Friday, September 10, 2010

“I know what you did.”

Lexie walks out of EJ’s room and into the argument between Sami and Stefano. Lexie tells them that EJ opening his eyes was only an involuntary reflex… he still has diminished brain activity.

Sami sends Rafe to check on the kids so that she has an excuse to go and talk to Kate. Kate demands an answer to her question about what Sami did AFTER Kate called her. Kate accuses Sami of shooting EJ. Sami denies that she shot EJ, that after she spoke to Kate she went to bed and that Rafe will swear that she was with him all night. Kate tells Sami that she believes her, but that it’s best that they don’t mention the phone call between the two of them. Again, it hits Sami that really hadn’t put much thought into shooting EJ, that she just went and did it.

Rafe breaks the news about EJ’s shooting to Caroline and Will. Will rushes off to the hospital to talk to Sami. Will sees Sami in the waiting room and allows her to ramble on about how things are a shock. Finally he tells her to stop… because he knows that she did. Sami asks what he means and he tells her that he knows what she did the night before… to EJ. Will happened to be at the DiMera mansion the night before and saw Sami leave a few minutes after the police say that EJ was shot. Sami is pissed that Will went back to the house and is even MORE pissed that he went back to talk to Stefano. Will finally tells her that he couldn’t just leave it alone which is why he went back… just like she went back because she couldn’t let it alone and he saw her leave with something in her hand that looked like a gun. Sami tells him that she didn’t have a gun in her hand when she left. Finally she admits that she was at the mansion and asks him to not mention anything to anyone. Sami breaks down and starts to tell Will what happened, but Rafe walks in.

Carly and Chloe discuss Chloe’s partnership with Vivian. Carly tells Chloe that she believes that Chloe is sorry and that the two of them need to put the whole thing behind them. Chloe tells Carly that she’s not sure that everything will still be ok because Vivian could still ruin everything. Chloe seems to think that Vivian may figure out that the two of them are keeping secrets from Daniel.

Nathan arrives home on a break just as Ian is leaving. Nathan asks why Ian has been hanging around so much. Stephanie again uses the excuse of the hospital computer program, although Nathan doesn’t seem to be buying it. Nathan tells Stephanie that Ian is extending his tutoring of the new computer program because he has a huge crush on her. Nathan of course understands…. Because he has a crush on her too.

Vivian and Gus look over the sarcophagus. Gus warns Vivian that there is a chance that her plans may backfire. She makes Gus get in so that she can run a test and make sure that everything is in working order. Poor Gus doesn’t enjoy the idea. Vivian runs through the various channels on the screen and then turns off the camera. Gus screams at the top of his lungs and to Vivian’s enjoyment, she can’t hear him. Viv finally lets Gus out and he tells her that he absolutely can NOT put Maggie in there. Vivian and Gus are still arguing about her plans when Carly arrives. Carly and Vivian have a lovely chat about how Vivian thinks of mausoleums the same way that people think of rec rooms. Vivan threatens to sic Gus on her, but Carly then recalls how the last time they met – he ended up on the floor.

Maggie offers Melaine Chez Rouge for Chloe’s shower. Melanie sweet talks Maggie into staying around long enough to help her plan the shower. Melanie then tried to talk Maggie into staying around Salem permanently in Salem. Mel tells Daniel that she’s worried about Maggie, but he tells her not to worry because she’s a tough lady.

Abe tells Lexie and Stefano that they got the forensics on the bullet. Bullet was from a gun with a silencer on it and Abe asks if they have any guns around the Mansion. Stefano tells him no, that they don’t keep anything around because of the grandchildren. However, Steffy is looking a little pale at that news and decides that he’s not feeling well and wants to go home to rest a bit. Stefano and Kate arrive him and the first thing Stefano does is open the drawer and pull out the now empty box that once held a gun. Stefano again points his finger to Sami.

Victor and Ciara enjoy a picnic and a game of checkers at the lake. Ciara tells him that she doesn’t want to live with Bo and Carly, she’d rather live with him. Victor tells her that it wouldn’t work out well with him… and that Bo would miss her. Victor then asks Ciara to try and get along with Carly for Bo’s sake. Maggie overhears the conversation and it softens her a bit… until she remembers that he’s married! Her revelation makes her decide that she really does need to leave for her trip after all. Melanie tells Maggie that it appears to her that Maggie is trying to run away from whatever problems she’s having with Victor.

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