Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Oh yes, around here we have several orangutans and a couple of wombats."

Brady makes arrangements to remove Isabella’s, well, uh, Sparkles ashes. Nicole watches Brady drink and rant about Vivian, but unfortunately she can’t hear him. Nicole talks to Keith about his interaction with Brady and how she’s impressed by how professional and caring he’s been. Keith recognizes Nicole from the TV station and she convinces him that she’s not. Unfortunately, all she’s only be able to uncover is that fact that Brady is moving a pet orangutan… and he’s never even had a pet fish.

Nicole pops over to the house to visit Brady and encounters Victor. She tells him that she’s thinking of sending Vivian a gift basket and note of congratulations. Nicole then asks Victor if Vivian had any pets. Henderson tells Nicole that he’s not been able to locate Brady and to check down at the mausoleum.

Brady goes to visit Vivian… and again they have some words about how he needs to let her free and if he doesn’t, Victor will have his head. Ok, I admit it… I’ve enjoyed Vivian being in the box, but it’s starting to get old now! Brady informs her that actually, when Victor finds out about what Vivian has done, he’s going to kill HER! Vivian begs for compassion and Brady tells her that she’s brought everything on herself… and Nicole overhears the conversation. Brady drops the ear piece and leaves… passing Nicole, who’s hiding along the way. Nicole goes into the mausoleum and “realizes” that he must be digging up Sparkles to put in with Isabella… and finds the fallen ear piece. Nicole hears Vivian begging for help.

Victor visits “Isabella”… and remarks how much he misses her. Unfortunately for Vivian, she’s the one who gets to hear it. Vivian watches Victor leave.

Lexie tells Stefano that EJ is awake… and celebrates with a few kisses from Kate. After Stefano leaves, she wonders aloud about the consequences of EJ waking up… and whether or not she should tell Stefano that Chad is really his son. First Kate decides that yes, she will tell Stefano and calls Chad (I guess in order to tell him the “good” news). While she waits for him to arrive, she changes her mind… she can’t tell Stefano because he hates Chad! Kate ends up offering Chad a job at DiMera enterprises.

Stefano arrives and Lexie tells him that EJ has amnesia and remembers nothing from the wedding ceremony on and believes that Sami is his wife!

Rafe tries to see EJ… possibly over Lexie’s dead body.

Johnny has dropped the bombshell that he and the rest of the kids are living with Sami & Rafe. EJ starts to get upset and wants to discuss the situation. Sami tries to calm him down and tells him that it’s really not how Johnny is making it seem. Luckily for Sami, Lexie comes in to run some additional tests.

Sami tells Rafe that Johnny informed EJ that they are living together. Lexie overhears and begs Sami to fix things and continue to make EJ believe that they are married. Sami goes back to see EJ and he demands to know why Sami and the kids are living with Rafe. (I’m dying to know how she fixes this one!) Sami explains that she’s living with the kids at the Pub with her grandmother. EJ gets upset and demands to know why she’s moved out of the house the moment that he’s hospitalized. Sami calms EJ down and he tells her that she is what he lives for. They kiss… and Rafe walks into the room, slamming the door behind him. EJ demands that Rafe leave and Rafe tells him that he’s not leaving. Luckily for them, Stefano arrives and frees Sami and Rafe from the room.

Sami wonders aloud how she’s going to keep this up because stress could kill EJ. Rafe mentions (much to Sami’s surprise) that when she had the opportunity to take EJ’s life, she took it. Sami immediately assumes that he means the night that EJ was shot… but he means about how Sami had decided that it was time to pull the plug. Rafe and Sami head back to the Pub… where Caroline plugs frozen Chinese food.

Stefano and EJ have a moment and EJ tells Stefano that he’s thankful for Sami. Stefano wonders why… and EJ tells him that she’s been his motivation for all of this. Stefano tells him that he needs to hear the truth. Stefano then asks what would happen if he didn’t have Sami and EJ tells him not to worry about it… that he’ll never lose Sami.

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  1. Ya know I know that this is totally out there but does anyone else feel that Lexie knows more than she is letting on.. Especially whereas she keeps telling Sami to go along with letting EJ think that they are married.. I find it rather odd along with a few other things..
    As to Victors comment about the oragutans and Wombats.. Gotta love the one line comments he makes..