Tuesday, August 31, 2010

“Nikki… I get the impression you’ve been avoiding me.”

ShareRafe accuses Arianna of defending EJ. Ari starts to say something about Sami… and Sami interrupts and asks what Arianna had to say. She never does get to tell them as Rafe sends her stomping off. Rafe and Sami head to his place for some alone time. They get back to his place… and immediately start to take their clothes off. Sami appears to come to her senses and stops Rafe. She tells him that she’s crazy and it’s not right because she almost married EJ. She talks about how she doesn’t want to make crazy decisions because she wants to mature and being a parent, she should really know better… but yet, crawls into bed with Rafe anyway. Seriously, Sami? Uh, Whoring around much? Sami and Rafe snuggle in their warm afterglow… blech. Sami dreams about the conversation with EJ when he told her that Sydney was dead. Rafe wakes her up and comforts her, but she starting to realize that all may not yet be right with the world. Rafe and Sami talk about how it’s even possible that EJ could have done such a thing to Sydney. She remarks how he’s never going to pay because he’s a DiMera and they never have to pay for their sins.

Stephanie ponders who could have possibly changed the test results. Ian tells Stephanie that he feels bad for the guy who thinks he’s the dad… as does Steph, although I don’t think that will lead her to doing the right thing. Stephanie calls Ian and asks him to find out if he’s able to figure out if whoever changed the test results has made sure to cover his tracks. She tells Ian that she plans to help Phillip keep his secret.

Phillip gives Melanie an improper send off at work. They run into Nathan and Phillip ends up finding out about Melanie’s almost attack at the clinic and how Nathan hurt his arm. Phillip is upset that Melanie kept the information from him (uh, hello kettle… meet the pot!). Melanie said that she didn’t mention anything because it was the same day that Chloe announced she was pregnant. Stephanie shows up and the foursome share an awkward moment until Melanie and Nathan head off to surgery.

A snarky, bitch nurse comes in to tell Nathan that his patient will be arriving shortly and also informs him that he’s only getting to do this solo surgery because he’s a Horton. Jealous much? Nathan goes to reach for an instrument from Melanie and drops it. Hmmm… I’m thinking the arm isn’t go great. Nathan had a spasm in his arm and now his hand is numb. Yikes! Melanie tells Nathan that she believes in him… and magically his hand is well enough to operate.

Phillip comes to see Chloe to tell her how happy he is that he’s NOT the baby daddy. He notices the luggage and then rags on her for helping Nicole.

Kate tells Will that she knew nothing of EJ’s plan. He turns to Stefano and asks if HE knew about the kidnapping. Stefano lies and tells him that he’s just as surprised as Kate. Stefano and Kate arrive home and he mentions that Will seemed to have believed him. Kate points out that he will until he gets to Sami who tell him that she knows Stefano was involved… which will make Kate look like a liar. Kate tells Stefano that IF she loses her grandson, she’s walking. Stefano tells Kate that if she leaves, he’s going to tell all of her secrets and that he plans to make sure that Will is not alienated from either of them. Kate demands that Stefano tell Will that she had nothing to do with the Sydnapping. An angry Stefano tells her that he WILL take care of it… she asks if he plans to take care of it the same way that he took care of Rafe.

Will is on the phone telling Lucas all about the happenings in his mother’s life. He tells Lucas that there is no way that Stefano had anything to do with it… to which Caroline asks if Will really believes it. Caroline asks Willis he really believes that Stefano is innocent in all of this when both EJ & Anna were involved.

Lexi finds EJ moping in Sami’s room. She realizes that he must be devastated about everything… until he tells her that he’s more homicidal, actually. Lexi tells him that he mustn’t talk that way and gives him a hug. He tells her that he’s afraid that he’s lost Sami forever and again mentions the idea of getting revenge… on Nicole. It’s always been Nicole who has smashed his dreams over and over. C’mon Lexi… as the “good” DiMera, you best start working on EJ so that he does NOT do anything crazy or stupid at this point. Where in the hell is EJ’s big brother, Tony??? Oh, that’s right… bashing his head on a chunk o’wood! Grrr…

Lexie tries to ask how Nicole found out about Anna. EJ tells her that he thinks that everyone should pay at this point and storms off. Well, that was helpful, eh, Lexie?

Nicole and Daniel talk about the pier about what’s going on with her life. She tells him she’d rather tell him back at the apartment. Daniel tells Nicole that if something happens between Daniel and Chloe that it would Nicole’s fault. Nicole shoots back a snarky, “If something happens between you and Chloe, it isn’t because of me.” Nicole quickly explains that she knows how much Chloe and Daniel mean to one another and she’d never do anything to hurt that. Daniel tells Nicole that he just needs to be certain that helping Nicole is NOT going to put his family in danger. Nicole and Daniel agree to talk about what’s going on when she gets back to their apartment. Daniel heads home to Chloe and Nicole calls for George to head on to her’s. However, George is nowhere to be found… instead – EJ appears. “Nikki… I get the impression you’ve been avoiding me.” Oh, EJ you have NO idea!!! So, EJ admits to killing George, that he’s drunk and since he has nothing to lose at this point – is a VERY dangerous man! Nicole starts to back her way up the stairs (you know the ones) and tells EJ that she knows that he likes to scare her just as much as he likes to make Sami grieve. Nicole tells him that she’s shocked that he can fake being human so well… because he’s really dead inside.

Arianna is leaving a message for EJ when she’s overheard by Caroline… who is crazy pissed and tells her that Arianna’s loyalty should be to her family and nowhere else.

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  1. I wish Anna Dimera was still on the show... ah well...