Tuesday, September 21, 2010

“Think of a Snake… how many friends do you think a Snake could list on Facebook?”

Hope has a chat with the Warden after her fight with her new roommate. Hope worries that she mentioned something to Bo, however, she didn’t but warns Hope that perhaps she should since the word is out that she’s a cop. Again, Hope begs the Warden to not tell Bo because he needs to get on with his own life.

Tina arrives back to the cell and she and Hope have a little chat. Tina suggests that even though neither want to be roommates that they just make the best of it. Another inmate arrives with books and offers Hope one. Unfortunately for Hope, it’s a trick and Hope ends up in a headlock against the bars. Tina expresses her unhappiness with Hope and the fact that their fight pushed her hearing back three months. Tina proceeds to beat the crap out of Hope.

Bo and Carly bump into one another at the Pub. Bo tells Carly the good news… that Vivian is gone! Carly isn’t so sure. Bo gives Carly details that would make it seem as though Vivian really has left for good. Carly still isn’t buying it. He asks Carly if the real problem is the fact that she’s just used to having Vivian around tormenting her. Carly tells Bo that perhaps Victor is being naïve because he’s so happy that he can’t think straight. That comment finally sets the detective off in Bo… who calls to tell Victor his plans and ends up getting Brady instead. Brady asks Bo why he’d need to investigate seeing as how everyone is so happy that she’s gone. Brady’s not happy with that prospect.

Ciara pops into the Pub and overhears Bo and Carly talk about Vivian. She joins in the celebration of Vivian’s leaving because she didn’t like her and found her scary. Carly agrees. Ciara gives Carly a picture that she colored. Bo tells Carly that Ciara needs a woman in her life until Hope gets out of prison. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from the Warden. Bo finds out that Hope was attacked… twice and this time has ended up in the hospital.

Victor, Brady, Justin and Maggie talk about Vivian’s leaving… much to her chagrin, seeing as how she’s stuck listening to the whole conversation. Victor asks Maggie to the house for a drink and at first Maggie rejects the idea, but ultimately accepts. Victor, Justin and Maggie head back to the house, leaving Brady alone to chat with Vivian. Vivian demands that Brady let her out of the sarcophagus. Brady tells her no… and Vivian tries to guilt trip him a bit. Gotta love the fact that Vivian used all the excuses that Gus threw at her and then she’s surprised when Brady doesn’t cave! Finally Vivian offers to give up Victor in exchange for her freedom… and Brady tells her that she already has. Brady goes back and check on loose ends and again Vivian prods him… asking if he can really stand to stoop down to her level. Brady tells her to shut the hell up… and unfortunately is overheard by Maggie, who asks who he’s talking to.

Brady tells Maggie that he was just having an emotional outburst over trying to say goodbye to his mom. He leaves to try and figure out his last plans. Vivian flips through the channels… and learns that Victor is already clearing the house of anything to do with her. Maggie meanwhile stays behind for a few quite moments with “Isabella”. She finds Vivian’s earring laying next to the sarcophagus.

Victor asks Justin to file for his divorce. Justin tells him that it’s not a good idea at this point. Maggie suggests that perhaps they talk to some of Vivian’s friends. Victor laughs it off and reminds them that Vivian had no friends and then take Maggie to the bedroom to show her how he knows that Vivian is gone. Vivian flips through the channels and finds the scene between Maggie and Victor appalling and resorts to name calling… “bitch, slut, whore!” Maggie leaves to check on Brady and Victor nearly dances a jig.

Will tells Rafe to bring it on… if he really thinks that he shot EJ, then charge him. Rafe tells Will that he needs to know what really happened because if Stefano THINKS that Will shot EJ, then he’s not going to wait for proof. Will flashes back to the scene where Sami confessed to him that she did indeed shoot EJ. Rafe tells Will that whoever shot EJ or whoever Stefano THINKS shot EJ is going to need protection. Will asks if it’ll be Rafe providing it. Rafe tells Will about how he made a promise to Sami and finally Will asks Rafe if he intended to lie for Will if he did indeed shoot EJ. Rafe tells Will that he’s changed and isn’t the same rigid FBI guy and he intends to take care of those who are important. Again, Rafe asks Will to tell him what’s going on.

Stefano and Sami discuss whether or not Will shot EJ. Well, argue is more like it. Sami finally tells Stefano that she’ll tell him the truth – how she knows that it definitely wasn’t Will who shot EJ. Kate jumps in to break the two up and defends Will as well. Sami and Stefano continue to argue and finally Sami tells him that Will was willing to give Stefano another chance at this point… even though she’s told him all about Stefano. Stefano admits that he knows Will does care for him, but that Will’s anger was so explosive that perhaps he snapped and did shoot EJ. Sami and Kate again try to defend Will, but are interrupted by a phone call from Lexie telling Stefano that he should get down to the hospital.

EJ’s status changes…

Stefano, Kate and Sami arrive to EJ’s room and Lexie explains that there had been an increase in EJ’s brain activity. EJ begins to shake and moan – Stefano rushes to his side in hopes to EJ’s awakening and telling of who shot him. Unfortunately, EJ reverts back to his previous state and a disappointed Stefano leaves the room.

Rafe and Will arrive to “comfort” Sami. Again Stefano warns that whoever did this to his son, better be worried now. More fighting and posturing between Sami and Stefano and Sami eventually tells Will that she needs to speak to him. Kate mentions to Rafe that she’s concerned as to what Stefano might do. Stefano asks if Rafe is talking to Kate about the case and Rafe indicates that it’s not something the FBI are handling, he needs to go to the police. Stefano makes a comment about the Brady Police Department – that if a member of that family had anything to do with the shooting; it would just be glanced over. Rafe reminds Stefano that Hope is currently sitting in jail. Point taken.

Sami informs Will that he’ll be leaving with Roman… because he needs to protection. Will doesn’t understand, seeing as how he seems to be considering taking the fall for his mother. Sami admits that if she HAS to, she will come clean. Will doesn’t like that idea and suggests that she talks to Rafe about what she did. Sami tells Will that there is no reason to tell Rafe, but Will tells Sami about his conversation. Will tells Sami that Rafe can offer her protection. Sami doesn’t want to involve Rafe because he could lose his whole world if the truth comes out. Rafe walks in on the two of them… they end their conversation and leave the hospital.

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