Wednesday, September 22, 2010

“But it’s Vivian, so I guess she got the insider’s price!”

Bo and the Warden meet to discuss Hope. Bo tells the Warden that he plans to make changes to Hope’s jail stay. The warden wonders aloud about Bo and Hope not being together. Bo reminds her that they are indeed still married and demands that Hope be put into solitary after her infirmary stay. The warden indicates that the jail is her domain – and then says that she’ll do what she can to protect Hope.

Victor overhears Brady firing an employee at Titan… and is impressed by Brady’s actions. Brady heads up to shower and change, but first makes a stop to have a chat with Viv. Vivian mentions to Brady that Carly was there visiting… and having a conversation about Viv “with” Isabella. Brady sees Carly and Bo talking and reminds Vivian that although Carly may be nervous about the whole ordeal with Vivian, it’ll likely be easy to convince them that she’s left. Brady tells her not to worry, he’s taken care of that – with an email to Carly. Vivian tells Brady that he won’t get away with this… but he tells her that he just did. And is caught midsentence by Phillip. Brady tells Phillip that he was in Vivian’s room because he just couldn’t believe that she was really gone. Phillip admits that he was doing the same. After Phillip leaves, Vivian asks Brady if it bothers him that he’s stooped her level. Nope… as a matter of fact… she’s toast at this point.

Maggie stops by Victor’s and shows her Vivian’s earring. Victor is unconcerned. Maggie doesn’t believe that Vivian would work so hard to try and turn Victor into the husband she wanted to just give up and run. Maggie thinks it strange that someone would lose an earring in a mausoleum. Victor reminds Maggie that Vivian has been spending the three weeks there and is surprised she hasn’t moved in! Maggie goes to leave and Victor tells her that they should talk about the real reason why Vivian left. Maggie tells Victor that she’s sorry that Vivian left and that she’ll miss driving her crazy. Victor gives Maggie the email that Vivian “wrote”. Victor tells Maggie that he was stupid for not accepting Maggie’s offer on his wedding day and wonders if it still stands. Maggie tells Victor that she would have given a ride to anyone who was being forced to marry Vivian. Victor thinks that there was something more. Maggie tells Victor that she thinks it best that they just remain friends. Victor tells her that he intends to prove her wrong.

Phillip gives the news of Vivian’s departure to Kate. Kate doesn’t react with as much joy as Phillip expected. Phillip asks her what’s wrong. Kate reminds Phillip of the incident with EJ, who’s condition is the same. Stefano on the other hand… is dangerous because he’s now unpredictable. Phillip reminds her that he was on the receiving end of Stefano’s hatred when he believed that Phillip was responsible for Tony’s death. Phillip tells Kate that he knows it wasn’t Victor.

Carly goes back to the Mausoleum to visit with “Isabella”. Vivian sees her there and begs her to help her…. Not as though Carly could hear her. Bo meets Carly at the mausoleum – she tells Bo that she thinks that Vivian’s not gone – whereas Bo thinks that she left it behind for everyone to remember her by. Vivian continues to make snarky comments during Bo and Carly’s chat… such a shame that they are kinda wasted in there! Carly reads an email that she received from “Vivian”…and isn’t sure how to take it. Bo tells Carly that Vivian is probably admitting defeat at this point. Bo and Carly decide to leave the creep mausoleum and Vivian.

Stefano sends one of his minion’s to check out who shot EJ. Kate hopes that it’s not Will and wants to know exactly what Stefano told him. Kate finally asks Stefano what he plans to do if it was Will who shot EJ. Stefano gives a cryptic answer alluding to the fact that Will would end up paying for his “mistake”. Steffie’s minion shows up at the hospital and gives Stefano some answers that he’s looking for.

Kate is back at the house pondering what she’s going to do to stop Stefano from hurting Will if he truly believes that Will shot EJ. Her mind wanders a bit… to the idea of poisoning him. Screw putting it in the alcohol Kate… just make him some brownies! Kate is however, hoping that it won’t come down to that… seeing as how she’s fallen in love with her husband.

EJ calls out Sami’s name… Lexie tries to fully wake him. Abe pops in after dropping Theo off and they discuss EJ’s condition. Lexie decides that she won’t tell Stefano what’s going on at this point… just as the poor man walks into the room! Lexie decides to tell Stefano that EJ’s brain activity has increased but leaves out the part about him saying Sami’s name. Stefano sits with EJ and tells him that he’s very close to finding out who shot him… and that they’ll pay. Stefano makes a promise to EJ that so long as he fights for his life, he will continue to look for who did this. Stefano tells EJ that he believes that it was Will that shot him, which is unfortunate because he was growing fond of him.

Will and Rafe meet on the pier. They talk about Sami and the kids… and again Rafe attempts to get Will to tell him what’s going on, much to the annoyance of Will. They talk about what they feel will happen with EJ should he recover…. or not… and how the person who shot him will likely end up in jail. Ari wanders into the conversation and says that they person who shot EJ will have to deal with Stefano… and well, she’d much rather deal with jail. Rafe tries to get rid of Arianna, but instead Will leaves. Rafe and Arianna discuss her thoughts about the legal system and Rafe insists that they need to work some things out. So much for working things out… Rafe and Ari argue over EJ and Sami and Arianna ends up storming off.

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  1. I find it amusing that they showed the year that Isabella died (and the year that her son Brady Black was born) on her new tomb engraving (1992), but Eric Martsolf, who plays Brady, was born in 1971. Now, I know that nobody thinks that Brady is only 18 years old, and Martsolf looks great for 39, but they should have just obscured the inscribed dates instead of shooting them in close-ups.