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Thursday & Friday Eppy recaps

After a few technical glitches, I got the rest of last week completed.... stay tuned for today's episode!!!

September 2, 2010

Sami shoots EJ. (Weak, writers!!!) She stares at him for a while, until she turns to the mirror and realizes what she’s done. She takes off… with the gun in her hand. She arrives at the pier, remembering EJ’s proposal. She finally gets rid of the evidence by throwing the gun into the river and runs off. Sami goes back to Rafe’s and slips back into bed as though nothing has happened… not like he would notice anyway since he never woke up!!!

Nicole attempts to drink her worries away. Daniel and Nicole argue over her being a bad house guest. Nicole decides that she will not have a moments rest until she takes care of EJ permanently. Daniel says he doesn’t understand how people like Nicole and EJ don’t think about slashing someone’s tires or lawsuits when they want revenge – the think of murder. Nicole reminds Daniel that Victor is his Godfather. Nicole brings George into the apartment and demands to know what the FBI is doing to keep her safe and get EJ in jail. She’s not happy to hear that charges are only being considered.

Daniel finds Nicole sitting on the couch, reminiscing about her time with Sydney. They talk about how Daniel took care of Nicole when she was pregnant… and then about her miscarriage. Nicole apologizes for being a downer, but she can’t it’s just the whole Daniel & Chloe have everything they want. She realizes that one of the good things about always screwing up your life is that you are a survivor! Chloe arrives home and Nicole finally gets around to telling her the story. Chloe and Daniel go to bed and leave Nicole alone, telling her not to go anything stupid. Nicole calls Rafe to tell him that EJ tried to kill her AND almost got rid of George. He tells Nicole that he’ll have to call her back.

Rafe turns to Sami and apologizes for the wakeup call… and realizes that she’s not quite right. She tells Rafe that she’s had another nightmare. IN the meantime Nicole calls again… and now she’s not happy that Rafe hung up on her AND that charges were only being considered against EJ. Nicole hangs up on Rafe.

Stefano and Kate talk about next steps and there is currently no plan. Kate thinks back to what she overheard between EJ & Stefano and tell him that EJ will take the kids of her dead body. Stefano wonders aloud that she doesn’t believe him anymore. Of course she doesn’t! YOU left her in the dark at one point. Stefano tells Kate that he’s happy that Sami is out of EJ’s life and that EJ won’t be doing anything with the children… or anything tonight for that matter. Kate asks Stefano how he knows that EJ won’t be doing anything. Stefano tells her that the last time he saw EJ… he was DEAD drunk (and now he’s just half dead). Stefano again tells Kate not to worry… The two arrive at the pier looking for the launch – which Victor has sent away. Victor tells Stefano that he’s not happy about the delay of his cargo. Stefano tells him it was all his fault and Kate snarkily asks if he’s going to retaliate. Victor says he already has. Stefano realizes that Victor gave Nicole up to Rafe.

Vivian and Gus talk about the sarcophagus and the modifications that she requested. Gus suggests that perhaps she spends more time at home instead of with the sarcophagus if she’s truly worried about how much time Victor is spending with Maggie. Vivian tells Gus that she knew she had to make her move when she discovered that Maggie was thinking of going away. Vivian makes a recording of what she wants the hand writing expect to write for Maggie’s letter to Victor. Her first try is just way too over the top… and the second is too plain. Take number… whatever… Vivian finally is starting to sound like Maggie… and is interrupted by Brady. She asks him if he came to visit Isabella. He asks what the hell she was doing there. Vivian breaks the news about the sarcophagus and he’s not happy about it.

Maggie stops by to speak to Brady and ends up talking to Victor. They realize that they are both worried about Brady. Maggie sees the plans for the sarcophagus lying on the table and tells Victor that perhaps seeing these plans for Isabella bother him. Victor tells Maggie that Vivian isn’t thinking about Brady, she’s trying to score points with him… and it’s not working. Maggie admits to Victor that she was thinking of going away… and go on the trip that she and Mickey had been planning when he died. Victor tells her that it’s a lovely idea, although he doesn’t want her to go. Maggie tells Victor that before she leaves, she’ll make sure that Brady is in good hands. Victor gets some kind of business call and excuses himself.

Chloe meets Brady at the bar and he chides her for not ordering a drink and asks if she was on the wagon. “Nope, I’m on the nest.” Brady tells Chloe that she should go home to her FiancĂ© and take care of baby. Chloe tells him about how Nicole is staying with her and Daniel because of her run in with EJ. The two talk about Nicole and how they are a bit shocked about how they have both let Nicole back into their lives again. Brady suggests that Chloe cut Nicole out of her life before it’s too late.

September 3, 2010

Nicole and Chloe continue bonding… and Nicole realizes that she breaks everything she touches. Nicole tells Chloe not to take the good things in her life for granted and end up like Nicole.

Chloe and Daniel share a morning kiss while Nicole gathers her things to leave. She has decided to design her own witness protection program that involves margaritas and cabana boys and asks Chloe to loan her the money. Chloe says yes… Daniel says no. Daniel says that Nicole can’t leave town and that so long as she helps the FBI put EJ in jail, they will protect her. Daniel then gets a call that he needs to head to the hospital… to do an emergency surgery on EJ, who got shot.

Victor and Stefano exchange words… posturing as Victor calls it. Maggie tells Victor that she followed him down to the pier to see the other side of him. Victor tells Maggie that she shouldn’t have to travel the world alone. Maggie tells Victor that he can’t boss her around like he does Stefano. She accuses Victor of using her as a tool to keep Vivian upset and tells him that if he wants out his marriage, he best tell Vivian himself.

Brady and Vivian continue to discuss her plans for Isabella’s remains. She tells him that she ordered the sarcophagus in hopes that Brady & Victor would see it as meaningful. Brady tells her that if Victor thinks it’s ok, then he guesses it’s ok with him. He’s not happy, but leaves anyway.

Gus brings back more cassettes for Vivian, and she tells him about her run in with Brady. He asks if she knew whether or not Brady visited his mother often because he may be upset to hear that her remains now lie next to a Chihuahua at a pet cemetery. In the morning Gus brings by the letters written to Maggie’s loved ones, he asks Vivian if it really doesn’t bother her that she’s going to be putting Maggie into a coffin alive. (Well, no Gus, seeing as how she’s done it before!) Victor strolls into the room as Viv is reading the letters. He informs her that he is making plans to send her to Tahiti to protect her from his feud with Stefano. Vivian is touched that Victor is making a point to show that he cares. Vivian tells her that he’s just doing it to minimize damage… and that she’s leaving today, regardless of whether or not her plans for Isabella are completed.

Sami and Rafe get it on again… I guess this is her way of getting shooting EJ out of her system? Sami dreams of her shooting EJ… and that Rafe walks up behind her asking her what she’s done. Rafe asks her about her dream and she tells him she doesn’t remember. Rafe tells Sami that they should talk about what she plans to tell the kids. She tells him that EJ is out of her life and they are at peace. Rafe tells Sami that he’s feeling pretty peaceful now as well. Sami starts talking about how they shouldn’t discuss the future because they don’t know what’s going to happen and that they may not end up together. Rafe tells her that everything he’s been doing for the last few months were so they could end up having a future together. Rafe then pulls out a simple diamond ring and asks Sami to marry him with a simple proposal. She accepts with a “Hell, yes!”

Stefano and Kate arrive home from a night on the yacht and discover that EJ’s bed hasn’t been slept in. Kate calls Caroline and has an very pleasant conversation that ends with Caroline telling Kate to keep her meat hooks away from her great grandchildren. Stefano finds an empty bottle on the steps and heads upstairs to look for EJ. Stefano finds EJ in Sami’s room and when he first walks into the room, thinks he is just passed out… until he gets a bit closer. Stefano realizes that EJ is bleeding and holds his limp body. Kate walks in to find out what’s going on and Stefano tells her that he thinks EJ is dead. Stefano collapses on EJ’s chest. Kate calls for help… and the operator decides to play 20 questions. However, that doesn’t sit well with Stefano who tells the operator that if EJ dies, they will die.

They finally arrive at the hospital where we learn that EJ is only alive because on the way his head fell onto the pillow. Daniel gives his instructions to the staff… and also has Carly paged. Stefano offers to donate blood to EJ and tells Daniel that he doesn’t care that he is Victor’s godson… He’s still to do everything he can to save EJ’s life.

EJ remains on the bed bleeding. What a waste of an actor!

Brady heads back to the house for more drinking and sulking… and staring at a picture of Isabella and Victor. The next morning Brady goes to help Maggie with a blown fuse at the house. She asks him to stay and have coffee with her. Brady accuses Maggie to blowing the fuses on purpose so that she can talk to him about his drinking… which he has under control. Maggie and Brady talk about Chloe’s pregnancy and how it must be hurting him. Either Brady is a good actor or he’s really happy for Chloe and the fact that she’s found happiness. I’m not sure. Maggie reminds him that she was where he is now and it’s not pretty. Maggie tells Brady that she knows that he’s drinking to drive Victor crazy and tells him that if Brady feels the need to drink because he’s around Victor then he should get the hell out of the house. Maggie tells Brady not to give up hope.

Carly and Bo take Ciara fishing. Ciara seems to resent Carly’s presence. She asks Bo if he sent Hope away because he wants to be with Carly instead. Bo tells Ciara that Hope is sick and that’s why she she went away. Carly explains that she had a little girl once and didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her, so there is no way that she would want Bo to send her away. Bo tells Carly that she’s really good with Ciara. She tells him that she sees a lot of Bo in Ciara – and she loves him, so how can she NOT love Ciara? Carly tells Bo that he just needs to tell her what she needs to do… that if she needs to leave Salem, she will.

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