Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ed Scott goes to the Bold and the Beautiful

Ed Scott, former the Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives producer has found a new home on the set of the Bold and the Beautiful.  It's amazing he's been unemployed that long.  Good for him.

In other B&B news, Drew Tyler Bell, the first winner of the Drew Tyler Bell wtf best younger actor Emmy winner has finally been replaced by hottie Adam Gregory from 90210.


  1. Strong and good move from B&B !
    If only Corday had kept Ed Scott and got rid of awful Heigley.. one conclusion : Days is dumb and B&B is smart..ah and also B&B has better ratings than Days..lol

  2. Great news for B&B, they have snapped up one of the best in the business, I hope Ed Scott enjoys working over there. I still cannot beleive that Ken Corday chose to keep the untalented scab/hack Dena Higley, over the well respected & talented producer Ed Scott in the little bumfight over script rewrites !!!

  3. Good for B&B. This is great news for them. It really is a same that Corday fired Ed Scott. Had Corday kept Scott and got rid of that awful Higley, DAYS would be a much, much better show today.