Thursday, August 5, 2010

"This is the answer to all your questions"

Bo looks up the side effects of the drug that Hope was taking while she sleeps it off. Hope wakes up and is shocked to be on Bo’s couch. Bo asks Hope if she remembers what happened the night before. He doesn’t tell her immediately and she assumes that there is something wrong with Ciara. Bo tells Hope that Ciara is fine and Hope wants to know why he’s not giving her answers. Bo then asks Hope to tell her what she remembered from the night before – she tells him that Carly & Viv argued and that the argument bothered her. Then she tells him that she decided to call it a night. Bo asks if she had a problem going to sleep, Hope admits that she took a sleeping pill. Bo holds up the bottle and tells Hope that he has the answer to all her questions.

Bo tells Hope that he’s found the mugger… and Hope asks who it is. Bo shows Hope the video he made of her discussing the muggings that he made the night before. Hope is distraught to discover that the mugger is her! Hope says that there is no way that she could have said anything… and Bo tells her that it was the reason why he taped her. Hope admits that she’s felt a connection to the mugger from the beginning. Bo tells her that he thinks the DNA evidence against Arianna was planted… by her. Hope again tells Bo that she doesn’t remember and Bo states that there are a lot of things she doesn’t remember. Things start to click for Hope - that there were plenty of things happening that she couldn’t explain. Bo starts the tape again and Hope watches herself admit that she wanted Bo dead. Hope asks Bo to watch the tape from the beginning so that she can see what she’s done. Hope watches everything and tells Bo that she wouldn’t have believed it, but it was all on tape. Hope is devastated at the amount of people that she’s devastated. Bo tells her that it wasn’t her, it was the sleeping pill. Hope doesn’t care – it was still her that did things and she can never face these people again. Hope tells Bo that he needs to arrest her, Bo attempts to protest, but she stops him, reminding him that he knows what needs to be done.

Roman calls Bo about Baker and tells Bo that he needs him down at the station. Bo informs Roman that she and Hope also have some interesting news as well. Hope wants to take the tape with them to go and see Roman and Hope wants them to wait. Luckily Ciara interrupts them.

Stephanie and Adrienne have coffee at the pub. Stephanie tells her that she thinks she made a mistake moving in with Nathan. Stephanie tells Adrienne that she found a picture of Nathan and Melanie while she was unpacking his things and how much it bothers her. Adrienne tells Stephanie that she shouldn’t mention anything because Nathan is entitled to be sentimental and enjoy his memories. After the boys leave, Adrienne mentions to Stephanie that Phillip has seemed edgy lately.

Phillip goes to Melanie’s to discuss hospital business and runs into Nathan. He tells Nathan that he needs to talk to him because Phillip owes him one because Nathan had helped get the hospital to get new pediatric equipment. He asks if he has a few minutes to look over a new proposal. The boys “bond” over Nathan’s relationship with Stephanie. The guys bump into Stephanie & Adrienne at the bump, but quickly leave to have brunch.

Chloe & Carly make arrangements to meet at St. Mary’s. Chloe attempts to leave the apartment and Daniel stops her because his consult had been postponed. Chloe makes up another lie that she’s going to Chicago to get Opera tickets. Daniel tells her that he’ll go with her so that they can spend the day together. Fate intervened as suddenly the consult is back on. Chloe rushes out before Daniel can say anything more.

Daniel tells Melanie that Chloe had been acting strange this morning, not wanting to spend the day with him when the consult was cancelled and then running out the door like an exciting school girl when he got word that it was back on. Melanie tells Daniel that it’s obvious what’s going on… Chloe is hiding something. Melanie thinks that Chloe is hiding some sort of surprise for Daniel for the baby. Melanie & Daniel arrive at St. Mary’s for his consult with Donna Scott. The Nun advises him that although she has cleared with the patient for Melanie to be there, he should still meet with her alone at first. Because of a new nurse’s mistake, Daniel is inadvertently handed the chart for Dana Scott (we all know where this is going, right?)

Carly bumps into Melanie at the hospital… and is shocked to say the least.

Carly & Chloe arrive at St. Mary’s for Chloe’s paternity test. Carly introduces Chloe to the nun as Dana Scott. Chloe offers a heartfelt thank you to Carly… after lying to a nun – Yep, Chloe’s going to hell. Chloe mentions that she’s been thinking things through and jokingly suggests that Carly should the baby’s Godmother.

Brady and Nicole talk about his bail. She tells him to go home and stay there. Little does he know that Marco is there waiting.

Brady tries to figure out how Nicole got 5 million dollars. Nicole calls and finds him still at the apartment, unaware that he found the bank statement. Nicole arrives home to a passionate kiss from Brady. Brady tells her that he doesn’t like her living in the neighborhood – and asks if her investments have made good yet. Brady asks Nicole if she’s broke… and Nicole lies and says yes, and then asks Brady if her money situation bothers him… uh, only if you have $5 million in the bank and aren’t sharing it! Duh, Nicole!!! Brady reminds Nicole that if she needed any help financially that she could come to him. She agrees… and then he shoves her up against the door for another passionate kiss. During this screen time today, we’ve learned that Brady likes it rough when he’s pissed… Nicole finally asks Brady if he’s upset. Brady tells Nicole that he’s done being lied to and that they’ll no longer be together. Nicole again asks why Brady is so upset… and Brady tells her that she’s lied to him that he wants to know how she got the money.

Roman receives the sketch of the person who purchased the stuff to set fire to Roman’s house and the guys looks strikingly familiar to him… it’s a sketch of Baker. He asks Baker where he’s seen him before and heads off to see if Baker has any priors.

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