don't know a TALENTED actor..oh well they never learn.. lol.

  3. How many times already has there been a third party in the mix? I realize they want to extend the angst but I think it would be more interesting if they team them up early until waiting until the last season. It actually is working on HOUSE, and House is not a character that is lovely/romantic, but so far I like the House/Cuddy = Huddy stuff. House is getting depth -- he was just too dark and snarky/mean there for a while and needed some evolution -- and they are not whitewashing him into this lovey-dovey conformed guy. I think it would be a hoot if Beckett and Castle got together and they had to deal working together, how the guys felt about it, andhome life.