Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Yes, I took Sydney"

Hope takes the stand in Bakers trial. Hope testifies to her actions, until Bo tries to stop her… and is almost thrown out of court. I understand that Bo is upset, but he’s totally eff-ing up the state’s case. Hope reads the profile that was done on the mugger and is questioned by Dick’s lawyer as to her own sanity. Dick can’t handle the berating questions by his lawyer, so he ultimately fires him and pleads guilty. Dick tells the judge that he knew there were times that Hope had NO clue what she was doing or who he was. Again, he pleads guilty (against the advice of his lawyer). The judge accepts his plea and Dick is lead away. Hope’s transport isn’t ready, so the guard leaves her alone in the courtoom with Roman, Hope and Carly. Carly heads to the hospital and Roman goes back to the station… leaving Bo and Hope alone. They share a short, tender moment, which Hope ruins by asking about what will happen to Baker.

Vivian bets Gus that once she buries Maggie that Victor will forget that Maggie ever existed. Gus warns Vivian that her plans haven’t worked so well in the past. Vivian informs Gus that when Maggie disappears, no one will notice because Maggie will lay the groundwork for her disappearance.

Rafe plays the CD for Sami & EJ because she tells EJ that she will not marry him until she hears what’s on the CD. EJ stops the recording. EJ again tells Sami that the CD isn’t real and that this is all a sham that has been created by Rafe. He begs her NOT to listen to the CD… for their children. Sami tells him that she is going to listen… for their children. Sami listens to EJ & Stefano’s conversation… until she couldn’t handle it anymore. Sami asks EJ how he could do it… again he lies and tells her its fake. Rafe reminds EJ that he did indeed give Nicole $5million so that she’s keep the information to herself.

Sami asks Rafe to leave… and he asks Sami to leave with him and they’ll take the CD to her dad. All EJ has to say is that the recording is inadmissible. Rafe leaves. Sami asks EJ to be honest, look her in the eye and tell her that he took Sydney. He tells her. Sami analyzes each of her reactions and every step of their search for Sydney and realized that EJ knew exactly where Sydney was and that she was ok. The fact that EJ wanted to watch her suffer pushes her over the edge. EJ tells Sami that he wanted her to suffer the way he suffered when she kept his daughter from him. EJ is pissed that Sami didn’t tell him that Grace was his until after she died… and Sami said that she was out of her mind with grief. EJ tells Sami that when he learned that Sydney was really his that he knew he had his opportunity for revenge. Sami points out to EJ that instead of rejoicing the fact that his daughter was ALIVE, he immediately plans his revenge… again EJ points out that it was because that she kept his daughter away. Sami tells EJ that she kept their daughter away from him because she felt that the family was too dangerous for her kids to be around and that he, like the rest of his family is simply a monster. EJ tries to remind Sami that no, he’s really not like the rest. EJ admits to Sami that his original plan was to get her completely dependent on him and then take his kids and leave… and that he wasn’t upset that he had been deceived, but that it was that he was deceived by Sami – whom he loved. He still loves Sami and Sami remarks how he has no clue what that word is about. He points out the tender moments between the two of them that few months and asks her if that wasn’t love. She tells him to keep those moments… because she’s leaving. EJ admits that he hates what he’s done and has been trying to make up for the horrible things that he had done to her. I’m thinking that she’s not buying it.

Stefano and Kate sit at the Pub and discuss the Rafe & EJ showdown. Stefano tries to change the subject and Kate acts smug. They decide to sit quietly. Kate offers to go and call the house and Stefano dissuades her. He needs some air… and just ask he gets up to walk out the door –Nicole pops into the Pub. Nicole and Kate share a short, snarky conversation. Kate asks Stefano to make Nicole disappear. Nicole asks Stefano and Kate why they are at the pub instead of at EJ’s wedding. Stefano drags Nicole over to the bar to question her about Rafe. Nicole tells Stefano that she doesn’t know anything. Stefano can sense Nicole’s fear.

Melanie attempts to knit and not curse at Maggie’s. Melanie tells Maggie that she’s the happiest she’s ever been and has Maggie to thank for it. Maggie mentions to Melanie that maybe it was time for her to leave Salem. Melanie tells Maggie that she just can’t up and leave Salem. Maggie said that she wouldn’t leave forever, just to go and visit her kids, and take the cruise that she and Mickey had planned to go on. Melanie still doesn’t like the idea (which is strange considering the fact that she did tell Phillip to look for houses).

Melanie bumps into Carly at the hospital… and asks if she knits. Only because she wants to know if her sucking at it is genetic… which apparently it is. The two talk about Dick’s hearing.

Bo arrives home to snuggle with a sleeping Carly. The talk about Hope and how Bo is worried about her. Bo falls asleep and dreams that Hope asks him to save her. Hmmm… looks like this could be the beginning of the end of Carbo.

Rafe bumps into Roman at the pier. Rafe tells Roman that the wedding is off and Sami stayed behind to tell EJ off. He gives him the CD of EJ’s conversation with Stefano.

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