Monday, August 2, 2010

“Let me love you… marry me?”

ShareSami tells EJ that she can’t marry him. Ouch. Sami tells EJ that his proposal was the most romantic thing ever… but she’s still in love with Rafe, who – by the way, won’t currently give her the time of day. Sami tells EJ that although she’s done some awful things in her life (Really Sami?), she’s not going to marry him while she has feelings for someone else because it would be leading him on. However, EJ doesn’t see it that way. In his desperation to keep Sami, he’s justified her statement that for the first time, they are actually being honest with one another. EJ believes that while Sami loves Rafe, she also loves him too. Normally he wouldn’t want to be with Sami, but she’s changed and he believes that they can start anew at this point. Yes, finally Sami has changed and grown up just as EJ has hoped, but unfortunately it’s not working in EJ’s favor. EJ asks Sami to keep the ring… he can’t keep it anywhere because he’d have to avoid whatever place he’s put it. EJ mentions that the ring is from London and Sami realizes that the proposal wasn’t some rash decision on EJ’s part. EJ professes that Sami is the love of his life and promises that he will be the best husband and father… and that he will love her more than any man ever has or ever will… and that he’ll wait for her until Rafe is out of her system. Who else is starting to well up – after realizing that this proposal was totally wasted on Sami and that the average woman will never hear anything close to that?!?!

Sami and EJ are interrupted by Johnny… who asks if they are getting married. EJ tells Sami that he and Johnny had a chat about his parents getting married. Johnny thinks it’s a great idea and EJ explains that they aren’t going to be getting married just yet.

Rafe and Fay talk about Nicole. Fay tells him that they can talk after her shift is over and leaves Rafe alone with her locker… which he quickly raids. Rafe finds an envelope from Nicole, although he’s not able to figure out exactly what was sent. Rafe tells Fay that Nicole is somehow involved with EJ and that he’s trying to figure out exactly what is going on. He tells Fay that he knows that she’s not been straight with him and if she doesn’t tell the truth, it’s not going to be good for Nicole. Fay tells Rafe that Nicole sent her an envelope.

Brady goes to see Nicole. Nicole worries about what her apartment looks like, but Brady doesn’t seem too worried about their surroundings. He tells her that he wants to give the two of them a chance and that Nicole is the one for him. They profess their love for one another… and make their way into her bed. Surprise! Guess the writers thought that they were moving a little too slow. Oh, goody. Now we get to watch these two snuggling!

Nicole sends Marco to go and do whatever he does… but doesn’t want him dead. Nicole just wants him kept where he’s at until she decides what to do.

NT Hope calls Dick to tell him that she’s planning on leaving town… and wanted to thank him for his loyalty. Dick tries to get Hope to have a drink with him, but she leaves him hanging with one last goodbye.

Dick meets a friend… who tells him that the horse he bet paid 50 to 1… Dick takes it as a sign that he should be leaving town. Dick writes a letter to Hope letting her know that he’s leaving town as well… and that he’ll always love her.

Vivian talks to Hope and has no idea that Hope’s not herself. Vivian tries to suggest that Hope do something to stop Carly. Hope tells her that Bo has nothing to worry about from Carly Manning. Hope tells Viv that there are plenty of women out there like Carly… and that if she doesn’t want to end up like Hope, she should stop obsessing about her dead nephew and spend a little bit more time with her alive husband. Guess NT Hope doesn’t know that Victor wants to spend time with anyone BUT Vivian!

Maggie makes a cake and Vivian drops by for a visit. Vivian accused Maggie of making a pass at Victor. Maggie reminds Vivian that she has no interest in Victor and that she’s told him that she wants nothing more than friendship. Vivian asks her why they are always laughing together… Maggie’s reply? “Because that’s what friends do… but you wouldn’t know because you don’t have any!” Maggie promptly kicks Vivian to the curb.

Bo and Ciara talk about the wallets… and they belong to all the victims of the muggings. Justin tells Bo that they need to talk about Hope. Justin and Bo meet at the pub - and Justin tells Bo that he Hope seems like she’s become two different people. Bo is interrupted by a phone call from Hope telling her that she’s at the house and needs to talk to him about Ciara.

NT Hope goes back to finish the job she started… with a letter opener?

Bo meets Hope back at the house and asks to talk about her instead of Ciara. He tells her that he realizes that there is something wrong and thinks that things can no longer stay the way they are. NT Hope starts back on her rant about how everything is Bo’s fault. Hope confesses that she lied to Bo to get him to come back to the house. She then tells him that the house is the perfect place… to say goodbye. Hope tells Bo that since he’s moved on with someone else, what else is there. Bo thinks that Hope is saying goodbye and plans to hurt herself… and then she explains that it’s her that she plans to hurt him instead. Hope lunges at Bo with the knife (what the hell happened to the letter opener?).

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