Monday, August 30, 2010

“I don’t need help… I need hope”.

Stefano finds Kate speaking with Chad at the lake. He’s concerned about the conversation that she’s having with Chad. Kate is pissed… Stefano can lie to her for months, but she’s not allowed to leave the house without saying goodbye or have a conversation with someone outside the family. She’s tired of the lies! So, Stefano has secrets… he never promised to tell her everything that he was thinking. Kate is more upset about the fact that her grandchildren suffered at the hands of EJ & Stefano. Stefano tells Kate that he had no idea what EJ was up to and when he found out he was forced to protect his son. Kate gets even more pissed because while he was doing all this, HER family was suffering. Stefano tells her that HER family made out ok… they survived, no one got sick, no one got insane, what was he supposed to do? Kate tells Stefano that if she loses HER grandchildren over this, she’s just not sure how she’ll be able to live with herself or with Stefano. Stafano promises that they will not lose William. Kate snarkily asks what he plans to do to ensure that Will will forgive them? A boat, a car? Stefano asks Kate what it is that she needs and questions whether or not she remembers what it was like before she became his wife.

Will arrives at the lake after getting Kate’s message. Will asks Kate & Stefano what’s going on. Kate tells Will that the wedding is off… and Will isn’t surprised. However he doesn’t quite understand what could have happened to stop Sami and EJ from marrying because they were so sure about doing it even after Rafe showed up. Kate explains that Rafe uncovered something that EJ did… something indefensible – that EJ was behind Sydney’s kidnapping. William is shocked and doesn’t understand how EJ could have done something like that. Will starts to leave the lake to go and see Sami and Kate tries to stop him. He won’t listen to anything more that she has to say and leaves.

Will calls Sami to let her know that he knows… she tries to apologize for not listening to him, and he tells her that it’s fine – she was trying to do what was best for her kids. Will tells her that he’ll be by later on – he has something that he has to do first.

Nicole and Chloe bond over Chloe’s pregnancy and her new found friendship with Carly. Nicole tells Chloe that she’s going to have everything she wants. Chloe tells Nicole that she’ll have that someday too… but Nicole tells her that it’s not going to happen. Nicole gives Chloe her birthday gift and tries to send Chloe to take a nap. Nicole’s new FBI BFF asks the girls if everything is ok. Nicole reluctantly tells Chloe that she ratted out EJ and has nowhere to go. Chloe offers Nicole the guest room. Chloe informs Daniel that she’s invited Nicole to stay. Daniel is so not sure about Nicole staying… and I can’t say as I blame him. Chloe sends Nicole to check out the guest bedroom so that she can chat with Daniel. Chloe tells Daniel that she knows that Nicole can’t stay at her apartment, although she doesn’t know why. She explains that she knows it has something to do EJ and that she’s terrified and has nowhere else to go. Daniel asks Chloe how its even the slightest bit of a good idea that Nicole stays even when she’s in danger. Chloe goes to tell Nicole that she’s got to go… and Daniel says that she can stay, so long as the FBI dude hangs around. Daniel heads out to get dinner. Chloe asks Nicole to tell her exactly what’s going on. Nicole tells Chloe that she will tell them what’s going on… but doesn’t want to do it now because it’s just too painful. She wants to focus on some good things at this point. Nicole thanks Daniel for letting her stay with them. Nicole wants to go back to get some things from her apartment and Daniel offers to take her… so that they can talk.

Sami and Rafe share a hug. She thanks him for everything he’s done and apologizes for allowing EJ to turn her against Rafe. Rafe tells Sami that he didn’t stop searching because he felt like they never had the truth. Sami admits that she’s better off alone than with EJ and that the kids are better off without their father. Sami reviews the decisions she made in the past… and again apologizes. Sami tells Rafe that he can tell her “I told you so” and as much as he wants to… he doesn’t. Instead, he tries to leave, but Sami asks him to stay. Sami tells Rafe that “he’s every girl’s dream come true”. Uh, no Sami… he’s not mine! Sami admits that a lot of what happened was all her fault because she let EJ play into her weaknesses. Sami tells Rafe she loves him even though it is WAY too soon to even think those words! Rafe admits that he never stopped loving Sami. Caroline walks in on the two love birds sucking face to tell them that the kids are sound asleep. Rafe asks Sami to go back to his place so that they can “talk”. Uh, hello – Sami… you just ran off from EJ with his kids and everyone is talking about how EJ and Stefano may be out for revenge and you’re just going to leave them alone?! Doesn’t matter that they are at Grandma’s… their mother needs them at this point.

Rafe and Sami bump into Arianna on their way out of the pub. Sami senses that Arianna doesn’t seem happy about the fact that Sami has found out what EJ has done.

Arianna confronts EJ about his kidnapping Sydney. Furious, tells her that he’s tried to make up for his sins and that he doesn’t deserve to have his children taken away from him. The look on Ari’s face says it all. EJ tells Arianna that Sami says that he will never see his kids again… and his kids are everything to him. EJ tells Arianna that he plans to get justice, by going to see her “friend” Nicole. Arianna can’t imagine what Nicole has to do with EJ and Sami and warns him that if he does “Whatever it is that you DiMera’s do” that he’ll lose everything that is important to him. She reminds him that hurting Nicole will NOT bring back his children. It seems to finally sink in to EJ and he snaps at Arianna as she tries and comfort him. “I don’t need help… I need hope”. He still seems to think that once he explains, all will be right with the world and Arianna shuts him down and tells him he needs to realize that it is over. He sends her away. EJ walks up to Sami’s bedroom at the house and finds the wedding gift that Sami had gotten for him.

Daniel tells Victor that he’s not going to bring Chloe over to the house anymore… because she’s just not happy when she’s there. He leave just as Vivian arrives. Vivian informs Victor that she’s planned Isabella’s memorial and will make sure that all goes perfectly.

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