Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sami has an epiphany!

Rafe and Nicole ALMOST get it on… and they argue about who’s using who. For once, Rafe is actually a bit interesting with Nicole and the whole trying to get into her head lately. He plays a good “bumbling idiot” in trying to win Nicole over. Rafe pulls the “men have used you your whole life” card… and she buys it, asking him why he’d want to be with her. We go through the whole rehashing of the silly things people do for love and you can see Nicole’s shell softening. Nicole admits that she thinks she’d actually like to give her & Rafe a chance. All that sweet talk works and Rafe and Nicole end up in making out – with Sami catching them! Nicole sees Sami looking through the window and plays up her enjoyment of her makeout sessions. Nicole and Rafe continue to suck face until Nicole excuses herself, comes back a bit more sober and starts to throw Rafe out the door. Of course, she changes her mind and asks for a cuddle instead.

Vivian has decided to be proactive.

Maggie and Victor bump into one another at the hospital… and they talk about Hope and how Victor wants to help. Vivian interrupts their conversation… and calls Hope demented-which strikes a nerve within Maggie. Vivian remarks how she’s found a way to easy Victor’s pain… and he asks if it’s a divorce?! Unfortunately, no… it’s dinner for the two of them to discuss her thoughts. Victor tells Vivian that he doesn’t plan to go because he’s in the middle of a conversation with Maggie. Maggie shuts him down and quickly leaves the two “love birds” alone. Victor then tells Viv that he’ll listen to her, but it won’t be over dinner. Vivian suggests upgrading Isabella’s digs in the “family” mausoleum.

Sami and Roman run into one another at the pier and again he questions her judgment in terms of marrying EJ. Sami tells Roman that she’s heading off to speak to Rafe and he hurries her along. Sami has a daydream about Rafe arresting Nicole and telling her that he did it all for Sami.

Arianna stops by the DiMera mansion. EJ tries to run her off… and she reminds him that they had a meeting to finalize paperwork to remove her arrest from her record. Arianna wonders aloud why Hope decided to frame her… little does she know what really happened! EJ breaks the news to Ari that he and Sami are getting married. Arianna looks a bit surprised.

Will, Stefano and Kate have dinner at the Pub. Stefano mentions that Will asked to have Chad work along with him on his project for DiMera Enterprises. Will is worried about Chad and his reaction to his mother’s death. Stefano notices that Kate has a funny reaction to the mentioning of Chad’s name and leaves. Will and Stefano continue to talk about his project. Stefano is interrupted by a phone call and while he’s gone, Chad pops into the Pub and he and Will talk about the project that Stefano refuses to allow Chad to work on. Stefano returns and Will asks Stefano why he doesn’t like Chad. Stefano feels as though Chad has been raised by untrustworthy people and therefore is likely untrustworthy himself. Will attempts to change Stefano’s mind and Stefano reminds him that Chad is no longer is problem… oh, but Steffie – you have no idea!!!

Kate runs into Chad at the lake and they talk about Chad’s “father”. Chad remarks how he hates his father and wishes that he wasn’t actually his father. Oh, Chad – you have NO IDEA!!! Kate offers to call Mr. Woods and try to talk some sense into him. Chad leaves. Kate has a flashback to her conversation with Madeline about Stefano really being Chad’s father. Lexi, Ciara, and Theo bump into Kate at the lake. Kate asks Lexi if she thinks Stefano can handle some unexpected news. Lexie tells Kate that Stefano should be fine so long as he continues to take care of himself. Kate asks Lexi how she felt when she found out that Stefano was her father. Lexi explains that even though Stefano is a part of her and Theo’s lives and that won’t change, she is sometimes ashamed that Stefano is her biological father.

Sami comes flying into the house looking for EJ… and finds him with Arianna. EJ asks her what’s wrong because she has such a strange look on her face. Arianna leaves and congratulates them on their engagement. EJ asks if Sami minds, and now (obviously after seeing Rafe with Nicole)she’s changed her mind and wants the whole world to know. She pulls him close and attempts to swallow his head. Sami tells EJ that she loves him –and he reacts like a giddy school boy. She suggests just hurrying up and getting married… tomorrow. EJ wants to know why the sudden change of heart… and Sami tells him she’s had an epiphany. I’m surprised that she even knows how to spell that word!!!

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