Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Do you not see the pain in this woman's eyes?"

Rafe and EJ verbally spar over whatever information it is that Rafe has for a while… and the two almost end up fighting when Rafe finally tells Sami and EJ that he knows that it was EJ who was behind Sydney’s kidnapping. EJ tries to tell Sami that Rafe is lying and is only making it up to try and break the two of them up. Sami originally believes EJ – and he continues to bait her, reminding her of the pain that the two of them went through. Rafe keeps taunting EJ with more and more information, until he finally whips out his tape recorder and plays his conversation with Nicole. EJ snatches it out of Rafe’s hand and turns it off. Sami and Rafe argue over the recording and whether or not Nicole is actually telling the truth… this one doesn’t turn out well for Rafe since he ends up with a hand across the face! EJ informs Rafe that he has his answer. Sami tells Rafe that he won’t accept Nicole and “the truth” in the same sentence. Rafe reminds Sami of the threats that EJ made at Grace’s funeral and asks her who she’s going to believe. EJ tells the old EJ would have lied, but things have changed. Rafe balks and Sami reminds him that she found him in bed with Nicole. Rafe refuses to leave because he needs to play the rest of what he has, EJ starts to move in on Rafe and Sami breaks them up. Rafe flashes the CD that he got from Nicole with EJ’s confession to Stefano. Sami shocks EJ when she tells Rafe to go ahead and play the CD.

Bo and Roman arrive at Dick’s hearing. Bo blames Dick for Hope’s actions. They talk about the judge that Dick happened to end up with – who has a reputation for being an old softie. Bo and Dick share words and almost comes to blows. Roman breaks them up and reminds Bo to think about Hope. Bo admits that all he’s thought of is Hope, much to the disdain of Carly. The hearing begins and Dick’s lawyer immediately requests a dismissal. Bo’s not happy about the idea, but tells Carly that regardless of what happens, Dick is going to pay. Roman testifies that it was Hope who was the lead detective on the muggings case and also happens to be in jail. The judge calls the lawyers into his chambers. Roman heads back to the station, Carly leaves Bo the check messages… leaving Bo and Dick alone with only one guard, who doesn’t seem to intent on protecting Baker. Bo tells Dick that if he ends up going free that Bo will make sure that Dick pays. Dick tells Bo that it was HIM who did all of “this” to Bo and reminds Bo that he’s going to have to live with what he did to Hope. The judge returns and denies the request to dismiss the case. Bo then takes the stand and testifies against Baker and it doesn’t go well because Bo ends up flying off the handle. The defense calls Hope to testify.

Vivian tries to get Victor to look at sarcophaguses for Isabella. Victor only seems to perk up about it when Maggie arrives and he invites her over to look at it – much to the annoyance of Vivian. Vivian shows off all of the features to Maggie until Victor reprimands her and suggests that perhaps Maggie isn’t interested.

Vivian and Gus meet to discuss her plans to bury Maggie alive. (Again with the burying people, Viv?) Gus tells Vivian that it’ll be her who’s dead if Victor finds out her plans for Maggie.

Nicole goes to see Brady. Brady wants nothing to do with her, so Nicole has to tell him that EJ is going to end up killing her. Brady tells her that if EJ hasn’t killed her by now, she’s probably safe. Nicole admits to Brady that she gave Rafe the information he needs to put EJ away. Nicole explains that she broke into the DiMasion to look for evidence and ended up overhearing a conversation between EJ & Stefano about EJ having Anna kidnap Sydney. She ended up taping the conversation and then blackmailed EJ with the recordings. Brady reminds Nicole that she had plenty of opportunities to tell Sami herself that EJ was behind the kidnapping. Nicole admits that perhaps it wasn’t her best idea… but now that Rafe is going to play the CD at the wedding and EJ will know that Nicole gave him up. Brady tells Nicole that he won’t help her, but tells her to call the police. Nicole won’t call the police because she knows she’ll end up in jail. Brady tells Nicole that he should turn her in, but she’s not worth the trouble… and tells her he’s done with her and walks away. Victor overhears the end of that statement and decides to celebrate at Nicole’s expense and offers a toast to Lollipops and Rainbows. Victor tells Nicole that he offered her to Rafe on a silver platter. Best line? “Oh, call Vivian… she’ll help you pick our your coffin!”

Brady goes to the Pub to drink… and is caught by Maggie. Maggie suggests that they go for a walk instead. Brady tells her no… that he wants to drink. Maggie settles in for the long haul and Brady ends up having a club soda instead. Maggie tells him that she’s not going to leave him at this point, but he needs not to go and have a drink when he has a rough patch. Brady tells her that at least he’s not doing coke. No need to change one addiction for another, Brady!


  1. Bo and Carly had a lot of nerve showing up to court together. Both have no shame. I'm starting to dislike Bo and I like Carly but now having second thoughts. Carly tries to act like she's all innocent. All she talks about is her daughter and doesn't encourage Bo to make his relationship right with his. She needs to leave Salem already. When Carly went to the hospital she acted like she was concerned for Hope. Oh brother Carly, just go away.

  2. "I like Carly but now having second thoughts."

    You LIKE Carly? Could have fooled me. LOL.