Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the style of Jan Brady... "Hope, Hope, Hope"!

Chloe calls Phillip and tells him that she has news about the baby. They arrange to meet at the pier. Chloe tells Phillip that she’s had the test. He reminds her how he will step up should the baby be his… and she reminds him how things could still blow up in her face regardless of how things turn out. Yawn. How many times have they had this conversation now?!? She tells him all about her whole ordeal to have the test and how she almost got caught. Phillip again promises to take care of things… they embrace and Stephanie (almost too happily) catches them. Phillip & Chloe lie and say that they had been talking about Hope. Stephanie wonders why isn’t upsetting to Chloe. Chloe stumbles for an answer and Phillip sends her on her way to her “appointment”. Stephanie asks Phillip how Melanie is… and he tells her that he’s just gotten home from a business trip. Stephanie remarks about how he made time for Chloe and he gets touchy. Phillip heads home to his wife and Stephanie heads off to figure out what Chloe & Phillip’s secret is.

Stephanie and Adrienne chat about she and Nathan. Stephanie has decided to get over herself – finally!!! Stephanie goes back to Adrienne’s bar after seeing Melanie and Nathan embrace. She tells Adrienne that she knows that there is something wrong with Phillip & Melanie and how if something happens to their marriage, she’ll end up losing her boyfriend.

Nathan and Maggie talk about Hope, but are interrupted by a phone call for Maggie.

Melanie comes home and sees Nathan. They talk about Hope. Melanie comforts Nathan. Stephanie arrives at Maggie’s to witness their embrace. Maggie also walks in on Melanie and Nathan – and breaks the awkward silence with her opinion that things could have been worse. No one was permanently injured. Melanie leaves the room… and Maggie confronts Nathan about what’s going on. Nathan tells her that it’s just two friends reaching out to one another.

Nathan and Maggie head over to the pub for lunch. Caroline is very cold to Maggie and Nathan asks what’s up. Maggie explains about how she was with Victor when he got the call about Bo and went to the hospital and how Caroline feels as though she’s interfering. Nathan is surprised by Maggie’s new friendship and remarks how it’s her turn to do some explaining.

EJ & Sydney have some daddy-daughter time. Sami interrupts and tells him that they need to talk. She believes that he told Rafe. EJ told her that they only person that he told was his father… and Sami demands to know if Stefano told him… and that if EJ won’t tell her, she’ll ask him herself. They argue about their engagement and how she needed time to get used to the idea. They talk about how things had changed between them and that the odds are now in their favor for a better life together.

Sami and Rafe continue to have a hot & heavy makeout session in the locker room. He tells her to leave and when she tries, he pulls her back in for another smooch. Rafe tells her that he can’t do this… and gives her reasons like there could be 15 agents banging on the door and Sami has an answer for each one. Finally Rafe reminds Sami that she’s engaged to EJ – and she reminds him that he knew that before he kissed her. Rafe and Sami fight about her engagement – the fighting thing is getting a little old, by the way. Rafe asks Sami if she plans to tell EJ about what almost happened… uh, no!

Nicole goes to see Chloe. Chloe tries to get Nicole to leave and Nicole reminds her that she was there for Chloe when she needed a friend. Nicole tells Chloe that she’s lost Brady for good this time… but that she doesn’t want to trouble her with her problems since her “hair appointment” is far more important than Nicole is. Chloe attempts to comfort Nicole, although it’s too little too late – and she leaves.

Daniel and Justin also talk about Hope… and Chloe.

Rafe and Nicole bump into one another at the bar. They have an interesting conversation… Rafe buys her a drink. They make a toast to the future… how it may not suck as much as the present.

Daniel and Melanie talk about Carly. Daniel gives Melanie a lecture about two people shouldn’t stay together when one has been unfaithful… foreshadowing much?

Adrienne finds Justin at the beach… and they talk about Hope. Justin tells Adrienne that he really can’t talk about things at the moment. She leaves him alone with his thoughts.

Chloe is finishing a cup of tea at the pub and Melanie sneaks up on her. They talk about Hope and how she & Daniel believe that Hope’s relatives (and half of the show’s viewership) will likely blame Hope’s problems on Carly. Melanie mentions that she went with Daniel for a consult and Chloe quickly shuts her down. She goes to leave and Chloe asks her to stay. Then Melanie tells her about how Daniel almost walked in on Carly’s patient there and a spooked Chloe makes a fast break for the exit. After she leaves… Melanie remarks – “You better start telling people you’re pregnant or they’re going to just think you’re a bitch!”

Stephanie stops by to see Daniel to get him to sign off on some forms… and to be nosey about Chloe’s accident. Stephanie goes to Chloe & Daniel’s apartment and lets herself in… with the spare key at the top of the door. She decides to look for evidence of Chloe & Phillips’ secret. Chloe and Daniel arrive home… Stephanie hears them outside the door and realize that she’s about to be busted.

Melanie and Phillip reunite over flowers. Everyone all together now… “Awwwwww”…

Chloe stops by and asks Daniel if he’s like to go home with her. Daniel asks Chloe when they plan to tell the world about the baby.

Adrienne and Caroline talk about Bo… and Hope.

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