Thursday, September 9, 2010

"...We always come back together because of the love and the grandchildren..."

Stefano still suspects Sami (6th sense, eh) shot EJ and promises her that he will find out who shot his son. Watch out Sami, you know better than to end up Steffy’s bad side.

Stefano visits EJ. Daniel tells Stefano that there’s been no change in EJ’s condition and that he’s not sure when EJ will wake up. Lexie sits with a devastated Stefano – who tells her that his life is in pieces. She tells him that she really doesn’t know what will happen and that they should prepare themselves for whatever will happen. Stefano sends her off while he holds vigil at EJ’s bedside. Stefano launches into a speech about how fathers shouldn’t have a favorite son, but he does and it’s EJ (Ouch… poor, head bashed on a chunk-o-wood Tony!). Stefano explains that even though the two have fought, they always made it back to one another. He tells EJ to be strong and that he needs to pull through – for his children. Stefano tells EJ that he feels as though who ever shot him, shot the wrong man and that Stefano would take his place if he could. Stefano tells EJ that he will never give up on him.

Sami asks Daniel about EJ’s condition. He explains that EJ’s vitals are weak, but steady and he has diminished brain activity. Sami asks for his advice about what she should do about EJ’s care. Sami wants to know when it’s the right time to pull the plug… since shooting a drunk and passed out man doesn’t really seem like ideal timing. Daniel tells her that every case and person is different and reminded her that Chloe was once in a coma and came back. Rafe appears and Sami tells him about her unsatisfactory conversation with Daniel. Duh, Sami… no one is going to help you finish EJ off! Rafe suggests to Sami that perhaps she should sit with EJ to see if that helps her make her decision… seeing as he might die anyway and this could help everyone with the process of moving on. Sami decides to take Rafe’s advice and sit with EJ and Stefano tries and stops her. Lexie explains that Sami has a right to sit with EJ. Stefano rants to Rafe about how Sami has done nothing but cause EJ pain and Rafe tells him that perhaps the wrong DiMera was shot and that he wished who ever shot EJ would have taken out the whole DiMera clan. And with that Rafe, you’ve bought yourself a one way ticket down the steps of the pier… and that chunk-o-wood in which to bash your head is included in with admission. Lexie breaks up the two men and tries to explain to Abe what is going on and breaks down in Stefano’s arms.

Sami goes into EJ’s hospital room… and realizes what she’s done. Of course it now hits her because Sami NEVER thinks anything through! Jackass… you better hope he doesn’t wake up! Oh, and on that note… EJ opens his eyes!!! Sami tells Stefano, Rafe and Kate that EJ opened his eyes… and she can’t believe it. Stefano accuses Sami of NOT wanting EJ to open his eyes (uh, ya think?!). Lexie rushes in, but is unable to wake EJ again.

Vivian continues to annoy Carly & Chloe with her quiz about why the two of them have become such good friends. Vivian plants the seed about Chloe trying to kill Carly at the hospital and leaves. The girls take a walk to the pier and Chloe confesses that she almost killed Carly with the faulty elevator. Carly doesn’t take the news well. Chloe tells the story from the beginning… and tells Carly that she had never felt so jealous or insecure about someone. Of course, Vivian sees Chloe’s desperation and steps in.

Maggie tells Melanie that it’s her fault that Vivian is trying to be bff’s with Melanie. Maggie thinks that Vivian is trying to get in good with Melanie in order to get in good with Victor. Melanie tells Maggie that she’s going to book the trip today and Melanie realizes that Maggie is leaving because of Victor. Maggie adamantly denies that she’s booking the trip because of Victor, end of discussion.

Melanie pops over to see Daniel and tells him that she’s planning Chloe’s baby shower and if he’s good, she’s invite him as well. Maggie also pops over to Daniel’s to drop off a baby gift because she won’t be in town for Chloe’s baby shower. Daniel asks if she planned this spontaneously and Maggie tries to explain that she thinks that taking the trip she and Mickey planned won’t be very comforting. He asks Maggie if there is another reason why she’s leaving.

Ian works to find out who changed the paternity test results. He finally makes it into the computer system and tells Stephanie that it wasn’t Phillip who changed the rest results. Stephanie automatically assumes that it was Chloe who changed the results… nope, wrong again! But, WHO exactly would have done it? Carly perhaps?

Phillip goes to see Vivian and tells her to stay away from Melanie. Vivian tells Phillip that she’s planned to have Isabella’s remains moved into a beautiful sarcophagus. Phillip sees right through her and asks what she’s really planning. Vivian and Phillip have a bit of a shouting match and Phillip tells Vivian that NO ONE cares what she thinks… and that you can’t fix a marriage made in hell by moving around dead bodies. Victor comes in and asks what’s going on. Phillip explains that he and Vivian were “discussing” fact that Vivian is stay away from his family. Vivian was trying to explain how she just had his best interests at heart and Phillip tells her that she doesn’t have a heart. Vivian runs away crying. Vivian, crying??? What the hell is wrong with this picture?! Phillip asks why Vivian is still around and then tells him that there must be someone out there who Victor could love… and really love. Hmmm, is Victor thinking of Maggie – his newest interest or Caroline, the love that has spurned him so many times in the past?

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