Sunday, August 22, 2010

"You and EJ have your OWN definition of love..."

EJ breaks the news to Kate & Stefano that he and Sami are getting married… today. Say what? They don’t understand why they are rushing and even ask if Sami is pregnant again! Stefano continues to question why things must be rushed. They make peace and Stefano wanders off to help EJ with some of the arrangements. EJ calls Nicole and she mentions that things had ended with Brady. EJ tells her that he’s heard and is only calling because he wanted to make sure that she didn’t go off the deep end. Nicole has $5 million dollars, what does she REALLY have to off the deep end about. EJ informs her that they will be talking soon. Lexie arrives and remarks how beautiful everything is. Will brings in Allie and Johnny, who look adorable. The judge arrives and asks where EJ’s bride is and at first it appears as though that EJ has NO clue.

…until Sami magically appears. Should we even discuss the outfit? Sami and Johnny talk about Sydney is sick and upstairs (being SORAS’ed). Will presents Sami to EJ (again, WTF is in her hair?!). Stefano thinks back to the conversation that he had with EJ about Sydney’s kidnapping.

Daniel wakes Chloe up with a birthday rose. Daniel promises that this will be the best birthday ever. Chloe thinks back to her conversation with Carly and turns pale. Daniel notices and thinks it’s just morning sickness. He tells her that one of his ”big birthday surprises” is that he has the whole day off. Chloe asks to open one of her birthday gifts… now – just as a distraction to get him out of the room. She rushes to call Carly. Carly arrives and tries to figure out why Chloe isn’t off getting her results. Daniel interrupts them and wants to know what Chloe was supposed to be so anxious about. They lie and tell him that they had made plans together. Daniel leaves to take a phone call and Carly leaves. Daniel gives Chloe the first of her birthday gifts… the bracelet. Chloe tells Daniel that he biggest birthday wish is that he always remembers THIS moment. Chloe tells him that she wants them to be a happy family. Speaking of happy family – Melanie and Phillip arrive with more cake and presents. Chloe opens the rest of her presents and Melanie tells Chloe that she wants them to be friends. Well, actually Melanie wants all of them to actually be a family. Chloe starts to cry… “tears of joy”.

Stephanie dreams that Melanie learns that Phillip is the father of Chloe’s baby. She calls Ian and asks him to crack into St. Mary’s computer to get the results of the paternity test… while Nathan is out. However, she learns that he is going to be around all day. She makes excuses to makes sure that he gets out of the house to get the x-ray of his elbow. Ian arrives and he’s started to have second thoughts about hacking into the computer system…. And it doesn’t help when Nathan returns back to the apartment because he forgot his phone. Ian says he stopped by because he forgot something as well. After Nathan leaves, Ian wants to know WHY Stephanie needs to know. Ultimately, he relents… even though it’s a felony and decides to try and hack into the system and gets the results. Stephanie doesn’t have a positive reaction.

Melanie attempts to be Betty Crocker and make pancakes. She also informs Phillip that they need to go to Daniel’s for Chloe’s birthday. Phillip immediately rejects the idea. Melanie doesn’t understand – and Phillip reminds her that since it’s her birthday they’ll probably want to be alone. Melanie tries to compromise and offer to go just to make an appearance. Again, Phillip shoots her down. Then Melanie talks about how Daniel mentioned that he and Chloe will start to tell people that she’s pregnant and now she doesn’t even look happy. Phillip turns dark and Melanie realizes that he knows something. Phillip says that Chloe is probably just worried about the baby. Phillip agrees to go to Daniel’s.

Sami has a flashback to Nicole and Rafe and tells herself she’s doing the right thing. Again, Will & Sami fight over the marriage. Sami makes more excuses about how there is no reason to wait. Will asks if Sami plans to tell Roman or Caroline and Sami mentions that she’s not going to tell them until afterwards. She asks Will if he would walk her down the aisle… and he reminds her that it is something that Roman should be doing. Sami tells him to forget it since it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be involved. Will tells Sami that she’s just trying to understand everything, especially since normally people getting married normally love each other. Of course, Sami and EJ have their own definition of love. Will tells Sami that he hopes that she and EJ are happy together and tells her that he will walk her down the aisle.

Nicole wakes up to find that Rafe has located the copy of the CD she made. She has no witty comeback – just leaps at him like a tiger. Can anyone say girl fight? Nicole realizes that Rafe tricked her the night before. Nicole plays a poor victim here, in my opinion. Rafe turns on the tape recorder and tells her that she’s going to tell him everything she knows. Nicole tells Rafe that she’s not going to help him and Rafe tells her that if she doesn’t help him, she’ll be going back to prison. If she helps him, Rafe says he’ll do what he can to make sure she doesn’t go back to prison. Nicole tells him that she’s more afraid of will happen to her when EJ realizes that she has helped Rafe… because of course, he is a DiMera. After she receives a phone call from EJ, she offers to make a deal with Rafe. Nicole tells Rafe that she was afraid that EJ was going to try and frame her for the muggings, so she went to the house to try and find something that would prove her innocence. While she was looking around, Stefano and EJ came in – so she hid and taped their conversation. Nicole and Rafe listen to the CD.

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