Wednesday, September 1, 2010

“Loose lips sink ships”

ShareEJ tells Nicole that he doesn’t care what she thinks… and that she’s going to pay for betraying him. Nicole tells him that it’s very convenient to blame her and totally forget what he actually did. EJ tells her that he took care of his family and protected his kids. She asks how he protected them when he pretended that Sydney was dead and told Johnny about it. EJ believes that by telling Johnny that all was going to be ok that it would be. Nicole asks if that is how little boys grow up to be DiMera Men? The watch their family suffer and then are told not to care?! Nicole tells EJ that he best go have another drink while the idea of what he did sinks in. EJ calms down and fools Nicole into thinking that she’s going to safe with him… until he grabs her by the throat. Luckily, Daniel happened to be near by the save the day. EJ tells Nicole that it’s not over.

Daniel asks Nicole what happened to George… and Nicole loses it. “He was going to kill me!” Nicole tells Daniel that EJ drinks, but he never gets drunk. She realizes that EJ was out of control. She tried to keep talking thinking that if she didn’t show she was scared that he wouldn’t pounce. Daniel tells Nicole that seeing as he just threatened a DiMera, he might best off knowing why. Nicole tells Daniel the story of how she ended up blackmailing EJ… and now that he knows she gave Rafe the CD, he’s pissed. Daniel confirms that EJ is going to kill her. Daniel checks on George, who is going to be ok. Nicole asks Daniel why he came back and he said that he just didn’t feel right leaving her. Nicole tries to get a bit mushy… and Daniel tries to change the subject. Daniel asks Nicole if it ever occurred to her that she should have never blackmailed a mobster and Nicole admits that her love of money makes her do silly things. Nicole has a bit of a nervous breakdown in Daniel’s arms when she realizes that she has no idea how long she has to live. George comes back and sends Daniel off, telling him that there will be protection at the apartment. Daniel starts to decline it and George explains that it’s for Nicole since she is staying with Daniel and Chloe. Daniel starts to protest again – George pulls him aside and tells him to just be a good guy. Daniel and Nicole arrive back to the apartment… and Chloe has left for a while. Nicole tells Daniel that she knows he doesn’t want to do it… and asks if he really thinks that EJ is going to kill her. Daniel heads to bed and leaves Nicole alone in the living room.

Stefano tells Kate that she’s over-reacting and he’ll take care of the situation. Kate tells Stefano that she doesn’t trust him to take care of the situation. Stefano tells Kate to “Be Care woman.” Kate goes off on a tirade about how Will may end up hating the name DiMera and her last name is now DiMera and he damn well better make sure that he tells Will that she was shocked and appalled at what EJ did… or she’s leaving and taking the whole house down with her.

A drunken EJ arrives… and tells her to get out. Kate notices that EJ is very drunk… “Yep, I’m drunk!” and again tells her to leave because Stefano and EJ have some family business to attend to. Kate turns her anger on EJ and he still sends her away. Stefano tells EJ that he’s being pathetic. EJ informs Stefano that Nicole recorded their conversation about Anna and the kidnapping. EJ tells Stefano that he plans to take his children and leave Salem. Stefano tells EJ to think about the children.

Sami and Rafe snuggle and he tells her that he’s the only one who’s never lied to her. Rafe suggests that Sami go for sole custody of the kids. Sami reminds him that if she were to go to court for the kids, EJ will just bring up all of the bad things she’s done in the past. Rafe tells Sami that she shouldn’t plan to go to court… just go to EJ and tell him that if he plans to take her kids, she will make them HATE him for the rest of their lives. Rafe tells Sami that she should threaten to tell the kids exactly what EJ did and Sami admits that the kids are his Achilles heel. Rafe asks Sami if she wants to go back to the Pub, she tells him no, that she wants to stay with him. He then tells her to get some sleep and of course, we have the obligatory Hope joke when Sami says, “Well I’m definitely not taking a sleeping pill!”

Sami gets a phone call from Kate… to warn her that she heard EJ to Stefano that he plans to take the kids and disappear. Kate tells Sami that he’s very drunk and very scary… and although he’s too drunk to do anything tonight, she best have some sort of plan for tomorrow.

Sami and Rafe share a drink and she thinks back to her conversation with Kate. Sami gets up and leaves while Rafe sleeps.

Drunk-ass EJ wanders back up to Sami’s room and finds the picture that Johnny drew of the family. In his rage, he throws the rest of the staff out of the house and ends up in the living room, where in his drunken stupor he wanders around looking for the Brandy. He thinks back to happier times and it appears as though the full weight of his actions really hits him. He puts the Brandy down… only to pick up a gun from the drawer. EJ heads back up to Sami’s bedroom with the Brandy and the gun. Meanwhile Sami arrives back at the house to look for EJ before he does something crazy. EJ thinks back to when Johnny was born, when Sami told him she no longer loved him and the fact that Stefano told him that he only thinks of himself. EJ breaks down. We see EJ holding the gun to his temple as Sami walks upstairs… and she finds EJ passed out on her bed. A million things run through Sami’s head at this point… including getting her own revenge.

Kate goes back to find Stefano alone in the living room and tells her about the CD. “Loose lips sink ships”. He also tells Kate that he’s on the CD as well, proving that he knew what had be going on. Kate is thankful that at least EJ has been stopped for now and can’t do any more damage. Stefano suggests that the two of them spend the night on the yacht. Kate asks if Stefano really thinks that’s a good guy. Uh, NO!!!

Stefano tells Kate that there was no real reason for him to tell her about the Sydnapping. Stefano tells Kate that he was wrong about her… No, she knows exactly where she stands… in line BEHIND his children. He tells her that No, he is NOT doing this because she threatened him – he’s doing it because he loves her. The enter the Pub and encounter Caroline, who’s not pleased to see him. Caroline tells Stefano Will has a better picture of what’s going on… and that regardless of what they have to say, Will is likely not going to believe them.

Caroline and Will continue to talk about whether or not Stefano knew anything about Sydney’s kidnapping. Caroline asks Will how stupid he can be - believing that Stefano has changed. Caroline apologizes for her statement and explains that the DiMera’s have a way to making people trust them over and over again. Will accuses Caroline of making these statements because she hates the DiMeras, but she really has no proof.

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