Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holy Bump Batman!

ShareCarly has decided that she wants to tell Chloe in person that the baby is Daniel’s. I’m calling it now… it’ll come out at some point that the baby is Phillip’s. Daniel comes back to see Carly and Chloe hugging. He wonders what it is that the two of them are up to… especially since Carly mentions something about Chloe’s birthday present - which strangely is lacking. Carly finally presents Chloe with her gift. Chloe asks Carly to go shopping with her since Daniel abandoned her on her birthday. The three then talk about where in the world Daniel could have possibly gone. He says it was to deal with a text that he got and then asks Carly to stick around because he has something to tell the both of them – that he really appreciates how great Carly has been to the both of them. Daniel finally reveals that the text message was about Opera tickets… and a romantic weekend for the two of them. Chloe goes to call her parents about her pregnancy and leave Daniel and Carly to talk. Daniel asks Carly that she looks like she needs to talk… and she makes up some story about a patient and two different types of care that she could have offered. Hmmmm… wondering if It was CARLY that changed the test results before Phillip’s guy was able to.

Stephanie and Ian talk about who could have changed the results of Chloe’s paternity test. Ian doesn’t get why she’s so hung up on Nathan. Nathan comes back to the apartment and is unhappy to see Ian there. Ian leaves… and Stephanie and Nathan chat about his accident with Melanie and about why Ian was over the apartment. Stephanie tries to tell him that Ian came by to show her some computer stuff and Nathan tells her that’s he’s sure it’s not the reason. Apparently, the reason is because of a system that was installed at the hospital and the fact that no one can figure out how to use it. Stephanie just goes along for the ride. They kiss (among other things) and make up. All seems to be ok until Stephanie realizes that this whole baby switching thing might be a bad idea. Stephanie gets all weird and Nathan can’t figure out why.

Rafe busts into Sami & EJ’s wedding. EJ thinks that it’s because Rafe can’t stand the idea of Sami marrying someone other than him. Stefano attempts to throw Rafe out. Sami tells Rafe that they have nothing to say to one another at this point. Rafe informs Sami that he’s never stopped caring and the news he has will confirm that. The standoff continues and Roman steps in to try and talk Sami into hearing what Rafe has to say. Sami decides to give Rafe 5 minutes… against the better judgment of both EJ and Stefano.

EJ and Stefano talk about what Rafe could possibly have to say to Sami and EJ thinks it has NOTHING to do with the Sydnapping. Stefano isn’t quite so sure.

Sami and Rafe argue… what else is new. Finally he tells her that he’s not there for anything regarding him, but that his information is about Sydney. Sami assumes it’s because Rafe wants to see Sydney and she rattles on about how she hopes he’s showered before coming to the house after rolling around in the bed with Nicole. She tells him that the kids deserve to be with their father and Rafe states that EJ doesn’t deserve to be a father. Rafe tells Sami that EJ is using the kids to manipulate her and is just conning Sami. She tells Rafe to leave. Rafe tells Sami that he loves her and that what she saw between he and Nicole was a lie. He asks her to listen to him… for Grace’s memory.

EJ and Roman spar while they wait for Sami and Rafe fight. Stefano wonders how EJ will be able to tolerate having Roman as his father –in-law… and EJ informs Stefano that he plans to keep the Bradys far from his family.

EJ and Lexie chat about Sami and Rafe and EJ justifies Sami pushing the wedding up. Kate reminds EJ that it’s not too late to forget about the whole wedding thing.

Sami comes back from her conversation with Rafe and asks everyone… but EJ to leave. Much to everyone’s surprise, she’s not calling off the wedding, but wants to hear Rafe out with EJ by her side. Roman suggests that they all go to the Brady Pub - Stefano doesn’t like the idea. Instead EJ suggests that his diabetic father to get ice cream with the kids. Oy!

As Roman leaves, he tells Rafe that whatever he’s got better be good… and oh, it is. Rafe tells Sami that this will be a day that she and EJ won’t forget this day. Rafe tells Sami that his obsession with EJ is finally over. EJ and Rafe talk about whatever it was that EJ did and how Rafe finally has the proof that he needs.

Phillip returns home to Melanie after his “meeting”. He plays the devoted husband card decides to focus on Melanie. The make the decision to look for a house of their own. The happiness quickly fades when Melanie discovers that Chloe is texting Phillip. Phillip says that Chloe wants to see the both of them. They arrive and meet Carly there so that Chloe can debut her bump. Where in the hell did that thing some from? How was she flat as a board yesterday and today just has just expanded like bread dough! Chloe makes a toast to her “family”, thanking them for putting up with her high maintenance behavior.

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  1. It probably was Carly and thats a good thing, it means that CC has finally gotten her way and their making Carly a more flawed and mmmm sneaky character? I always thought maybe the Alamains rubbed off on her a little bit.