Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh, Kate... you had to bring up the whole "forever hold your peace" thing, didn't you?!

So, Sami and EJ leave the part in their ceremony where you speak now or forever hold your peace, to which Kate remarks that when they do that, something always happens. Kate is right. Will is amused that someone starts to bang the hell out of the door as soon as the judge mentions it. Roman has arrived… not to witness the ceremony, but to make an arrest. Some chaos ensues as everyone assumes that it’s Stefano… and then EJ… and then Kate. But no, it’s Sami. Roman is determined to not allow Sami to make what he thinks is the biggest mistake of her life. I see Will is sitting behind, watching and trying desperately not to laugh! EJ wants to know the charges; Roman says that he’ll have one figured out by the time he gets to the station. Sami explains that she loves EJ and that they’ve both changed and she then pleads with him to let them be happy. Roman apologizes & attempts to leave. Sami chases after him and begs him to stay. Roman instead asks what happened with Rafe, since she was on her way to see him the last time Roman saw Sami. Sami tries to explain that Rafe is out of the picture for various reasons, including the fact that she loves EJ. Sami & Roman return so that she and EJ can finish their ceremony. Sami and EJ get to the part where they are almost husband and wife… and Rafe busts in and puts a stop to things.

EJ’s vows are all about how wonderful their children are and how they have enabled him to love Sami. He can’t imagine not having Sami and the Children in his life and he’s SO happy because they are about to make it permanent. (Anyone notice Roman trying to hold in his cookies!?) Sami talks about how it’s been her dream to marry someone who understands and doesn’t want to try and change her… EJ is an amazing father and she is sure that he is going to be an awesome husband.

Carly arrives to pick up Chloe’s test results. Sister Ann pulls them up in the computer, however, something appears to be wrong. Since Dana didn’t sign a Hippa form, Carly is unable to pick up the results. Carly and Sister Ann discuss how she’s sure that the form was signed and even handed to Josie, who happened to be the nurse that switched the two files and almost got Chloe caught. Sister Ann goes to look for the form again. In the meantime, Melanie calls Carly and they chat about Chloe, her party and her hormonal nature. Melanie asks why Carly sounds so stressed and she starts to explain how in class they’re taught not to get involved. Sister Ann comes back and has indeed found the form! She logs Carly into the system and she gets the results. She arrives at the apartment, but looks hesitant to deliver the news.

Daniel makes a toast to Chloe, their baby and all of their happiness. Why does no one notice that Chloe looks like she wants to vomit as soon as he says that?! Phillip all of a sudden needs to leave. Again, why does no one notice that he is always running off when things get mushy? Phillip and Melanie wish Chloe a happy birthday and head out. Finally Daniel notices that Chloe looks a little off and he rambles on about stress and pressure – and then the two end up in bed. While Chloe sleeps, Daniel talks about how he’d do anything for her. Daniel tells a walk down to the pier with Chloe’s phone.

Stephanie tries to tell Ian that the results of Chloe’s paternity test are a BIG problem for her. She attempts to explain how Melanie will leave Phillip and Nathan will be there to comfort her… and will leave Stephanie. She runs out of the apartment. Ian find Stephanie down at the pier, crying. He tries to comfort her and tell her that people don’t always do what you think they will. Stephanie gets an interesting look on her face when she realizes that there could be a way out. She and Ian head back to her apartment where she asks him to switch the test results. Ian tells her that it’s illegal and he won’t do it. Stefanie begs him to change it because of what she did for him. And even though he knows it’s completely wrong… but he’s willing to change the results. However, someone has gotten there first!

Nicole asks Rafe what he plans to do. He plans to ensure that all of his paperwork is in proper order before he takes EJ down, so he won’t be using the CD to slit his throat. Nicole tells Rafe that Sami isn’t worth the trouble. He shuts her down and tells her that she has no room to talk about other people. Nicole asks Rafe for a little caring and compassion about her situation because even though she has $5 million dollars, if Stefano and EJ find out… she’s dead. Rafe tells her find someone else to get sympathy from… and that her 24 hour FBI protection starts now. Nicole snarks, “Like the FBI is any match for the DiMera’s.” Rafe tells her to take it or leave it… and Nicole leaves it, running out the door. Apparently, Nicole is able to outrun Rafe and he’s not happy about it, nor is he happy when she questions how he plans to get Sami back. Rafe introduces Nicole to another agent who will help keep her safe so long as she does what he says. In the meantime, Rafe gets a call from Gabby – that Sami is in the process of marrying EJ.

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