Tuesday, August 3, 2010

“What the hell are you doing?" ..."Trying to kill you!”

Hope and Bo struggle over the knife. She tells Bo that he won’t ruin Ciara’s life like he did hers and that she may not have been able to finish the job last night, but plans to finish it tonight. Bo is shocked to discover that his attempted murderer was actually Hope! Bo tells Hope that it killed him when she walked out on him. Hope tells him that she wanted to come home at one point, but he didn’t think it was a good time. Bo asks what Hope’s plan is… and it’s to make him feel the way she and Ciara felt. Bo soon realizes that Hope essentially has two personalities… daytime and nighttime. They struggle again with the knife and this time Bo is able to knock it out of Hope’s hand and over power her.

Bo finds Hope’s sleeping pills in her hand bag. He calls Carly and asks about the name of the drug that was used. He realizes at that point that some of the side effects could be erratic behavior, memory loss… all the symptoms that Hope is currently displaying. Hope tells him that it wasn’t the pills that have cause her to be handcuffed to furniture in her own home… it was Bo. Bo tapes Hope discussing her side of things. Hope tells Bo that she started to fall apart when she realized that Bo was with Carly. She went to the doctor who gave her the prescription for the pills and advice that she should do something about her anger. Bo questions her about why she used the muggings as a way to deal with her anger and Hope confesses that she only mugged men who did something she hated. Bo mentions the wallets and that he found out about them from Ciara – Hope complains that she’s been a problem from the start. Hope asks Bo to kill her because she’s already dead because she can’t move on. She’s always loved him and she can’t stand to live the rest of her life watching him live his life with Carly. Bo tells Hope that he still loves her. She doesn’t want to hear it because she knows that she’s no longer the love of his life. Hope finally falls asleep and Bo carries her to the couch and wonders what he’s done.

Brady asks Nicole what she’s thinking… and she tells him that THIS is the happiest day of her life. Brady promises to make every day the best day. Nicole checks the clock because she’s supposed to be on the 11 o’clock news. Instead, she decides to stay in bed with Brady. Nicole makes Brady as snack… Brady finds Nicole’s ultrasound picture. Nicole tells Brady that she found the picture when she was unpacking things. The love birds are interrupted by a phone call from Dick, who needs Nicole to bail him out of jail since he was arrested at the pier for illegal gambling. Nicole heads out to deal with Dick and asks Brady to stay and wait for her. Nicole tells Dick that she won’t help get him out of jail. Dick tells Nicole that if she walks out the door and doesn’t help him, he’ll tell all her secrets. Nicole tells Dick that she’s made arrangements for him to get out of jail in the morning and to also have enough money to get out of town. The bank calls Nicole in regards to some unusual activity on her account and Brady takes the call. He finds her receipt for the account and wire transfer and wonders what she’s done now.

Rafe and Fay continue to discuss Nicole. She tells Rafe that she wants no parts of whatever Nicole is up to. Rafe tells her that he’s not actually after Nicole, but is after EJ. Fay tells Rafe that she thinks that Nicole is blackmailing someone because she just collects victims like others collect stamps. Fay tells him that she received a letter and disc from Nicole, but she didn’t read anymore than the first few sentences of the letter. Fay gives Rafe the destroyed letter and disc, which he takes to have analyzed “at the lab”.

Melanie sneaks up on Chloe at the apartment. She asks Chloe if she thinks its weird being pregnant. Melanie confesses that Chloe’s pregnancy has made her realize that she wants to have Phillip’s baby. Melanie tells Chloe that Phillip wants them to wait to have children, so she’ll “practice” with Chloe & Daniel’s baby, so that she’ll be ready when she has her own.

Carly swabs Daniel for her “gene mapping study” while they talk about Bo. Daniel thanks Carly for helping him with Chloe so that he didn’t miss out on her pregnancy. Melanie and Carly also chat about Chloe and her pregnancy while she swabs Melanie for the same supposed study. Melanie thinks that Chloe doesn’t like her … and is afraid that her telling Chloe that she would make her pay if she ever hurt Daniel.

Carly goes to see Chloe to tell her that she’s made arrangements for her paternity test. She admits that she hates lying to Daniel and Melanie and realizes that if the truth comes out, she’ll end up losing both of them.

Melanie shows a new nurse around the hospital and introduces her to Carly & Daniel. Daniel is surprised that Melanie is still at the hospital. Daniel tells Melanie that he’s happy that she and Carly are getting along. Melanie says she’s realized that if she can get over all the things Carly has done, she’d have a mom and maybe even a family. Daniel reminds Melanie of their appointment over at St. Mary’s for the discussion on skin grafts.

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