Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hair today.... gone tomorrow....

Victor and Brady talk about the truce (or lack there of) with the DiMera’s. Brady asks Victor if he got into a fight with Stefano just so that he could send Vivian away. Brady offers his help to Victor… only because he hates EJ DiMera more than he loves his principles. Then Brady asks Victor what Maggie would say when she realizes that Victor is getting rid of Vivian because she’s on to him. Everyone knows Victor’s track record with women, so once Victor starts treating Maggie like the rest of the women in his life, she’ll be on to him… and if she’s not, Brady will be. Victor calls Maggie to tell her that it’s a good idea that she takes her trip because there could be retaliations due to his conflict with Stefano.

Vivian overhears Victor’s conversation with Maggie and decides that she’s staying put. Victor’s not happy about it – but allows her to stay.

EJ’s head is shaved in the Operating room… was anyone else pained by seeing that?! All the beautiful hair… gone!!! Carly and Daniel begin to remove the bullet from EJ’s brain and comment about how he’s luckily that it was only a .22. Didn’t realize that there was anything lucky about getting shot in the head, but good for him! Daniel finds the bullet just as EJ crashes on the operating table. They get him back and realize that they need to work quickly to get the bullet out or EJ may not make it. They get the bullet, but EJ is not out of the woods yet.

Stefano and Kate wait to hear about EJ. Bo arrives to interview Kate and Stefano. Kate tells Bo that they spent the night on yacht, which they don’t normally do. Bo tells Kate that he needs to narrow things down to the people who have access to the house. Kate thinks back to the conversation she had with Sami… and realizes that she knows who shot EJ. Stefano overhears Kate tell Bo that she may know who shot EJ and he’s pissed that he didn’t tell him. Bo reminds Stefano that perhaps she didn’t mention anything because she didn’t want him to take matters into his own hands. Kate mentions the conversation that happened between Victor and Stefano and leads them both to believe that perhaps Victor is behind this – truly ending the Kiriakis/DiMera truce. Convenient, eh? Bo tells them that he will bring the person who shot EJ to justice.

Kate tries her best to comfort Stefano. Stefano remarks how everyone says that he is a powerful man… and yet he has never felt so helpless in his life. Nicole arrives and Stefano flies off the handle and tells her that he know she shot EJ and now she’s going to pay. Nicole tells Stefano that she didn’t shoot him and can actually prove it. Nicole tells Stefano that EJ tried to kill her the night before, but that Daniel rescued her and she’s been with Chloe and Daniel since then. Of course, Chloe would back Nicole. Nicole tells Stefano that she’s been under FBI watch, so that she couldn’t make a move. Stefano tells her that she’s lucky because whoever did shoot EJ has a death sentence.

Lexie arrives at the hospital and he tells her that she must help EJ and find out what’s going on. Daniel comes from the operating room to tell Stefano that Daniel made it through surgery. She sends Lexie and Stefano with Daniel to see EJ. Again, she thinks back to her conversation with Sami and wonders what she has done. Daniel explains that he was able to remove the bullet but is not sure exactly whether or not there will be any brain damage for another few days.

Sami watches TV and has her coffee. She and Rafe talk about the future… and he promises her that they are going to be good. They head over to see her family to visit with the kids and break the good news. Caroline welcomes Rafe into the family (how many times have we seen her welcome people into the family?) Sami tells Johnny that Rafe is back in town and that they are going to get married. He tells her immediately that his daddy won’t like it. Sami tries to explain to Johnny about how she’s been confused and that Rafe makes her happy… way too much information for a kid his age to understand. Rafe finally wins him over by telling him that he can be the king of the FBI office.

Bo arrives to hear the good news… and to tell them that EJ was shot last night. Sami tells Bo and Rafe that she can’t believe that EJ is dead. Bo tells her that she’s jumping to conclusions… EJ isn’t dead. And with that, Sami drops her glass of water, making Bo realize that something isn’t quite right. And if dropping the water didn’t tip him off, then her rambling certainly should have. Bo asks Sami where she was the night before. Sami accuses Bo of accusing her of trying to kill EJ. Rafe tells Bo that Sami was with him all night. Bo asks Sami why she didn’t tell him and she tells Bo that it’s because she was offended that he would even think that Sami would shoot EJ. Rafe tells Sami that he knows what we really going on last night… and much to my surprise, it’s not that he knows that Sami was missing from the bed at one point. Seriously?! Rafe promises to be there for Sami and the kids.

Nicole and Chloe search the news for information on EJ. They head to the hospital so that Nicole can be around when EJ kicks a bucket.

Chloe and Nathan bump into one another at the pier. Nathan alludes to the fact that Chloe may not know who the baby daddy is. She doesn’t seem to like that comment. Chloe tells Nathan that he needs to be quiet because he’s not a nice person. Nathan apologizes to her and tells her that his comment was out of line.

Phillip walks in on Melanie studying Maggie’s cookbook. Phillip suggests that they should have some kind of celebration in honor of Chloe’s pregnancy. Melanie is a bit surprised seeing as how when suggested throwing Chloe a baby shower, he shot the idea down. Phillips suggests that his reaction was due to the fact that Chloe’s pregnancy was so new. Phillip is now excited as Melanie is about the new baby. Melanie again suggests the baby show idea and NOW Phillip is on board.

Stephanie brings Ian back over to figure out who switched the test results. Ian again tells Stephanie that he doesn’t understand why this is such a big deal. Stephanie tells Ian that since Phillip has a tendency to screw things up, she needs to make sure that his secret doesn’t come out… if it was indeed him who switched the results – which is why she can’t ask him directly. Stephanie tells Ian that he’s doing a good thing, although he’s not convinced. He cracks and tells Stephanie that he’ll do it… again. She tells Ian that she owes him one.

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