Wednesday, September 8, 2010

“Half the town has motive…”

ShareRafe tells Sami that if EJ doesn’t make it, they’ll find a way to cope and tell the kids together. Sami decides that she needs to go to the hospital to get more information on EJ’s condition. Rafe goes with her.

Nathan thinks back to his conversation with Chloe about her affair. He runs into Chloe, Melanie and Phillip at the Cheatin’ Heart. Nathan asks why they ended up there and Melanie explains that they brought her down there to talk to her about something. Melanie apologizes to Nathan for being t he reason why his elbow was hurt. Chloe and Phillip talk about how their lives are turning out the way that they are supposed to be. Stephanie walks in to the bar to see Melanie fawning over Nathan.

Stephanie goes outside to call Ian to see if he’s figured out who has changed the paternity test.

Melanie brings back some drinks to the table and suggests to Chloe that she’d like to throw her a baby shower. Chloe is happy with the idea and suggests that Daniel would be thrilled. Melanie launches into ideas for themes and apparently that is Phillip’s cue to leave… seeing as how he’s a guy and all.

Phillip goes to talk to Nathan about their conversation from last week… or whenever it was in soap world. He wants to go ahead with the funding of the new equipment for the children’s ward. Nathan remarks that speaking of the children, Chloe seems pretty excited. Phillip corrects him about how she’s over the moon pretty much – which Stephanie takes as meaning that Phillip now knows that he is the real father of Chloe’s baby… and not Daniel. Stephanie plays her impeccable timing off by faking shock that Phillip mentioned that Chloe was pregnant. Nathan leaves and Stephanie hangs out to listen to Melanie describer her ideas for the baby shower. Melanie and Chloe head off to go shopping leaving Phillip a bit sad about being left alone… until they invite him to go along. He wants no parts of the shopping. Stephanie pops over to Phillip’s table and tries her best get information from Phillip, who’s on to her and asks her exactly what she needs to know. Stephanie alludes to the fact that Phillip and Chloe were lovers and that perhaps there may be some tension when he, Chloe and Daniel are all together. Phillip tells her that’s not the case. Stephanie tells Ian that if Phillip changed the results, he did so from the computers at Titan.

The girls take a shopping break at the pub, where Carly runs into them. Carly tells Chloe that from now on, the past will stay in the past. Melanie rambles on about her ideas for the baby shower… red carpets, gowns, expensive jewelry. Luckily she’s kidding… but she’s not kidding when she tells Vivian (who happens to wander into the pub to hear the conversation) that she’s not invited. Vivian is shocked and wants to know why… Melanie tells her it’s because NO ONE LIKES HER. Melanie leaves and Vivian settles in because she wants to know why Carly & Chloe are now such friends.

Lexie updates Bo on EJ’s condition. Bo tells Stefano that he’s just spoken to Sami and she’s very worried about the kids losing their father. Carly interrupts the discussion to tell everyone that EJ’s vitals are improving and that they are very hopeful. At that point, everyone turns to see Sami & Rafe there at the hospital. Stefano accuses Sami of trying to kill EJ. Rafe tells him to back off because Sami was with him all night. Stefano then accuses Sami of hiring someone to kill EJ and Bo reminds Stefano that he need not go there…. Seeing as how he is a fan of hiring hitmen himself. Stefano is shocked that Bo would even consider the thought that Stefano would hire someone to kill his own son… Well, Steffie – if the shoe fits! Sami suggests that EJ will be able to tell them what happened when he wakes up…provided he has no brain damage. Carly interjects that EJ is making progress with each passing hour, so it’s very likely that he’ll make a full recovery. Stefano decides he need to get some air while Kate decides she needs to talk to Sami about their phone call from the night before…

Daniel and Carly check on EJ. Bo asks if it’s ok for him to come in. Daniel remarks that it’s strange that just last night he was pulling EJ off of Nicole. Daniel then explains that there was no way that Nicole could have gotten out to shoot EJ… even if she had the motive. Bo quips, “Half the town has motive…”. Daniel heads out to get EJ’s test results.

Bo thinks back to his conversation with Sami about her alibi. Later on, Bo pops over to the pub where he bumps into Kate and tries to finish the conversation that they had heard early. Bo asks Kate if she’s SURE that there’s nothing else… of course she’s not hiding anything, Bo!

Rafe finds Sami sitting alone in a waiting area and offers to take her home. He asks her what she and Kate were discussing. Rafe tells Sami that she seems kind of shaken and at that, Sami bites his head off and decides that they should leave. On their way out, they stop and ask Stefano if he’s heard anything. Stefano launches into a tirade about how he’s not dead… and then calls Sami a whore for jumping from EJ’s bed into Rafe’s… (again… Sami, if the shoe fits). Sami launches into her own tirade about how Stefano know what EJ was doing with Sydney. And finally Rafe tells Stefano to shut the hell up. Meanwhile EJ is having difficulty – he’s in shock from the blood loss. Carly brings Stefano up to speed but doesn’t answer his questions. He gets upset and Lexie attempts to comfort him. Hmmm, strangely… Sami looks pleased about the sudden turn of events (not sure why, though. Ha!)

Carly tells Lexie that she’s checking out for the night and Daniel will be around to take over EJ’s care. Stefano tells Lexie that anything that EJ needs, he’s to get… regardless of EJ’s wishes… he’ll get whatever he needs to survive. Lexie tells Stefano that it’s not up to him to make decisions regarding EJ’s care. That decision is left for Sami. Oh, that went over like a ton of bricks… with EVERYONE. Lexie explains that the living will that EJ signed just before the ceremony leaves Sami as the responsible party to make decisions for him… should he be unable to. Stefano tells Lexie that he’s changing the document because he’s not going to have EJ’s life rest in Sami’s hands…. Just wait until he finds out that it already has and that Sami tried to end it!!! Stefano again attacks Sami’s virtue and the fact that she’s a Brady. Sami offers to give up the Power of Attorney and Lexie tells her that it’s not possible unless EJ changes things or they go before a judge. Stefano decides to go ahead and bring a judge down to the hospital.

Maggie works on planning her trip and is interrupted by a phone call from Victor. She quickly gets rid of him and much to Vivian’s annoyance… Victor leaves the house.

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