Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's that saying?

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans?" Sorry kids, life has just gotten the best of me the last few times and there wasn't time to watch the show. So, here's today's recap.

Vivian says that Victor shouldn’t be out and about alone… that he should be sharing his grief with her… his soulmate. Brady comments on her ability to do that – snarky words are exchanged, with Brady ultimately telling Viv, “bite me.” Vivian ask Brady if he could possibly be more civil to her seeing as how he is freeloading off of Victor. Brady informs Vivian that with everything going on, Victor will soon be taking stock of his life and will likely remove Vivian from it… little does he know about the deal that the two love birds made.

Victor goes to see Bo and asks when he planned to tell Victor about Hope. Bo tells Victor that he can’t deal with him and his anger at this time, so Victor finally comes down and tells Bo how they are all going to get through this. Bo again states how he is responsible for everything that happened. Victor, being the man that he is - goes on to blame Carly for everything. Maggie sneaks in and and tells the boys that there’s been enough fighting. She tells Bo that she stopped over to see Ciara and then also advises Bo to not let Hope push him away. Victor tells Bo to find the best lawyer and bill Hope… to which Bo explodes and quickly recoils. He heads off to see Hope and Victor admits that he was wrong about Bo & Hope working through their problems… Newflash – Victor Kiriakas admits that he was wrong!!! Everyone mark this date down in your calendars!!! Instead of taking the bait, Maggie suggests a walk instead.

Victor and Maggie discuss how they couldn’t see the changes in Hope. Victor thanks Maggie for taking pity on him and coming to see him. Maggie tells him that it wasn’t that she took pity on Victor but that she needed someone to tell her own troubles too. Maggie tells Victor that she doesn’t know what happened. Victor comforts her… while Vivian gawks. Victor tells Maggie that she is to take care of Hope while he takes care of Maggie. Vivian sits in the shadows and stews… and decides that Maggie needs to be taught a lesson.

Maggie and Victor chat over tea at her house. She admits that even though she asked him to stay away from her, she actually missed him. She lectures him about how he treats Vivian… and he offers to pretend to respect Vivian while he is around her if it would make her feel better. Victor waxes poetic about friendship and Maggie agrees with him.

Sami tells Will that she accepted EJ’s proposal. Sami asks Will what he thinks and he tells her that its fine. Sami & Will then fight about what her real motives are for saying yes to EJ. Will says that he doesn’t want to talk about Sami & EJ anymore – he wants to talk about Sami & Rafe. Sami tells Will that she and Rafe are over; Will calls her out and tells her that he thinks she’s lying. Sami and Will go for a walk and continue to discuss the whole Sami/Rafe/EJ thing. She asks him to keep the news to himself. Rafe bumps into Sami on the pier… and congratulates her – although he leaves her confused when he doesn’t tell her what for. Sami follows him back to the office and storms into the locker room where they argue about her engagement to EJ. More words ensue… followed by some crazy kissing.

Rafe overhears EJ on the phone telling someone that Sami accepted his proposal and goes to pound the hell out of a punching bag.

Abe has Hope brought down to see him and he demands that she will be getting a lawyer. Hope tells Abe that she just wants to plead guilty and pay her dues. They continue to argue and Hope reminds Abe that she doused Bo with gas and would have lit the match had she had the opportunity. She wonders how the children will react when they hear all the details. Abe tells her that he doesn’t know how they’ll react – but that they shouldn’t see her throwing in the towel and giving up at this point. Lexi interrupts and asks for some time with Hope. Lexi tells Hope that she needs to take care of herself for Ciara and Hope asks Lexi to give Ciara her love.

Hope thinks back to all the times she punished Ciara for her “lies”.

EJ goes to see Hope. She apologizes for the mugging. Hope tells EJ that he’s wasting his time if he’s trying to make her feel bad. EJ tells her that he plans to make sure that Hope pays for what she did since he’s not the typical victim, lining up to let by-gones be by-gones – and worrying about if they’ll be invited to the next Horton Christmas party. Bo walks in and tells EJ NOT to threaten his wife and Hope looks a bit surprised that he used that term. Hope and Bo argue over EJ’s visit and him working on her case. As Bo is leaving, Brady stops by to see Hope. Again, she apologizes to him. Brady suggests that she talk to someone who understands what she’s going through. Brady tells her that she needs to watch out for that hopeless part of herself and to NOT give up.

Abe and Lexi take Ciara and Theo to the beach for their playdate. The talk about Ciara and wonders what she knows and how she’ll handle things as they get worse. Lexi and Abe talk about how they could help Ciara get through this situation with Hope and how with this whole thing makes him feel like he and Lexi are strong. This leads to a chat about bringing in another member to the family.

Bo goes to see EJ and tells him that if there is any retaliation from any of the DiMeras against Hope, that he will kill EJ. EJ tells Bo that it’s probably not a good idea to threaten him… seeing as how they have all kinds of security there at the mansion.

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