Saturday, September 25, 2010

“It’s a little drunk out”/”Yo, homegirl… let’s talk about our prison experiences!”

As you know, I've tried to name each day's recap after my favorite quote of the episode. This one I just couldn't decide, so you're getting both!

Brady pops in to visit Vivian. Melanie stops by the Mausoleum to check in on him since she’s not seen him too much because of his break-up with Arianna. Melanie asks Brady why she hasn’t seen him around. He tells her that he decided that Nicole was the answer.

Carly arrives and the three chat with Brady about Isabella and Vivian – much to Vivian’s annoyance. Again, Vivian is being a bit wasted laying there in the box with no one hearing her one liners! Vivian is muttering to herself about how she had to suffer through the display between Melanie and Carly and makes plans to get rid of them when she gets out. Brady reappears and asks if she actually means IF she gets out. Brady tells Vivian that he went into a bar and didn’t even order a drink! He thinks that keeping Vivian in the sarcophagus is the best therapy ever!

Arianna visits with EJ. She tells him about her visit to the police department and how they have no idea who shot him. She promises to figure out who shot him. Arianna leaves… and Will visits with EJ. He asks EJ what’s going to happen when he wakes up. Will tells EJ he doesn’t want to see Sami pay for protecting her children and that it would be best for everyone if EJ died.

Kate pours Stefano a drink before he gives her news about Will. I still think she should have made brownies… but whatever. Stefano tells Kate that he’s decided that Will couldn’t have shot EJ. Ooops… now, what Kate? Stefano decides that he and Kate need to have a chat about the state of their relationship. Stefano asks Kate what would have happened should he have had proof that Will did shoot EJ and that he planned to seek revenge. Kate reminds Stefano that she told him that she would have done anything to protect Will. Stefano wonders aloud if Kate thinks of him as some barbarian. She tells him that she married him because he’s a strong man. And he reminds her that he also has evidence that could send her to prison. They both admit that they think of that tidbit less and less each day. Kate and Stefano share a surprisingly tender moment… and admit that neither one want to hurt the other. Kate finally asks Stefano why he decided that Will wasn’t the one who shot EJ. Stefano tells Kate that he sent the drawer to his “DNA guy” and that Will never touched the drawer. Stefano tells Kate that there were quite a few sets of finger prints on the desk… including Sami’s.

Stephanie and Nathan have a make out session… which is interrupted by a visit from Kayla. Kayla tells Stephanie that she didn’t bring along her dad because he felt that this visit was more of a women thing- Adrienne called Kayla to tell her that she needs her mom. Nathan gets paged to the hospital, leaving the girls alone. Kayla asks Stephanie what’s going on. Stephanie tells Kayla that everything is fine. Stephanie tells Kayla that she’s a bit upset that Kayla came all this way to check up on her because she’s hanging out with an old college friend. Kayla tells Stephanie that she’s not in town just to see her, that there are other family members who have issues and Kayla needs to meddle in their lives too. Cute.

Nicole tells Chloe and Daniel that since EJ is out of commission and Stefano has decided that Nicole couldn’t have shot EJ, the FBI is going to cancel the guards. She’s also going to move back to the old place. As excited as she should be, Nicole still can’t help but think about what she did to make things so terrible with Brady. Chloe sends Nicole out to get more soda for the baby shower… and as she’s leaving, bumps into Melanie – who is not at all happy to see her.

The guests start to arrive for Chloe’s shower… when everyone arrives – at least in Melanie’s mind, Melanie wants to start playing games and Chloe asks her to wait because Nicole hasn’t got back yet. Apparently Chloe is the only one who can even tolerate Nicole! Chloe asks everyone to try and make Nicole feel welcome, seeing as how she will be on her best behavior. The girls play games at the shower to make the time pass. A drunk Nicole returns and is upset that they’ve started the party without her. Nicole has obviously been having her own party and Melanie calls her out on it. Poor Chloe, Nicole continues to prove why no one wants to have anything to do with her. Melanie and Carly both try to usher Nicole out, but not before Nicole drops the bomb that Chloe is apparently keeping a secret from Daniel.

Nicole is having a drink at the bar. She runs into Brady and she tries to explain her actions to him. She asks if there was ever anything that he’s done just because he couldn’t tolerate the way things were. Brady thinks back to his conversation with Vivian before he put her into the sarcophagus. Nicole asks Brady for a second chance… he tells her no and leaves without even finishing his drink! Nicole drowns her sorrows at the bar and decides to call a cab to take her back home for Chloe’s baby shower.

Ian pops over to the hospital… and bumps into Daniel since he requested a surgeon stitch his arm up after his motorcycle accident. Daniel takes care of Ian, but forgets his prescription pad at the nurses’ station. He leaves his phone on the counter. Ian takes it to look for evidence that Daniel was the one who changed the test results. Nathan comes in to have a chat with Ian. Daniel comes back to give Ian the prescription and some words of advice… to leave Stephanie and Nathan alone.

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