Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random thoughts by the Diva

Well, I watched most of today's show.  It wasn't half bad.

I walked in on Abe ripping Hope a new one.  Lexie avoids being named "hypocrite of the year" by taking Hope's side.  Lexie knows she can't throw stones at Hope considering how Lexie stabbed Hope in the back a few years ago.  It was nice to see the Carvers.  They have such cute chemistry.  I must have heard wrong, but are they seriously considering having another baby?  Renee Jones is gorgeous and very young looking, but come on!  Her eggs are rotten.  Later, we see the Carvers on the beach worrying about Ciara on her playdate with future Police Commisioner Theo Carver.

Maggie and Victor are too cute.  John Aniston has some serious mojo.  I love Viv, I really don't want her retaliating against Maggie.  It's fun when she attacks Carly, but not sweet Maggie.  Fight the real enemy Viv!

Is it just me or does Brady look like he should be a member of NSYNC?  I was ready for him to start singing and dancing at the police station.  Must have been the shirt.  Brady also avoided being named "hypocrite of the year" by showing sympathy to addict Hope.

Speaking of odd clothing choices, wtf was Bo thinking with the brown shirt and the tan jacket?  Bo was being his usual bullying self by threatening to kill EJ if EJ hurts Hope.  Yeah, real smart to threaten a lawyer like that.  Also, it's funny watching Bo threaten a guy that looks like he's 6 inches taller than him.  It's ironic that EJami looks more functional than Bope.  EJ is still in the running for "hypocrite of the year" by attacking Hope who only mugged him yet he's still hiding his secret of staging Sydney's kidnapping and "death."

Will criticized his mom for being polite. lmfao!  Sami runs into Rafe who did nothing today but work out.  Rafe congratulated her on her engagement. Sami walks in on him in the locker room at the SPD.  Rafe drops his towel in front of her.  Sami didn't even look down!  Seriously, what is wrong with that girl?  lol  I guess she is turning too polite.  They do their usual bickering while the poor Diva is having Lumi bickering flashbacks.  Rafe apparently learned some tricks from Tony DiMera.  Bickering with some women = foreplay.  Rafe moves in for a smooch.

The best part of today's show:  Sydney in the previews! I missed my favorite actor on the show.  Too cute.

Other random thoughts...
Rumor has it that Billy Warlock aka Frankie Brady may return to DOOL according to SID. Really?  How lame was his return the last time?  The fans don't want Jenn/Frankie, they want Jack and Jenn.  I'd rather see Jenn with someoneknew than her ex.  Boring!

Rumors about Chad's father are circulating.  It seems pretty damn obvious that Stefano is the kid's daddy.  But rumors are going around that Andre DiMera may be the baby daddy.  That would be a nice twist.  Doesn't Stefano have enough children already?  Tony and Andre combined have none.  Time to cast the DiMera net a little wider.  The reveal occurs on the 19th, wouldn't it be nice to not be spoiled for a change?  Let's have a real surprise this time.  The whole "Stefano is the father" thing has been going on for almost three decades.  Let's give someone else's sperm a chance!