Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More baby daddy drama and fighting... does it ever end?

More Chloe and Phillip talking about who the baby daddy is… this time they get caught by Nathan. Nathan asks why they’re talking and they both lie and say that they are discussing Hope.

Daniel and Carly talk about Chloe and her pregnancy. Carly doesn’t look thrilled. Daniel tells Carly that he and Melanie are worried about her. She tries blame it on working too much and then the whole situation with Bo. She tells him that she can’t tell him and quickly leaves.

Stephanie attempts to check the Chloe’s test results… and is caught by Melanie. Melanie asks Stephanie why she was at St. Mary’s. Stephanie lies and tells her that she’s there to collect more information about Daniel’s patient. Stephanie then asks Melanie why SHE’s there and Melanie tells her about the job interview. Unfortunately for Stephanie, she’s not able to access the file. Stephanie tells Ian (who the hell is this guy!?) for help in hacking into the computer system at St. Mary’s.

Sami & EJ suck face and are interrupted by Stefano… and Will who is still in shock that Sami plans to marry EJ. Again they fight over the marriage, Will being all snarky and Sami being all pouty. Will ultimately tells Sami that he thinks that she and Rafe could have actually worked. Ej offers to go with Sami while she tells her father & grandmother about their engagement.

Nicole and Brady play kissy face until Brady pushes her off and demands she get dressed. Brady admits that sex with Nicole is like drug to him… and one way or another, he’s got to kick the habit. However, he doesn’t quite seem to be thinking straight, what with the alcohol and all.

Rafe decides that Nicole is going to help him take EJ down… and looks to Victor for help. Victor wants to know why Rafe wants his help and Rafe reminds him that he knows he wants to see EJ get what he deserves… even if it is for different reasons. Rafe tells Victor that he’s 99% sure that EJ had hired Anna DiMera to kidnap Sydney. Victor wants to know what’s in it for him… Rafe tells him that he knows about Victor’s arrangement with Stefano, although he doesn’t believe that EJ signed on. Victor still wants to know why he should help… simply put – so that Nicole can’t sink her claws into Brady. Victor tells Rafe that he’s not going to help him… but that he knows that Nicole has an Achilles heel – which the fact that Nicole’s father launched Nicole’s porn career. Victor suggests that Rafe somehow convince Nicole that he is her knight in shining armor.

Caroline and Roman talk about Hope… and how they should be able to afford a better lawyer. A phone call from Sami interrupts them. Roman calls Sami out on her using “daddy” telling that it usually meant that she totaled the car or got a “D” in Spanish. Sami’s reply? “Si, Si Senor!”. Roman catches on and asks Sami if he’s going to like what she has to tell him… I can say with certainty that NO, he won’t like it! Sami shows up at the Pub with EJ and Caroline’s first words are “ Whatever you have to say, do you have to say it in front of him”? Yep, Caroline – she does. Sami tells them that she’s decided to accept EJ’s proposal. Caroline & Roman question Sami’s sanity. EJ tells them that he does love Sami and wants what is best for her. EJ admits to his past mistakes tells the Brady’s that he’s grown up and is ready to be the man that Sami deserves.

Melanie works at the clinic… with Nathan, which doesn’t seem to please Phillip. While Melanie works, some scary ass guy comes in and tells her he” needs something”. Melanie tries to explain that they only do some check-ups and he grabs her.

Daniel and Chloe meet at the bar and he gives her one of the birthday gifts to open… which happens to be a baby gift. How in the hell is that a birthday present!? Chloe excuses herself to the bathroom and in the meantime – Sister Ann shows up. Chloe squirms.

Carly goes back to the bar and see s Daniel & Sister Ann sitting at a table… and Chloe in the hallway frozen with fear. Carly interrupts Daniel & Sister Ann, which gives Chloe time to hide again. Daniel asks Carly to check on Chloe, who had been in the bathroom for a while. Carly and Chloe meet on the pier where Carly tells her that she’ll pick her up in the morning… and Daniel overhears.

Will and Stefano have a chat… about Sami & EJ’s engagement. Stefano confesses that he was not happy about the engagement at first either. Now he’s behind them and part of the reason is because of the children. Stefano tells Will that he believes in the power of family.

EJ and Stefano have a father son moment…and talk about EJ arranging Sydney’s kidnapping- and Sami happens to walk in on the conversation.

A confused Nicole heads to the bar… to drink away her sorrows because overhearing EJ confess to Stefano has ruined everything good she’s had in her life. Rafe decides to make his move.

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