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Days actors helping with Habitat for Humanity

News about Arianne Zucker and Eric Martsolf participating.  You can read the news here.

“Nikki… I get the impression you’ve been avoiding me.”

ShareRafe accuses Arianna of defending EJ. Ari starts to say something about Sami… and Sami interrupts and asks what Arianna had to say. She never does get to tell them as Rafe sends her stomping off. Rafe and Sami head to his place for some alone time. They get back to his place… and immediately start to take their clothes off. Sami appears to come to her senses and stops Rafe. She tells him that she’s crazy and it’s not right because she almost married EJ. She talks about how she doesn’t want to make crazy decisions because she wants to mature and being a parent, she should really know better… but yet, crawls into bed with Rafe anyway. Seriously, Sami? Uh, Whoring around much? Sami and Rafe snuggle in their warm afterglow… blech. Sami dreams about the conversation with EJ when he told her that Sydney was dead. Rafe wakes her up and comforts her, but she starting to realize that all may not yet be right with the world. Rafe and Sami talk about how it’s even possible that EJ could have done such a thing to Sydney. She remarks how he’s never going to pay because he’s a DiMera and they never have to pay for their sins.

Stephanie ponders who could have possibly changed the test results. Ian tells Stephanie that he feels bad for the guy who thinks he’s the dad… as does Steph, although I don’t think that will lead her to doing the right thing. Stephanie calls Ian and asks him to find out if he’s able to figure out if whoever changed the test results has made sure to cover his tracks. She tells Ian that she plans to help Phillip keep his secret.

Phillip gives Melanie an improper send off at work. They run into Nathan and Phillip ends up finding out about Melanie’s almost attack at the clinic and how Nathan hurt his arm. Phillip is upset that Melanie kept the information from him (uh, hello kettle… meet the pot!). Melanie said that she didn’t mention anything because it was the same day that Chloe announced she was pregnant. Stephanie shows up and the foursome share an awkward moment until Melanie and Nathan head off to surgery.

A snarky, bitch nurse comes in to tell Nathan that his patient will be arriving shortly and also informs him that he’s only getting to do this solo surgery because he’s a Horton. Jealous much? Nathan goes to reach for an instrument from Melanie and drops it. Hmmm… I’m thinking the arm isn’t go great. Nathan had a spasm in his arm and now his hand is numb. Yikes! Melanie tells Nathan that she believes in him… and magically his hand is well enough to operate.

Phillip comes to see Chloe to tell her how happy he is that he’s NOT the baby daddy. He notices the luggage and then rags on her for helping Nicole.

Kate tells Will that she knew nothing of EJ’s plan. He turns to Stefano and asks if HE knew about the kidnapping. Stefano lies and tells him that he’s just as surprised as Kate. Stefano and Kate arrive home and he mentions that Will seemed to have believed him. Kate points out that he will until he gets to Sami who tell him that she knows Stefano was involved… which will make Kate look like a liar. Kate tells Stefano that IF she loses her grandson, she’s walking. Stefano tells Kate that if she leaves, he’s going to tell all of her secrets and that he plans to make sure that Will is not alienated from either of them. Kate demands that Stefano tell Will that she had nothing to do with the Sydnapping. An angry Stefano tells her that he WILL take care of it… she asks if he plans to take care of it the same way that he took care of Rafe.

Will is on the phone telling Lucas all about the happenings in his mother’s life. He tells Lucas that there is no way that Stefano had anything to do with it… to which Caroline asks if Will really believes it. Caroline asks Willis he really believes that Stefano is innocent in all of this when both EJ & Anna were involved.

Lexi finds EJ moping in Sami’s room. She realizes that he must be devastated about everything… until he tells her that he’s more homicidal, actually. Lexi tells him that he mustn’t talk that way and gives him a hug. He tells her that he’s afraid that he’s lost Sami forever and again mentions the idea of getting revenge… on Nicole. It’s always been Nicole who has smashed his dreams over and over. C’mon Lexi… as the “good” DiMera, you best start working on EJ so that he does NOT do anything crazy or stupid at this point. Where in the hell is EJ’s big brother, Tony??? Oh, that’s right… bashing his head on a chunk o’wood! Grrr…

Lexie tries to ask how Nicole found out about Anna. EJ tells her that he thinks that everyone should pay at this point and storms off. Well, that was helpful, eh, Lexie?

Nicole and Daniel talk about the pier about what’s going on with her life. She tells him she’d rather tell him back at the apartment. Daniel tells Nicole that if something happens between Daniel and Chloe that it would Nicole’s fault. Nicole shoots back a snarky, “If something happens between you and Chloe, it isn’t because of me.” Nicole quickly explains that she knows how much Chloe and Daniel mean to one another and she’d never do anything to hurt that. Daniel tells Nicole that he just needs to be certain that helping Nicole is NOT going to put his family in danger. Nicole and Daniel agree to talk about what’s going on when she gets back to their apartment. Daniel heads home to Chloe and Nicole calls for George to head on to her’s. However, George is nowhere to be found… instead – EJ appears. “Nikki… I get the impression you’ve been avoiding me.” Oh, EJ you have NO idea!!! So, EJ admits to killing George, that he’s drunk and since he has nothing to lose at this point – is a VERY dangerous man! Nicole starts to back her way up the stairs (you know the ones) and tells EJ that she knows that he likes to scare her just as much as he likes to make Sami grieve. Nicole tells him that she’s shocked that he can fake being human so well… because he’s really dead inside.

Arianna is leaving a message for EJ when she’s overheard by Caroline… who is crazy pissed and tells her that Arianna’s loyalty should be to her family and nowhere else.

Monday, August 30, 2010

“I don’t need help… I need hope”.

Stefano finds Kate speaking with Chad at the lake. He’s concerned about the conversation that she’s having with Chad. Kate is pissed… Stefano can lie to her for months, but she’s not allowed to leave the house without saying goodbye or have a conversation with someone outside the family. She’s tired of the lies! So, Stefano has secrets… he never promised to tell her everything that he was thinking. Kate is more upset about the fact that her grandchildren suffered at the hands of EJ & Stefano. Stefano tells Kate that he had no idea what EJ was up to and when he found out he was forced to protect his son. Kate gets even more pissed because while he was doing all this, HER family was suffering. Stefano tells her that HER family made out ok… they survived, no one got sick, no one got insane, what was he supposed to do? Kate tells Stefano that if she loses HER grandchildren over this, she’s just not sure how she’ll be able to live with herself or with Stefano. Stafano promises that they will not lose William. Kate snarkily asks what he plans to do to ensure that Will will forgive them? A boat, a car? Stefano asks Kate what it is that she needs and questions whether or not she remembers what it was like before she became his wife.

Will arrives at the lake after getting Kate’s message. Will asks Kate & Stefano what’s going on. Kate tells Will that the wedding is off… and Will isn’t surprised. However he doesn’t quite understand what could have happened to stop Sami and EJ from marrying because they were so sure about doing it even after Rafe showed up. Kate explains that Rafe uncovered something that EJ did… something indefensible – that EJ was behind Sydney’s kidnapping. William is shocked and doesn’t understand how EJ could have done something like that. Will starts to leave the lake to go and see Sami and Kate tries to stop him. He won’t listen to anything more that she has to say and leaves.

Will calls Sami to let her know that he knows… she tries to apologize for not listening to him, and he tells her that it’s fine – she was trying to do what was best for her kids. Will tells her that he’ll be by later on – he has something that he has to do first.

Nicole and Chloe bond over Chloe’s pregnancy and her new found friendship with Carly. Nicole tells Chloe that she’s going to have everything she wants. Chloe tells Nicole that she’ll have that someday too… but Nicole tells her that it’s not going to happen. Nicole gives Chloe her birthday gift and tries to send Chloe to take a nap. Nicole’s new FBI BFF asks the girls if everything is ok. Nicole reluctantly tells Chloe that she ratted out EJ and has nowhere to go. Chloe offers Nicole the guest room. Chloe informs Daniel that she’s invited Nicole to stay. Daniel is so not sure about Nicole staying… and I can’t say as I blame him. Chloe sends Nicole to check out the guest bedroom so that she can chat with Daniel. Chloe tells Daniel that she knows that Nicole can’t stay at her apartment, although she doesn’t know why. She explains that she knows it has something to do EJ and that she’s terrified and has nowhere else to go. Daniel asks Chloe how its even the slightest bit of a good idea that Nicole stays even when she’s in danger. Chloe goes to tell Nicole that she’s got to go… and Daniel says that she can stay, so long as the FBI dude hangs around. Daniel heads out to get dinner. Chloe asks Nicole to tell her exactly what’s going on. Nicole tells Chloe that she will tell them what’s going on… but doesn’t want to do it now because it’s just too painful. She wants to focus on some good things at this point. Nicole thanks Daniel for letting her stay with them. Nicole wants to go back to get some things from her apartment and Daniel offers to take her… so that they can talk.

Sami and Rafe share a hug. She thanks him for everything he’s done and apologizes for allowing EJ to turn her against Rafe. Rafe tells Sami that he didn’t stop searching because he felt like they never had the truth. Sami admits that she’s better off alone than with EJ and that the kids are better off without their father. Sami reviews the decisions she made in the past… and again apologizes. Sami tells Rafe that he can tell her “I told you so” and as much as he wants to… he doesn’t. Instead, he tries to leave, but Sami asks him to stay. Sami tells Rafe that “he’s every girl’s dream come true”. Uh, no Sami… he’s not mine! Sami admits that a lot of what happened was all her fault because she let EJ play into her weaknesses. Sami tells Rafe she loves him even though it is WAY too soon to even think those words! Rafe admits that he never stopped loving Sami. Caroline walks in on the two love birds sucking face to tell them that the kids are sound asleep. Rafe asks Sami to go back to his place so that they can “talk”. Uh, hello – Sami… you just ran off from EJ with his kids and everyone is talking about how EJ and Stefano may be out for revenge and you’re just going to leave them alone?! Doesn’t matter that they are at Grandma’s… their mother needs them at this point.

Rafe and Sami bump into Arianna on their way out of the pub. Sami senses that Arianna doesn’t seem happy about the fact that Sami has found out what EJ has done.

Arianna confronts EJ about his kidnapping Sydney. Furious, tells her that he’s tried to make up for his sins and that he doesn’t deserve to have his children taken away from him. The look on Ari’s face says it all. EJ tells Arianna that Sami says that he will never see his kids again… and his kids are everything to him. EJ tells Arianna that he plans to get justice, by going to see her “friend” Nicole. Arianna can’t imagine what Nicole has to do with EJ and Sami and warns him that if he does “Whatever it is that you DiMera’s do” that he’ll lose everything that is important to him. She reminds him that hurting Nicole will NOT bring back his children. It seems to finally sink in to EJ and he snaps at Arianna as she tries and comfort him. “I don’t need help… I need hope”. He still seems to think that once he explains, all will be right with the world and Arianna shuts him down and tells him he needs to realize that it is over. He sends her away. EJ walks up to Sami’s bedroom at the house and finds the wedding gift that Sami had gotten for him.

Daniel tells Victor that he’s not going to bring Chloe over to the house anymore… because she’s just not happy when she’s there. He leave just as Vivian arrives. Vivian informs Victor that she’s planned Isabella’s memorial and will make sure that all goes perfectly.

"The Bay" makes it on television!

Congrats to the Diva's blogtalkradio guests, "The Bay" creator, Gregori Martin, Mary Beth Evans, Charles Shaughnessy, and Martha Madison for the show making it to nineteen countries!  Still think web soaps are stupid?  lol  Here's the news.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Yes, I took Sydney"

Hope takes the stand in Bakers trial. Hope testifies to her actions, until Bo tries to stop her… and is almost thrown out of court. I understand that Bo is upset, but he’s totally eff-ing up the state’s case. Hope reads the profile that was done on the mugger and is questioned by Dick’s lawyer as to her own sanity. Dick can’t handle the berating questions by his lawyer, so he ultimately fires him and pleads guilty. Dick tells the judge that he knew there were times that Hope had NO clue what she was doing or who he was. Again, he pleads guilty (against the advice of his lawyer). The judge accepts his plea and Dick is lead away. Hope’s transport isn’t ready, so the guard leaves her alone in the courtoom with Roman, Hope and Carly. Carly heads to the hospital and Roman goes back to the station… leaving Bo and Hope alone. They share a short, tender moment, which Hope ruins by asking about what will happen to Baker.

Vivian bets Gus that once she buries Maggie that Victor will forget that Maggie ever existed. Gus warns Vivian that her plans haven’t worked so well in the past. Vivian informs Gus that when Maggie disappears, no one will notice because Maggie will lay the groundwork for her disappearance.

Rafe plays the CD for Sami & EJ because she tells EJ that she will not marry him until she hears what’s on the CD. EJ stops the recording. EJ again tells Sami that the CD isn’t real and that this is all a sham that has been created by Rafe. He begs her NOT to listen to the CD… for their children. Sami tells him that she is going to listen… for their children. Sami listens to EJ & Stefano’s conversation… until she couldn’t handle it anymore. Sami asks EJ how he could do it… again he lies and tells her its fake. Rafe reminds EJ that he did indeed give Nicole $5million so that she’s keep the information to herself.

Sami asks Rafe to leave… and he asks Sami to leave with him and they’ll take the CD to her dad. All EJ has to say is that the recording is inadmissible. Rafe leaves. Sami asks EJ to be honest, look her in the eye and tell her that he took Sydney. He tells her. Sami analyzes each of her reactions and every step of their search for Sydney and realized that EJ knew exactly where Sydney was and that she was ok. The fact that EJ wanted to watch her suffer pushes her over the edge. EJ tells Sami that he wanted her to suffer the way he suffered when she kept his daughter from him. EJ is pissed that Sami didn’t tell him that Grace was his until after she died… and Sami said that she was out of her mind with grief. EJ tells Sami that when he learned that Sydney was really his that he knew he had his opportunity for revenge. Sami points out to EJ that instead of rejoicing the fact that his daughter was ALIVE, he immediately plans his revenge… again EJ points out that it was because that she kept his daughter away. Sami tells EJ that she kept their daughter away from him because she felt that the family was too dangerous for her kids to be around and that he, like the rest of his family is simply a monster. EJ tries to remind Sami that no, he’s really not like the rest. EJ admits to Sami that his original plan was to get her completely dependent on him and then take his kids and leave… and that he wasn’t upset that he had been deceived, but that it was that he was deceived by Sami – whom he loved. He still loves Sami and Sami remarks how he has no clue what that word is about. He points out the tender moments between the two of them that few months and asks her if that wasn’t love. She tells him to keep those moments… because she’s leaving. EJ admits that he hates what he’s done and has been trying to make up for the horrible things that he had done to her. I’m thinking that she’s not buying it.

Stefano and Kate sit at the Pub and discuss the Rafe & EJ showdown. Stefano tries to change the subject and Kate acts smug. They decide to sit quietly. Kate offers to go and call the house and Stefano dissuades her. He needs some air… and just ask he gets up to walk out the door –Nicole pops into the Pub. Nicole and Kate share a short, snarky conversation. Kate asks Stefano to make Nicole disappear. Nicole asks Stefano and Kate why they are at the pub instead of at EJ’s wedding. Stefano drags Nicole over to the bar to question her about Rafe. Nicole tells Stefano that she doesn’t know anything. Stefano can sense Nicole’s fear.

Melanie attempts to knit and not curse at Maggie’s. Melanie tells Maggie that she’s the happiest she’s ever been and has Maggie to thank for it. Maggie mentions to Melanie that maybe it was time for her to leave Salem. Melanie tells Maggie that she just can’t up and leave Salem. Maggie said that she wouldn’t leave forever, just to go and visit her kids, and take the cruise that she and Mickey had planned to go on. Melanie still doesn’t like the idea (which is strange considering the fact that she did tell Phillip to look for houses).

Melanie bumps into Carly at the hospital… and asks if she knits. Only because she wants to know if her sucking at it is genetic… which apparently it is. The two talk about Dick’s hearing.

Bo arrives home to snuggle with a sleeping Carly. The talk about Hope and how Bo is worried about her. Bo falls asleep and dreams that Hope asks him to save her. Hmmm… looks like this could be the beginning of the end of Carbo.

Rafe bumps into Roman at the pier. Rafe tells Roman that the wedding is off and Sami stayed behind to tell EJ off. He gives him the CD of EJ’s conversation with Stefano.

Episode 18 ready for playback

Turns out, we already had episode 18 back in June.  lol  Oh well. Anyway, we had a very lively conversation about an unusually fantastic week of drama on Days of Our Lives.  Listen to our thoughts on EJami/Rafe, Chloe's baby drama, Vivian's antics, the "State" marriage, Dr. Baker's trial, Bope, Carly's bangs, Roman forgetting Anna is his daughter's mother, and the totally inappropriate chemistry between Kate and Chad.  Press play to the right of this screen, or you can hear the show here.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Do you not see the pain in this woman's eyes?"

Rafe and EJ verbally spar over whatever information it is that Rafe has for a while… and the two almost end up fighting when Rafe finally tells Sami and EJ that he knows that it was EJ who was behind Sydney’s kidnapping. EJ tries to tell Sami that Rafe is lying and is only making it up to try and break the two of them up. Sami originally believes EJ – and he continues to bait her, reminding her of the pain that the two of them went through. Rafe keeps taunting EJ with more and more information, until he finally whips out his tape recorder and plays his conversation with Nicole. EJ snatches it out of Rafe’s hand and turns it off. Sami and Rafe argue over the recording and whether or not Nicole is actually telling the truth… this one doesn’t turn out well for Rafe since he ends up with a hand across the face! EJ informs Rafe that he has his answer. Sami tells Rafe that he won’t accept Nicole and “the truth” in the same sentence. Rafe reminds Sami of the threats that EJ made at Grace’s funeral and asks her who she’s going to believe. EJ tells the old EJ would have lied, but things have changed. Rafe balks and Sami reminds him that she found him in bed with Nicole. Rafe refuses to leave because he needs to play the rest of what he has, EJ starts to move in on Rafe and Sami breaks them up. Rafe flashes the CD that he got from Nicole with EJ’s confession to Stefano. Sami shocks EJ when she tells Rafe to go ahead and play the CD.

Bo and Roman arrive at Dick’s hearing. Bo blames Dick for Hope’s actions. They talk about the judge that Dick happened to end up with – who has a reputation for being an old softie. Bo and Dick share words and almost comes to blows. Roman breaks them up and reminds Bo to think about Hope. Bo admits that all he’s thought of is Hope, much to the disdain of Carly. The hearing begins and Dick’s lawyer immediately requests a dismissal. Bo’s not happy about the idea, but tells Carly that regardless of what happens, Dick is going to pay. Roman testifies that it was Hope who was the lead detective on the muggings case and also happens to be in jail. The judge calls the lawyers into his chambers. Roman heads back to the station, Carly leaves Bo the check messages… leaving Bo and Dick alone with only one guard, who doesn’t seem to intent on protecting Baker. Bo tells Dick that if he ends up going free that Bo will make sure that Dick pays. Dick tells Bo that it was HIM who did all of “this” to Bo and reminds Bo that he’s going to have to live with what he did to Hope. The judge returns and denies the request to dismiss the case. Bo then takes the stand and testifies against Baker and it doesn’t go well because Bo ends up flying off the handle. The defense calls Hope to testify.

Vivian tries to get Victor to look at sarcophaguses for Isabella. Victor only seems to perk up about it when Maggie arrives and he invites her over to look at it – much to the annoyance of Vivian. Vivian shows off all of the features to Maggie until Victor reprimands her and suggests that perhaps Maggie isn’t interested.

Vivian and Gus meet to discuss her plans to bury Maggie alive. (Again with the burying people, Viv?) Gus tells Vivian that it’ll be her who’s dead if Victor finds out her plans for Maggie.

Nicole goes to see Brady. Brady wants nothing to do with her, so Nicole has to tell him that EJ is going to end up killing her. Brady tells her that if EJ hasn’t killed her by now, she’s probably safe. Nicole admits to Brady that she gave Rafe the information he needs to put EJ away. Nicole explains that she broke into the DiMasion to look for evidence and ended up overhearing a conversation between EJ & Stefano about EJ having Anna kidnap Sydney. She ended up taping the conversation and then blackmailed EJ with the recordings. Brady reminds Nicole that she had plenty of opportunities to tell Sami herself that EJ was behind the kidnapping. Nicole admits that perhaps it wasn’t her best idea… but now that Rafe is going to play the CD at the wedding and EJ will know that Nicole gave him up. Brady tells Nicole that he won’t help her, but tells her to call the police. Nicole won’t call the police because she knows she’ll end up in jail. Brady tells Nicole that he should turn her in, but she’s not worth the trouble… and tells her he’s done with her and walks away. Victor overhears the end of that statement and decides to celebrate at Nicole’s expense and offers a toast to Lollipops and Rainbows. Victor tells Nicole that he offered her to Rafe on a silver platter. Best line? “Oh, call Vivian… she’ll help you pick our your coffin!”

Brady goes to the Pub to drink… and is caught by Maggie. Maggie suggests that they go for a walk instead. Brady tells her no… that he wants to drink. Maggie settles in for the long haul and Brady ends up having a club soda instead. Maggie tells him that she’s not going to leave him at this point, but he needs not to go and have a drink when he has a rough patch. Brady tells her that at least he’s not doing coke. No need to change one addiction for another, Brady!

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Sheri Anderson's books

ShareFormer Days of Our Lives headwriter and Diva blogtalkradio guest, Sheri Anderson, has her three DOOL inspired books up on Amazon. 

 You can't beat the price.

A Scandal in Salem  Book number 3

The ratings for August 16th

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Ratings Report for the Week of August 16 - 20, 2010.

Ratings for the week August 16-20, 2010

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,294,000 (+259,000/+480,000)

2. B&B 3,383,000 (+79,000/-79,000)

3. GH 2,623,000 (+75,000/+131,000)

4. DAYS 2,525,000 (+31,000/-30,000)

5. ATWT 2,484,000 (+32,000/+161,000)

6. AMC 2,383,000 (-75,000/+100,000)

7. OLTL 2,216,000 (-31,000/-111,000)


1. Y&R 3.6/12 (+.1/+.2)

2. B&B 2.4/8 (+.1/same)

3. GH 1.9/6 (+.1/same)

4. AMC 1.8/6 (same/+.1)

4. DAYS 1.8/6 (same/-.1) <- ties low rating (7th straight week)

6. ATWT 1.7/6 (same/same)

6. OLTL 1.7/5 (same/-.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers

1. Y&R 1,104,000 (-30,000/+63,000)

2. GH 883,000 (+106,000/+67,000)

3. DAYS 746,000 (+15,000/-26,000)

4. B&B 685,000 (-67,000/-7,000)

5. OLTL 665,000 (+30,000/-47,000)

6. AMC 613,000 (+20,000/-26,000)

7. ATWT 553,000 (-11,000/+55,000)

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.7/11 (same/+.1)

2. GH 1.3/8 (+.1/+.1)

3. DAYS 1.1/7 (same/-.1)

4. B&B 1.0/7 (-.1/same)

4. OLTL 1.0/7 (same/-.1)

6. AMC 0.9/6 (same/-.1)

7. ATWT 0.8/5 (-.1/same)

Girls 12-17 Viewers

1. Y&R 69,000 (+8,000/+34,000)

2. ATWT 56,000 (+18,000/+38,000)

3. GH 38,000 (-17,000/-23,000)

4. B&B 36,000 (-1,000/+5,000)

5. OLTL 26,000 (-6,000/-11,000)

6. AMC 24,000 (+7,000/+3,000)

7. DAYS 15,000 (-15,000/-32,000)

Women 18-34 Rating

1. Y&R 1.0/6 (-.1/+.1)

2. DAYS 0.9/6 (+.1/+.1)

2. GH 0.9/5 (+.1/+.1)

4. ATWT 0.6/4 (+.1/+.2)

4. B&B 0.6/4 (-.2/same)

4. AMC 0.6/4 (same/-.1)

4. OLTL 0.6/4 (same/-.2) <- ties low rating (4th straight week)

Men 18+ Viewers

1. Y&R 1,188,000 (+134,000/+121,000)

2. B&B 707,000 (+72,000/-9,000)

3. DAYS 528,000 (+16,000/+57,000)

4. AMC 497,000 (+17,000/+31,000)

5. GH 495,000 (-14,000/+69,000)

6. ATWT 454,000 (+19,000/+16,000)

7. OLTL 413,000 (+29,000/+15,000)


Day-To-Day Ratings - HH/Total Viewers


Monday: 1.7/2,381,000

Tuesday: 1.7/2,372,000

Wednesday: 1.8/2,342,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,339,000

Friday: 1.8/2,481,000


Monday: 1.7/2,319,000

Tuesday: 1.8/2,499,000

Wednesday: 1.7/2,420,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,635,000

Friday: 1.7/2,546,000


Monday: 2.3/3,273,000

Tuesday: 2.5/3,503,000

Wednesday: 2.3/3,349,000

Thursday: 2.3/3,405,000

Friday: 2.4/3,384,000


Monday: 1.8/2,414,000

Tuesday: 1.9/2,536,000

Wednesday: 2.0/2,961,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,454,000

Friday: 1.7/2,262,000


Monday: 1.9/2,594,000

Tuesday: 1.9/2,640,000

Wednesday: 2.0/2,696,000

Thursday: 1.9/2,560,000

Friday: 1.9/2,627,000


Monday: 1.6/2,155,000

Tuesday: 1.6/2,147,000

Wednesday: 1.7/2,308,000

Thursday: 1.6/2,186,000

Friday: 1.7/2,283,000


Monday: 3.7/5,496,000

Tuesday: 3.5/5,139,000

Wednesday: 3.7/5,365,000

Thursday: 3.4/5,179,000

Friday: 3.6/5,291,000


For the SEASON September 21, 2009 through August 22, 2010


1. Y&R 3.7

2. B&B 2.4

3. DAYS 2.2

4. GH 2.1

5. AMC 2.0

6. OLTL 1.9

7. ATWT 1.8

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.9

2. GH 1.5

3. DAYS 1.4

4. AMC 1.1

4. B&B 1.1

4. OLTL 1.1

7. ATWT 0.9

Diva of DOOL and friends blogtalkradio show this Saturday!

Yes bitches!  We are back!  Summer's over.  We've had a wonderful summer with awesome interviews with some of our all time favorites like Mary Beth Evans, Patsy Pease, Charles Shaughnessy, and Thaao Penghlis.  Saturday night at 11 pm est is all about us!  We welcome callers and posters to our chat room.  Want to bitch about Days of Our Lives?  Go for it.  You can hear the show here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ghost Isabella returns

Staci Greason once again reprises her role as ghost Isabella to help out her wayward son, Brady Black.  This is all according to Soap Opera Digest.

Holy Bump Batman!

ShareCarly has decided that she wants to tell Chloe in person that the baby is Daniel’s. I’m calling it now… it’ll come out at some point that the baby is Phillip’s. Daniel comes back to see Carly and Chloe hugging. He wonders what it is that the two of them are up to… especially since Carly mentions something about Chloe’s birthday present - which strangely is lacking. Carly finally presents Chloe with her gift. Chloe asks Carly to go shopping with her since Daniel abandoned her on her birthday. The three then talk about where in the world Daniel could have possibly gone. He says it was to deal with a text that he got and then asks Carly to stick around because he has something to tell the both of them – that he really appreciates how great Carly has been to the both of them. Daniel finally reveals that the text message was about Opera tickets… and a romantic weekend for the two of them. Chloe goes to call her parents about her pregnancy and leave Daniel and Carly to talk. Daniel asks Carly that she looks like she needs to talk… and she makes up some story about a patient and two different types of care that she could have offered. Hmmmm… wondering if It was CARLY that changed the test results before Phillip’s guy was able to.

Stephanie and Ian talk about who could have changed the results of Chloe’s paternity test. Ian doesn’t get why she’s so hung up on Nathan. Nathan comes back to the apartment and is unhappy to see Ian there. Ian leaves… and Stephanie and Nathan chat about his accident with Melanie and about why Ian was over the apartment. Stephanie tries to tell him that Ian came by to show her some computer stuff and Nathan tells her that’s he’s sure it’s not the reason. Apparently, the reason is because of a system that was installed at the hospital and the fact that no one can figure out how to use it. Stephanie just goes along for the ride. They kiss (among other things) and make up. All seems to be ok until Stephanie realizes that this whole baby switching thing might be a bad idea. Stephanie gets all weird and Nathan can’t figure out why.

Rafe busts into Sami & EJ’s wedding. EJ thinks that it’s because Rafe can’t stand the idea of Sami marrying someone other than him. Stefano attempts to throw Rafe out. Sami tells Rafe that they have nothing to say to one another at this point. Rafe informs Sami that he’s never stopped caring and the news he has will confirm that. The standoff continues and Roman steps in to try and talk Sami into hearing what Rafe has to say. Sami decides to give Rafe 5 minutes… against the better judgment of both EJ and Stefano.

EJ and Stefano talk about what Rafe could possibly have to say to Sami and EJ thinks it has NOTHING to do with the Sydnapping. Stefano isn’t quite so sure.

Sami and Rafe argue… what else is new. Finally he tells her that he’s not there for anything regarding him, but that his information is about Sydney. Sami assumes it’s because Rafe wants to see Sydney and she rattles on about how she hopes he’s showered before coming to the house after rolling around in the bed with Nicole. She tells him that the kids deserve to be with their father and Rafe states that EJ doesn’t deserve to be a father. Rafe tells Sami that EJ is using the kids to manipulate her and is just conning Sami. She tells Rafe to leave. Rafe tells Sami that he loves her and that what she saw between he and Nicole was a lie. He asks her to listen to him… for Grace’s memory.

EJ and Roman spar while they wait for Sami and Rafe fight. Stefano wonders how EJ will be able to tolerate having Roman as his father –in-law… and EJ informs Stefano that he plans to keep the Bradys far from his family.

EJ and Lexie chat about Sami and Rafe and EJ justifies Sami pushing the wedding up. Kate reminds EJ that it’s not too late to forget about the whole wedding thing.

Sami comes back from her conversation with Rafe and asks everyone… but EJ to leave. Much to everyone’s surprise, she’s not calling off the wedding, but wants to hear Rafe out with EJ by her side. Roman suggests that they all go to the Brady Pub - Stefano doesn’t like the idea. Instead EJ suggests that his diabetic father to get ice cream with the kids. Oy!

As Roman leaves, he tells Rafe that whatever he’s got better be good… and oh, it is. Rafe tells Sami that this will be a day that she and EJ won’t forget this day. Rafe tells Sami that his obsession with EJ is finally over. EJ and Rafe talk about whatever it was that EJ did and how Rafe finally has the proof that he needs.

Phillip returns home to Melanie after his “meeting”. He plays the devoted husband card decides to focus on Melanie. The make the decision to look for a house of their own. The happiness quickly fades when Melanie discovers that Chloe is texting Phillip. Phillip says that Chloe wants to see the both of them. They arrive and meet Carly there so that Chloe can debut her bump. Where in the hell did that thing some from? How was she flat as a board yesterday and today just has just expanded like bread dough! Chloe makes a toast to her “family”, thanking them for putting up with her high maintenance behavior.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh, Kate... you had to bring up the whole "forever hold your peace" thing, didn't you?!

So, Sami and EJ leave the part in their ceremony where you speak now or forever hold your peace, to which Kate remarks that when they do that, something always happens. Kate is right. Will is amused that someone starts to bang the hell out of the door as soon as the judge mentions it. Roman has arrived… not to witness the ceremony, but to make an arrest. Some chaos ensues as everyone assumes that it’s Stefano… and then EJ… and then Kate. But no, it’s Sami. Roman is determined to not allow Sami to make what he thinks is the biggest mistake of her life. I see Will is sitting behind, watching and trying desperately not to laugh! EJ wants to know the charges; Roman says that he’ll have one figured out by the time he gets to the station. Sami explains that she loves EJ and that they’ve both changed and she then pleads with him to let them be happy. Roman apologizes & attempts to leave. Sami chases after him and begs him to stay. Roman instead asks what happened with Rafe, since she was on her way to see him the last time Roman saw Sami. Sami tries to explain that Rafe is out of the picture for various reasons, including the fact that she loves EJ. Sami & Roman return so that she and EJ can finish their ceremony. Sami and EJ get to the part where they are almost husband and wife… and Rafe busts in and puts a stop to things.

EJ’s vows are all about how wonderful their children are and how they have enabled him to love Sami. He can’t imagine not having Sami and the Children in his life and he’s SO happy because they are about to make it permanent. (Anyone notice Roman trying to hold in his cookies!?) Sami talks about how it’s been her dream to marry someone who understands and doesn’t want to try and change her… EJ is an amazing father and she is sure that he is going to be an awesome husband.

Carly arrives to pick up Chloe’s test results. Sister Ann pulls them up in the computer, however, something appears to be wrong. Since Dana didn’t sign a Hippa form, Carly is unable to pick up the results. Carly and Sister Ann discuss how she’s sure that the form was signed and even handed to Josie, who happened to be the nurse that switched the two files and almost got Chloe caught. Sister Ann goes to look for the form again. In the meantime, Melanie calls Carly and they chat about Chloe, her party and her hormonal nature. Melanie asks why Carly sounds so stressed and she starts to explain how in class they’re taught not to get involved. Sister Ann comes back and has indeed found the form! She logs Carly into the system and she gets the results. She arrives at the apartment, but looks hesitant to deliver the news.

Daniel makes a toast to Chloe, their baby and all of their happiness. Why does no one notice that Chloe looks like she wants to vomit as soon as he says that?! Phillip all of a sudden needs to leave. Again, why does no one notice that he is always running off when things get mushy? Phillip and Melanie wish Chloe a happy birthday and head out. Finally Daniel notices that Chloe looks a little off and he rambles on about stress and pressure – and then the two end up in bed. While Chloe sleeps, Daniel talks about how he’d do anything for her. Daniel tells a walk down to the pier with Chloe’s phone.

Stephanie tries to tell Ian that the results of Chloe’s paternity test are a BIG problem for her. She attempts to explain how Melanie will leave Phillip and Nathan will be there to comfort her… and will leave Stephanie. She runs out of the apartment. Ian find Stephanie down at the pier, crying. He tries to comfort her and tell her that people don’t always do what you think they will. Stephanie gets an interesting look on her face when she realizes that there could be a way out. She and Ian head back to her apartment where she asks him to switch the test results. Ian tells her that it’s illegal and he won’t do it. Stefanie begs him to change it because of what she did for him. And even though he knows it’s completely wrong… but he’s willing to change the results. However, someone has gotten there first!

Nicole asks Rafe what he plans to do. He plans to ensure that all of his paperwork is in proper order before he takes EJ down, so he won’t be using the CD to slit his throat. Nicole tells Rafe that Sami isn’t worth the trouble. He shuts her down and tells her that she has no room to talk about other people. Nicole asks Rafe for a little caring and compassion about her situation because even though she has $5 million dollars, if Stefano and EJ find out… she’s dead. Rafe tells her find someone else to get sympathy from… and that her 24 hour FBI protection starts now. Nicole snarks, “Like the FBI is any match for the DiMera’s.” Rafe tells her to take it or leave it… and Nicole leaves it, running out the door. Apparently, Nicole is able to outrun Rafe and he’s not happy about it, nor is he happy when she questions how he plans to get Sami back. Rafe introduces Nicole to another agent who will help keep her safe so long as she does what he says. In the meantime, Rafe gets a call from Gabby – that Sami is in the process of marrying EJ.

Days of Our Pizza

James Scott interview from Boston


Sunday, August 22, 2010

"You and EJ have your OWN definition of love..."

EJ breaks the news to Kate & Stefano that he and Sami are getting married… today. Say what? They don’t understand why they are rushing and even ask if Sami is pregnant again! Stefano continues to question why things must be rushed. They make peace and Stefano wanders off to help EJ with some of the arrangements. EJ calls Nicole and she mentions that things had ended with Brady. EJ tells her that he’s heard and is only calling because he wanted to make sure that she didn’t go off the deep end. Nicole has $5 million dollars, what does she REALLY have to off the deep end about. EJ informs her that they will be talking soon. Lexie arrives and remarks how beautiful everything is. Will brings in Allie and Johnny, who look adorable. The judge arrives and asks where EJ’s bride is and at first it appears as though that EJ has NO clue.

…until Sami magically appears. Should we even discuss the outfit? Sami and Johnny talk about Sydney is sick and upstairs (being SORAS’ed). Will presents Sami to EJ (again, WTF is in her hair?!). Stefano thinks back to the conversation that he had with EJ about Sydney’s kidnapping.

Daniel wakes Chloe up with a birthday rose. Daniel promises that this will be the best birthday ever. Chloe thinks back to her conversation with Carly and turns pale. Daniel notices and thinks it’s just morning sickness. He tells her that one of his ”big birthday surprises” is that he has the whole day off. Chloe asks to open one of her birthday gifts… now – just as a distraction to get him out of the room. She rushes to call Carly. Carly arrives and tries to figure out why Chloe isn’t off getting her results. Daniel interrupts them and wants to know what Chloe was supposed to be so anxious about. They lie and tell him that they had made plans together. Daniel leaves to take a phone call and Carly leaves. Daniel gives Chloe the first of her birthday gifts… the bracelet. Chloe tells Daniel that he biggest birthday wish is that he always remembers THIS moment. Chloe tells him that she wants them to be a happy family. Speaking of happy family – Melanie and Phillip arrive with more cake and presents. Chloe opens the rest of her presents and Melanie tells Chloe that she wants them to be friends. Well, actually Melanie wants all of them to actually be a family. Chloe starts to cry… “tears of joy”.

Stephanie dreams that Melanie learns that Phillip is the father of Chloe’s baby. She calls Ian and asks him to crack into St. Mary’s computer to get the results of the paternity test… while Nathan is out. However, she learns that he is going to be around all day. She makes excuses to makes sure that he gets out of the house to get the x-ray of his elbow. Ian arrives and he’s started to have second thoughts about hacking into the computer system…. And it doesn’t help when Nathan returns back to the apartment because he forgot his phone. Ian says he stopped by because he forgot something as well. After Nathan leaves, Ian wants to know WHY Stephanie needs to know. Ultimately, he relents… even though it’s a felony and decides to try and hack into the system and gets the results. Stephanie doesn’t have a positive reaction.

Melanie attempts to be Betty Crocker and make pancakes. She also informs Phillip that they need to go to Daniel’s for Chloe’s birthday. Phillip immediately rejects the idea. Melanie doesn’t understand – and Phillip reminds her that since it’s her birthday they’ll probably want to be alone. Melanie tries to compromise and offer to go just to make an appearance. Again, Phillip shoots her down. Then Melanie talks about how Daniel mentioned that he and Chloe will start to tell people that she’s pregnant and now she doesn’t even look happy. Phillip turns dark and Melanie realizes that he knows something. Phillip says that Chloe is probably just worried about the baby. Phillip agrees to go to Daniel’s.

Sami has a flashback to Nicole and Rafe and tells herself she’s doing the right thing. Again, Will & Sami fight over the marriage. Sami makes more excuses about how there is no reason to wait. Will asks if Sami plans to tell Roman or Caroline and Sami mentions that she’s not going to tell them until afterwards. She asks Will if he would walk her down the aisle… and he reminds her that it is something that Roman should be doing. Sami tells him to forget it since it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be involved. Will tells Sami that she’s just trying to understand everything, especially since normally people getting married normally love each other. Of course, Sami and EJ have their own definition of love. Will tells Sami that he hopes that she and EJ are happy together and tells her that he will walk her down the aisle.

Nicole wakes up to find that Rafe has located the copy of the CD she made. She has no witty comeback – just leaps at him like a tiger. Can anyone say girl fight? Nicole realizes that Rafe tricked her the night before. Nicole plays a poor victim here, in my opinion. Rafe turns on the tape recorder and tells her that she’s going to tell him everything she knows. Nicole tells Rafe that she’s not going to help him and Rafe tells her that if she doesn’t help him, she’ll be going back to prison. If she helps him, Rafe says he’ll do what he can to make sure she doesn’t go back to prison. Nicole tells him that she’s more afraid of will happen to her when EJ realizes that she has helped Rafe… because of course, he is a DiMera. After she receives a phone call from EJ, she offers to make a deal with Rafe. Nicole tells Rafe that she was afraid that EJ was going to try and frame her for the muggings, so she went to the house to try and find something that would prove her innocence. While she was looking around, Stefano and EJ came in – so she hid and taped their conversation. Nicole and Rafe listen to the CD.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

latest ratings

Days of Our Lives goes up a bit.  They need to at least get into the 2+ category.

Source: Soap Opera Network

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

Ratings for the week August 9-13, 2010

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,035,000 (+167,000/+151,000)

2. B&B 3,304,000 (+130,000/-140,000)

3. GH 2,548,000 (-13,000/+24,000)

4. DAYS 2,494,000 (+85,000/-75,000)

5. AMC 2,458,000 (+81,000/+139,000)

6. ATWT 2,452,000 (+148,000/+153,000)

7. OLTL 2,247,000 (-118,000/-132,000)


1. Y&R 3.5/11 (same/same)

2. B&B 2.3/7 (+.1/-.2)

3. DAYS 1.8/6 (same/-.1) <- ties low rating (6th straight week)

3. AMC 1.8/6 (same/same)

3. GH 1.8/5 (-.1/-.1)

6. OLTL 1.7/5 (same/-.1)

6. ATWT 1.7/5 (+.1/same)

Women 18-49 Viewers

1. Y&R 1,134,000 (+21,000/+80,000)

2. GH 777,000 (-33,000/+1,000)

3. B&B 752,000 (+60,000/-15,000)

4. DAYS 731,000 (+58,000/-9,000)

5. OLTL 635,000 (-53,000/-50,000)

6. AMC 593,000 (-22,000/-63,000)

7. ATWT 564,000 (+29,000/+4,000)

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.7/11 (same/+.1)

2. GH 1.2/7 (same/same)

3. DAYS 1.1/7 (+.1/same)

3. B&B 1.1/7 (+.1/-.1)

5. OLTL 1.0/6 (same/same)

6. ATWT 0.9/6 (+.1/+.1)

6. AMC 0.9/6 (same/-.1)

Girls 12-17 Viewers

1. Y&R 61,000 (-2,000/+28,000)

2. GH 55,000 (-5,000/-3,000)

3. ATWT 38,000 (-10,000/+25,000)

4. B&B 37,000 (-11,000/+13,000)

5. OLTL 32,000 (-12,000/-15,000)

6. DAYS 30,000 (-1,000/-17,000)

7. AMC 17,000 (-12,000/-4,000)

Women 18-34 Rating

1. Y&R 1.1/7 (same/same)

2. DAYS 0.8/5 (same/same)

2. B&B 0.8/5 (+.1/+.1)

2. GH 0.8/5 (same/same)

5. AMC 0.6/4 (same/-.2)

5. OLTL 0.6/4 (same/-.2) <- ties low rating (3rd straight week)

7. ATWT 0.5/3 (same/-.1)

Men 18+ Viewers

1. Y&R 1,054,000 (+93,000/-31,000)

2. B&B 635,000 (+51,000/-18,000)

3. DAYS 512,000 (+59,000/+27,000)

4. GH 509,000 (+52,000/+90,000)

5. AMC 480,000 (+19,000/+29,000)

6. ATWT 435,000 (+64,000/+67,000)

7. OLTL 384,000 (-14,000/-26,000)


Day-To-Day Ratings - HH/Total Viewers


Monday: 1.9/2,654,000


Wednesday: 1.8/2,300,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,286,000

Friday: 1.9/2,592,000


Monday: 1.7/2,498,000

Tuesday: 1.7/2,293,000

Wednesday: 1.6/2,392,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,556,000

Friday: 1.8/2,521,000


Monday: 2.3/3,212,000

Tuesday: 2.3/3,176,000

Wednesday: 2.3/3,331,000

Thursday: 2.4/3,427,000

Friday: 2.4/3,375,000


Monday: 1.9/2,609,000

Tuesday: 1.8/2,511,000

Wednesday: 1.9/2,558,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,382,000

Friday: 1.8/2,410,000


Monday: 1.9/2,728,000

Tuesday: 1.5/2,136,000 (repeat - did count...for some reason)

Wednesday: 2.0/2,783,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,492,000

Friday: 1.8/2,603,000

Tuesday 1pm/2pm: 1.3/1,859,000 (repeats - did not count)


Monday: 1.7/2,361,000


Wednesday: 1.7/2,150,000

Thursday: 1.6/2,162,000

Friday: 1.7/2,316,000


Monday: 3.6/5,091,000

Tuesday: 3.5/5,003,000

Wednesday: 3.5/5,025,000

Thursday: 3.5/4,946,000

Friday: 3.5/5,110,000


For the SEASON September 21, 2009 through August 15, 2010


1. Y&R 3.7

2. B&B 2.4

3. DAYS 2.2

4. GH 2.1

5. AMC 2.0

6. OLTL 1.9

7. ATWT 1.8

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.9

2. GH 1.5

3. DAYS 1.4

4. AMC 1.1

4. B&B 1.1

4. OLTL 1.1

7. ATWT 0.9

Sami has an epiphany!

Rafe and Nicole ALMOST get it on… and they argue about who’s using who. For once, Rafe is actually a bit interesting with Nicole and the whole trying to get into her head lately. He plays a good “bumbling idiot” in trying to win Nicole over. Rafe pulls the “men have used you your whole life” card… and she buys it, asking him why he’d want to be with her. We go through the whole rehashing of the silly things people do for love and you can see Nicole’s shell softening. Nicole admits that she thinks she’d actually like to give her & Rafe a chance. All that sweet talk works and Rafe and Nicole end up in making out – with Sami catching them! Nicole sees Sami looking through the window and plays up her enjoyment of her makeout sessions. Nicole and Rafe continue to suck face until Nicole excuses herself, comes back a bit more sober and starts to throw Rafe out the door. Of course, she changes her mind and asks for a cuddle instead.

Vivian has decided to be proactive.

Maggie and Victor bump into one another at the hospital… and they talk about Hope and how Victor wants to help. Vivian interrupts their conversation… and calls Hope demented-which strikes a nerve within Maggie. Vivian remarks how she’s found a way to easy Victor’s pain… and he asks if it’s a divorce?! Unfortunately, no… it’s dinner for the two of them to discuss her thoughts. Victor tells Vivian that he doesn’t plan to go because he’s in the middle of a conversation with Maggie. Maggie shuts him down and quickly leaves the two “love birds” alone. Victor then tells Viv that he’ll listen to her, but it won’t be over dinner. Vivian suggests upgrading Isabella’s digs in the “family” mausoleum.

Sami and Roman run into one another at the pier and again he questions her judgment in terms of marrying EJ. Sami tells Roman that she’s heading off to speak to Rafe and he hurries her along. Sami has a daydream about Rafe arresting Nicole and telling her that he did it all for Sami.

Arianna stops by the DiMera mansion. EJ tries to run her off… and she reminds him that they had a meeting to finalize paperwork to remove her arrest from her record. Arianna wonders aloud why Hope decided to frame her… little does she know what really happened! EJ breaks the news to Ari that he and Sami are getting married. Arianna looks a bit surprised.

Will, Stefano and Kate have dinner at the Pub. Stefano mentions that Will asked to have Chad work along with him on his project for DiMera Enterprises. Will is worried about Chad and his reaction to his mother’s death. Stefano notices that Kate has a funny reaction to the mentioning of Chad’s name and leaves. Will and Stefano continue to talk about his project. Stefano is interrupted by a phone call and while he’s gone, Chad pops into the Pub and he and Will talk about the project that Stefano refuses to allow Chad to work on. Stefano returns and Will asks Stefano why he doesn’t like Chad. Stefano feels as though Chad has been raised by untrustworthy people and therefore is likely untrustworthy himself. Will attempts to change Stefano’s mind and Stefano reminds him that Chad is no longer is problem… oh, but Steffie – you have no idea!!!

Kate runs into Chad at the lake and they talk about Chad’s “father”. Chad remarks how he hates his father and wishes that he wasn’t actually his father. Oh, Chad – you have NO IDEA!!! Kate offers to call Mr. Woods and try to talk some sense into him. Chad leaves. Kate has a flashback to her conversation with Madeline about Stefano really being Chad’s father. Lexi, Ciara, and Theo bump into Kate at the lake. Kate asks Lexi if she thinks Stefano can handle some unexpected news. Lexie tells Kate that Stefano should be fine so long as he continues to take care of himself. Kate asks Lexi how she felt when she found out that Stefano was her father. Lexi explains that even though Stefano is a part of her and Theo’s lives and that won’t change, she is sometimes ashamed that Stefano is her biological father.

Sami comes flying into the house looking for EJ… and finds him with Arianna. EJ asks her what’s wrong because she has such a strange look on her face. Arianna leaves and congratulates them on their engagement. EJ asks if Sami minds, and now (obviously after seeing Rafe with Nicole)she’s changed her mind and wants the whole world to know. She pulls him close and attempts to swallow his head. Sami tells EJ that she loves him –and he reacts like a giddy school boy. She suggests just hurrying up and getting married… tomorrow. EJ wants to know why the sudden change of heart… and Sami tells him she’s had an epiphany. I’m surprised that she even knows how to spell that word!!!

Actors fired!!!!!!!

ShareSeriously, wtf is wrong with Days of Our Lives?  They fire all the vets, hire Passions "actors", and now they have gone one step too far for this Diva.  The show fired the beautiful twins who play Sydney DiMera.  They want to age Sydney to three.  Um..........what about her siblings? Aren't they about 3 now?

We'll miss you Hailey & Lauren!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Charles Shaughnessy Opens SPAMALOT at Ogunquit Playhouse Tonight, 8/18

Charles Shaughnessy debuts in Monty Python's Spamalot as King Arthur at the Ogunquit Playhouse beginning tonight, August 18. The production will run through September 11, 2010.

Break a leg, "Chuck"!!!

More information can be found about the production here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ed Scott goes to the Bold and the Beautiful

Ed Scott, former the Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives producer has found a new home on the set of the Bold and the Beautiful.  It's amazing he's been unemployed that long.  Good for him.

In other B&B news, Drew Tyler Bell, the first winner of the Drew Tyler Bell wtf best younger actor Emmy winner has finally been replaced by hottie Adam Gregory from 90210.

More baby daddy drama and fighting... does it ever end?

More Chloe and Phillip talking about who the baby daddy is… this time they get caught by Nathan. Nathan asks why they’re talking and they both lie and say that they are discussing Hope.

Daniel and Carly talk about Chloe and her pregnancy. Carly doesn’t look thrilled. Daniel tells Carly that he and Melanie are worried about her. She tries blame it on working too much and then the whole situation with Bo. She tells him that she can’t tell him and quickly leaves.

Stephanie attempts to check the Chloe’s test results… and is caught by Melanie. Melanie asks Stephanie why she was at St. Mary’s. Stephanie lies and tells her that she’s there to collect more information about Daniel’s patient. Stephanie then asks Melanie why SHE’s there and Melanie tells her about the job interview. Unfortunately for Stephanie, she’s not able to access the file. Stephanie tells Ian (who the hell is this guy!?) for help in hacking into the computer system at St. Mary’s.

Sami & EJ suck face and are interrupted by Stefano… and Will who is still in shock that Sami plans to marry EJ. Again they fight over the marriage, Will being all snarky and Sami being all pouty. Will ultimately tells Sami that he thinks that she and Rafe could have actually worked. Ej offers to go with Sami while she tells her father & grandmother about their engagement.

Nicole and Brady play kissy face until Brady pushes her off and demands she get dressed. Brady admits that sex with Nicole is like drug to him… and one way or another, he’s got to kick the habit. However, he doesn’t quite seem to be thinking straight, what with the alcohol and all.

Rafe decides that Nicole is going to help him take EJ down… and looks to Victor for help. Victor wants to know why Rafe wants his help and Rafe reminds him that he knows he wants to see EJ get what he deserves… even if it is for different reasons. Rafe tells Victor that he’s 99% sure that EJ had hired Anna DiMera to kidnap Sydney. Victor wants to know what’s in it for him… Rafe tells him that he knows about Victor’s arrangement with Stefano, although he doesn’t believe that EJ signed on. Victor still wants to know why he should help… simply put – so that Nicole can’t sink her claws into Brady. Victor tells Rafe that he’s not going to help him… but that he knows that Nicole has an Achilles heel – which the fact that Nicole’s father launched Nicole’s porn career. Victor suggests that Rafe somehow convince Nicole that he is her knight in shining armor.

Caroline and Roman talk about Hope… and how they should be able to afford a better lawyer. A phone call from Sami interrupts them. Roman calls Sami out on her using “daddy” telling that it usually meant that she totaled the car or got a “D” in Spanish. Sami’s reply? “Si, Si Senor!”. Roman catches on and asks Sami if he’s going to like what she has to tell him… I can say with certainty that NO, he won’t like it! Sami shows up at the Pub with EJ and Caroline’s first words are “ Whatever you have to say, do you have to say it in front of him”? Yep, Caroline – she does. Sami tells them that she’s decided to accept EJ’s proposal. Caroline & Roman question Sami’s sanity. EJ tells them that he does love Sami and wants what is best for her. EJ admits to his past mistakes tells the Brady’s that he’s grown up and is ready to be the man that Sami deserves.

Melanie works at the clinic… with Nathan, which doesn’t seem to please Phillip. While Melanie works, some scary ass guy comes in and tells her he” needs something”. Melanie tries to explain that they only do some check-ups and he grabs her.

Daniel and Chloe meet at the bar and he gives her one of the birthday gifts to open… which happens to be a baby gift. How in the hell is that a birthday present!? Chloe excuses herself to the bathroom and in the meantime – Sister Ann shows up. Chloe squirms.

Carly goes back to the bar and see s Daniel & Sister Ann sitting at a table… and Chloe in the hallway frozen with fear. Carly interrupts Daniel & Sister Ann, which gives Chloe time to hide again. Daniel asks Carly to check on Chloe, who had been in the bathroom for a while. Carly and Chloe meet on the pier where Carly tells her that she’ll pick her up in the morning… and Daniel overhears.

Will and Stefano have a chat… about Sami & EJ’s engagement. Stefano confesses that he was not happy about the engagement at first either. Now he’s behind them and part of the reason is because of the children. Stefano tells Will that he believes in the power of family.

EJ and Stefano have a father son moment…and talk about EJ arranging Sydney’s kidnapping- and Sami happens to walk in on the conversation.

A confused Nicole heads to the bar… to drink away her sorrows because overhearing EJ confess to Stefano has ruined everything good she’s had in her life. Rafe decides to make his move.


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More Soap Opera Digest ass kissing to Corday

Seriously!  Soap Opera Digest grades the shows for this year.  Oddly enough, no show was graded below a B-.  Are soaps that great now to deserve B's?  Are the ratings on fire for soaps and no one told me?

Here's the delusional mess from SOD:

The August 24th issue of Soap Opera Digest has a "Daytime Report Card" feature. Here is the SOD Days report card.

Writing: B-
"Classic Lines" galore and snappy dialogue pepper the day-to-day scripts; unfortunately, the stories don't move as quickly. There's a lot of wheel-spinning going on in Salem between the Nicole/Sami/Rafe/EJ and Chloe/Daniel/Carly/Melanie/Phillip yarns. While they're currently heating up, it's taken long enough to get there. And Hope trying to kill Bo? We have no words.

Diva:  Yeah, the one-liners rock, but the storylines are far too boring, predictable, and take forever to execute.  I'm bored to death with the two major storylines they cite.  Who gives a shit who Chloe's baby daddy is?

Characters: A-
The show brought old faves into focus this year, with Victor and Maggie enjoying unlikely renaissances. Vivian's return certainly upped the wacky factor, which was sorely lacking. Newbie Chad has finally been given a meaty tale. John Martin was inspired casting as Bill, and John Callahan is hilarious as Dr. Baker. And while we love Lindsay Hartley, Arianna was not a well-written character from the get-go (She's a waitress! She's a narc! She was a teen con!) and with her impending exit, the show finally acknowledged it.

Diva:  Arianna was a total waste from day 1.  Still the show is not focusing enough on vets and instead keeps bringing in new characters that no one gives a shit about.  Why is Rafe in every storyline?  Who cares that Chad is Stefano's son?  The fans want the real DiMera son back, Tony, not a lame Tony replacement.

Creativity: C
Yes, we all loved the Sami/EJ/Nicole baby switch story, but the cow is dry: It's time to stop milking and come up with a new tale for them. And while the upcoming Vivian-is-buried-alive plot has potential to be a hoot, isn't that so 1993? It's time for some fresh takes.

Diva:  No shit.  How about a new writer with fresh ideas?  The only surprise I can think of was the reveal of Anna being the Sydnapper.  None of us knew she was the Sydnapper until the last minute.  We've known EJ has been behind it since December, yet the characters are just now finding out.  Boring!

Production: A
DAYS is working on a minimal budget, yet it proves that you don't need a lot of sets to keep things interesting. Sure, plenty goes down at the Brady Pub, the hospital and the Kiriakis and DiMera manses, but what's happening in them is ultimately what matters. Plus, DAYS boasts one of the best-looking casts in daytime; it's nearly impossible to make anybody look bad.

Diva:  This proves that the writer of this opinion piece has never watched Days of Our Lives.  The sets are atrocious.  The "best looking cast on daytime" looks like shit in the hands of these hair and wardrobe people.  The show looks cheap.  Go rewatch some of Ed Scott's produced eppies and compare. I remember a scene where EJ was in the hospital visiting Stefano before the Olympics lockdown.  There was rain streaming down the window when EJ was looking outside.  I was so impressed at the time on the realism and the attention to detail.  We have none of that now. 

Stellar Points:
DAYS makes great use of its vets and manages to incorporate a large cast into its story. They pull off visitors from the past like no other soap, as evidenced by the wonderful farewell to Frances Reid (ex-Alice).

Diva:  The farewell to Alice was emotional because we all loved her so much.  But the cheap outdoor set with no church service was lame.  It was nice to see some of the vets back, but the whole Kim/Shane reunion was rushed and completely usurped by that moron, Rafe.  They used Shane and Kim to prop Rafe.  GMAFB!

Room For Improvement:
Where is the love? This is a show that hit the height of popularity with its supercouples and action and adventure stories, and sadly, none of that exists today. Picnics at the beach are cute, but are hardly on par with the grand, romantic gestures of yesteryear, which we've been conditioned to expect.

Diva:  Yeah.  Higley doesn't do romance, she does elevator hook ups and sex tapes.  We need Sheri Anderson or a Sheri Anderson wannabe to write for this show.  She knows romance.

Final Grade: B-

I'd give the show a C-.  I'm being generous because I do love some of the cast.  Also, some of the scripts are written very well, it's the overall storylines that are boring.  The production value is just total and utter crap.  The show looks like a bad soft core porn set.

What do you guys think?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Victor Webster cast on "Castle"

So I guess he won't be back as Nicholas Alamain?  Bummer!

You can read about Victor's new role here.

Is it time to call 911?

How low will they go before Corday gets rid of the real problems behind the show's awful ratings, Gary Tomlin and Dena Higley?


Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

Ratings for the week August 2-6, 2010

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 4,868,000 (-102,000/+165,000)

2. B&B 3,174,000 (+8,000/-193,000)

3. GH 2,561,000 (-59,000/+119,000)

4. DAYS 2,409,000 (-155,000/-122,000)

5. AMC 2,377,000 (-175,000/-33,000)

6. OLTL 2,365,000 (+34,000/-111,000)

7. ATWT 2,304,000 (+16,000/+78,000)


1. Y&R 3.5/11 (+.1/+.1)

2. B&B 2.2/7 (-.1/-.2)

3. GH 1.9/6 (-.1/same)

4. AMC 1.8/6 (-.1/-.1)

4. DAYS 1.8/6 (same/same) <- ties low rating (5th straight week)

6. OLTL 1.7/6 (-.1/-.2)

7. ATWT 1.6/5 (same/same) <- ties low rating (4th straight week)

Women 18-49 Viewers

1. Y&R 1,113,000 (-17,000/+24,000)

2. GH 810,000 (-16,000/+43,000)

3. B&B 692,000 (-21,000/-57,000)

4. OLTL 688,000 (+60,000/-65,000)

5. DAYS 673,000 (-62,000/+24,000)

6. AMC 615,000 (-4,000/-120,000)

7. ATWT 535,000 (-16,000/+3,000)

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.7/11 (same/+.1)

2. GH 1.2/8 (same/same)

3. DAYS 1.0/7 (-.1/same)

3. B&B 1.0/7 (-.1/-.1)

3. OLTL 1.0/7 (same/-.1)

6. AMC 0.9/6 (same/-.2)

7. ATWT 0.8/5 (same/same)

Girls 12-17 Viewers

1. Y&R 63,000 (-7,000/+26,000)

2. GH 60,000 (-3,000/+1,000)

3. ATWT 48,000 (-2,000/+31,000)

3. B&B 48,000 (-5,000/+22,000)

5. OLTL 44,000 (-9,000/-12,000)

6. DAYS 31,000 (+2,000/-24,000)

7. AMC 29,000 (-10,000/+4,000)

Women 18-34 Rating

1. Y&R 1.1/7 (same/+.1)

2. DAYS 0.8/5 (-.1/same)

2. GH 0.8/5 (-.1/same)

4. B&B 0.7/5 (-.1/+.1)

5. OLTL 0.6/4 (same/-.3) <- ties low rating (2nd straight week)

5. AMC 0.6/4 (same/-.3)

7. ATWT 0.5/3 (-.1/+.1)

Men 18+ Viewers

1. Y&R 961,000 (-50,000/-67,000)

2. B&B 584,000 (-10,000/-74,000)

3. AMC 461,000 (-14,000/+17,000)

4. GH 457,000 (-4,000/+108,000)

5. DAYS 453,000 (-78,000/-26,000)

6. OLTL 398,000 (-12,000/+3,000)

7. ATWT 371,000 (-4,000/-27,000)


Day-To-Day Ratings - HH/Total Viewers


Monday: 1.8/2,411,000

Tuesday: 1.8/2,425,000

Wednesday: 1.8/2,336,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,436,000

Friday: 1.7/2,274,000


Monday: 1.7/2,488,000

Tuesday: 1.7/2,399,000

Wednesday: 1.6/2,280,000

Thursday: 1.6/2,127,000

Friday: 1.6/2,227,000


Monday: 2.4/3,510,000

Tuesday: 2.3/3,141,000

Wednesday: 2.2/3,137,000

Thursday: 2.1/2,916,000

Friday: 2.2/3,164,000


Monday: 1.8/2,380,000

Tuesday: 1.7/2,259,000

Wednesday: 1.9/2,664,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,400,000

Friday: 1.6/2,344,000


Monday: 1.8/2,418,000

Tuesday: 2.0/2,687,000

Wednesday: 1.9/2,725,000

Thursday: 1.9/2,498,000

Friday: 1.8/2,478,000


Monday: 1.7/2,298,000

Tuesday: 1.8/2,401,000

Wednesday: 1.8/2,493,000

Thursday: 1.7/2,264,000

Friday: 1.7/2,368,000


Monday: 3.6/5,153,000

Tuesday: 3.5/4,890,000

Wednesday: 3.5/4,879,000

Thursday: 3.4/4,651,000

Friday: 3.4/4,768,000


For the SEASON September 21, 2009 through August 8, 2010


1. Y&R 3.7

2. B&B 2.4

3. DAYS 2.2

4. GH 2.1

5. AMC 2.0

6. OLTL 1.9

7. ATWT 1.8

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.9

2. GH 1.5

3. DAYS 1.4

4. AMC 1.1

4. B&B 1.1

4. OLTL 1.1

7. ATWT 0.9

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the style of Jan Brady... "Hope, Hope, Hope"!

Chloe calls Phillip and tells him that she has news about the baby. They arrange to meet at the pier. Chloe tells Phillip that she’s had the test. He reminds her how he will step up should the baby be his… and she reminds him how things could still blow up in her face regardless of how things turn out. Yawn. How many times have they had this conversation now?!? She tells him all about her whole ordeal to have the test and how she almost got caught. Phillip again promises to take care of things… they embrace and Stephanie (almost too happily) catches them. Phillip & Chloe lie and say that they had been talking about Hope. Stephanie wonders why isn’t upsetting to Chloe. Chloe stumbles for an answer and Phillip sends her on her way to her “appointment”. Stephanie asks Phillip how Melanie is… and he tells her that he’s just gotten home from a business trip. Stephanie remarks about how he made time for Chloe and he gets touchy. Phillip heads home to his wife and Stephanie heads off to figure out what Chloe & Phillip’s secret is.

Stephanie and Adrienne chat about she and Nathan. Stephanie has decided to get over herself – finally!!! Stephanie goes back to Adrienne’s bar after seeing Melanie and Nathan embrace. She tells Adrienne that she knows that there is something wrong with Phillip & Melanie and how if something happens to their marriage, she’ll end up losing her boyfriend.

Nathan and Maggie talk about Hope, but are interrupted by a phone call for Maggie.

Melanie comes home and sees Nathan. They talk about Hope. Melanie comforts Nathan. Stephanie arrives at Maggie’s to witness their embrace. Maggie also walks in on Melanie and Nathan – and breaks the awkward silence with her opinion that things could have been worse. No one was permanently injured. Melanie leaves the room… and Maggie confronts Nathan about what’s going on. Nathan tells her that it’s just two friends reaching out to one another.

Nathan and Maggie head over to the pub for lunch. Caroline is very cold to Maggie and Nathan asks what’s up. Maggie explains about how she was with Victor when he got the call about Bo and went to the hospital and how Caroline feels as though she’s interfering. Nathan is surprised by Maggie’s new friendship and remarks how it’s her turn to do some explaining.

EJ & Sydney have some daddy-daughter time. Sami interrupts and tells him that they need to talk. She believes that he told Rafe. EJ told her that they only person that he told was his father… and Sami demands to know if Stefano told him… and that if EJ won’t tell her, she’ll ask him herself. They argue about their engagement and how she needed time to get used to the idea. They talk about how things had changed between them and that the odds are now in their favor for a better life together.

Sami and Rafe continue to have a hot & heavy makeout session in the locker room. He tells her to leave and when she tries, he pulls her back in for another smooch. Rafe tells her that he can’t do this… and gives her reasons like there could be 15 agents banging on the door and Sami has an answer for each one. Finally Rafe reminds Sami that she’s engaged to EJ – and she reminds him that he knew that before he kissed her. Rafe and Sami fight about her engagement – the fighting thing is getting a little old, by the way. Rafe asks Sami if she plans to tell EJ about what almost happened… uh, no!

Nicole goes to see Chloe. Chloe tries to get Nicole to leave and Nicole reminds her that she was there for Chloe when she needed a friend. Nicole tells Chloe that she’s lost Brady for good this time… but that she doesn’t want to trouble her with her problems since her “hair appointment” is far more important than Nicole is. Chloe attempts to comfort Nicole, although it’s too little too late – and she leaves.

Daniel and Justin also talk about Hope… and Chloe.

Rafe and Nicole bump into one another at the bar. They have an interesting conversation… Rafe buys her a drink. They make a toast to the future… how it may not suck as much as the present.

Daniel and Melanie talk about Carly. Daniel gives Melanie a lecture about two people shouldn’t stay together when one has been unfaithful… foreshadowing much?

Adrienne finds Justin at the beach… and they talk about Hope. Justin tells Adrienne that he really can’t talk about things at the moment. She leaves him alone with his thoughts.

Chloe is finishing a cup of tea at the pub and Melanie sneaks up on her. They talk about Hope and how she & Daniel believe that Hope’s relatives (and half of the show’s viewership) will likely blame Hope’s problems on Carly. Melanie mentions that she went with Daniel for a consult and Chloe quickly shuts her down. She goes to leave and Chloe asks her to stay. Then Melanie tells her about how Daniel almost walked in on Carly’s patient there and a spooked Chloe makes a fast break for the exit. After she leaves… Melanie remarks – “You better start telling people you’re pregnant or they’re going to just think you’re a bitch!”

Stephanie stops by to see Daniel to get him to sign off on some forms… and to be nosey about Chloe’s accident. Stephanie goes to Chloe & Daniel’s apartment and lets herself in… with the spare key at the top of the door. She decides to look for evidence of Chloe & Phillips’ secret. Chloe and Daniel arrive home… Stephanie hears them outside the door and realize that she’s about to be busted.

Melanie and Phillip reunite over flowers. Everyone all together now… “Awwwwww”…

Chloe stops by and asks Daniel if he’s like to go home with her. Daniel asks Chloe when they plan to tell the world about the baby.

Adrienne and Caroline talk about Bo… and Hope.

Update on Leann Hunley's movie

According to Jennifer Brown Thomas's facebook page, the movie is called "Blissful Lies."  Leann was our very first Diva blogtalkradio interview.

Update:  The film is to be shot on location in Texas.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leann Hunley gets lead role in a movie

Leann Hunley recently posted on her guestbook that she will film the lead role in an independent movie in September.  Click on her guestbook on the website.

Random thoughts by the Diva

Well, I watched most of today's show.  It wasn't half bad.

I walked in on Abe ripping Hope a new one.  Lexie avoids being named "hypocrite of the year" by taking Hope's side.  Lexie knows she can't throw stones at Hope considering how Lexie stabbed Hope in the back a few years ago.  It was nice to see the Carvers.  They have such cute chemistry.  I must have heard wrong, but are they seriously considering having another baby?  Renee Jones is gorgeous and very young looking, but come on!  Her eggs are rotten.  Later, we see the Carvers on the beach worrying about Ciara on her playdate with future Police Commisioner Theo Carver.

Maggie and Victor are too cute.  John Aniston has some serious mojo.  I love Viv, I really don't want her retaliating against Maggie.  It's fun when she attacks Carly, but not sweet Maggie.  Fight the real enemy Viv!

Is it just me or does Brady look like he should be a member of NSYNC?  I was ready for him to start singing and dancing at the police station.  Must have been the shirt.  Brady also avoided being named "hypocrite of the year" by showing sympathy to addict Hope.

Speaking of odd clothing choices, wtf was Bo thinking with the brown shirt and the tan jacket?  Bo was being his usual bullying self by threatening to kill EJ if EJ hurts Hope.  Yeah, real smart to threaten a lawyer like that.  Also, it's funny watching Bo threaten a guy that looks like he's 6 inches taller than him.  It's ironic that EJami looks more functional than Bope.  EJ is still in the running for "hypocrite of the year" by attacking Hope who only mugged him yet he's still hiding his secret of staging Sydney's kidnapping and "death."

Will criticized his mom for being polite. lmfao!  Sami runs into Rafe who did nothing today but work out.  Rafe congratulated her on her engagement. Sami walks in on him in the locker room at the SPD.  Rafe drops his towel in front of her.  Sami didn't even look down!  Seriously, what is wrong with that girl?  lol  I guess she is turning too polite.  They do their usual bickering while the poor Diva is having Lumi bickering flashbacks.  Rafe apparently learned some tricks from Tony DiMera.  Bickering with some women = foreplay.  Rafe moves in for a smooch.

The best part of today's show:  Sydney in the previews! I missed my favorite actor on the show.  Too cute.

Other random thoughts...
Rumor has it that Billy Warlock aka Frankie Brady may return to DOOL according to SID. Really?  How lame was his return the last time?  The fans don't want Jenn/Frankie, they want Jack and Jenn.  I'd rather see Jenn with someoneknew than her ex.  Boring!

Rumors about Chad's father are circulating.  It seems pretty damn obvious that Stefano is the kid's daddy.  But rumors are going around that Andre DiMera may be the baby daddy.  That would be a nice twist.  Doesn't Stefano have enough children already?  Tony and Andre combined have none.  Time to cast the DiMera net a little wider.  The reveal occurs on the 19th, wouldn't it be nice to not be spoiled for a change?  Let's have a real surprise this time.  The whole "Stefano is the father" thing has been going on for almost three decades.  Let's give someone else's sperm a chance!

What's that saying?

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans?" Sorry kids, life has just gotten the best of me the last few times and there wasn't time to watch the show. So, here's today's recap.

Vivian says that Victor shouldn’t be out and about alone… that he should be sharing his grief with her… his soulmate. Brady comments on her ability to do that – snarky words are exchanged, with Brady ultimately telling Viv, “bite me.” Vivian ask Brady if he could possibly be more civil to her seeing as how he is freeloading off of Victor. Brady informs Vivian that with everything going on, Victor will soon be taking stock of his life and will likely remove Vivian from it… little does he know about the deal that the two love birds made.

Victor goes to see Bo and asks when he planned to tell Victor about Hope. Bo tells Victor that he can’t deal with him and his anger at this time, so Victor finally comes down and tells Bo how they are all going to get through this. Bo again states how he is responsible for everything that happened. Victor, being the man that he is - goes on to blame Carly for everything. Maggie sneaks in and and tells the boys that there’s been enough fighting. She tells Bo that she stopped over to see Ciara and then also advises Bo to not let Hope push him away. Victor tells Bo to find the best lawyer and bill Hope… to which Bo explodes and quickly recoils. He heads off to see Hope and Victor admits that he was wrong about Bo & Hope working through their problems… Newflash – Victor Kiriakas admits that he was wrong!!! Everyone mark this date down in your calendars!!! Instead of taking the bait, Maggie suggests a walk instead.

Victor and Maggie discuss how they couldn’t see the changes in Hope. Victor thanks Maggie for taking pity on him and coming to see him. Maggie tells him that it wasn’t that she took pity on Victor but that she needed someone to tell her own troubles too. Maggie tells Victor that she doesn’t know what happened. Victor comforts her… while Vivian gawks. Victor tells Maggie that she is to take care of Hope while he takes care of Maggie. Vivian sits in the shadows and stews… and decides that Maggie needs to be taught a lesson.

Maggie and Victor chat over tea at her house. She admits that even though she asked him to stay away from her, she actually missed him. She lectures him about how he treats Vivian… and he offers to pretend to respect Vivian while he is around her if it would make her feel better. Victor waxes poetic about friendship and Maggie agrees with him.

Sami tells Will that she accepted EJ’s proposal. Sami asks Will what he thinks and he tells her that its fine. Sami & Will then fight about what her real motives are for saying yes to EJ. Will says that he doesn’t want to talk about Sami & EJ anymore – he wants to talk about Sami & Rafe. Sami tells Will that she and Rafe are over; Will calls her out and tells her that he thinks she’s lying. Sami and Will go for a walk and continue to discuss the whole Sami/Rafe/EJ thing. She asks him to keep the news to himself. Rafe bumps into Sami on the pier… and congratulates her – although he leaves her confused when he doesn’t tell her what for. Sami follows him back to the office and storms into the locker room where they argue about her engagement to EJ. More words ensue… followed by some crazy kissing.

Rafe overhears EJ on the phone telling someone that Sami accepted his proposal and goes to pound the hell out of a punching bag.

Abe has Hope brought down to see him and he demands that she will be getting a lawyer. Hope tells Abe that she just wants to plead guilty and pay her dues. They continue to argue and Hope reminds Abe that she doused Bo with gas and would have lit the match had she had the opportunity. She wonders how the children will react when they hear all the details. Abe tells her that he doesn’t know how they’ll react – but that they shouldn’t see her throwing in the towel and giving up at this point. Lexi interrupts and asks for some time with Hope. Lexi tells Hope that she needs to take care of herself for Ciara and Hope asks Lexi to give Ciara her love.

Hope thinks back to all the times she punished Ciara for her “lies”.

EJ goes to see Hope. She apologizes for the mugging. Hope tells EJ that he’s wasting his time if he’s trying to make her feel bad. EJ tells her that he plans to make sure that Hope pays for what she did since he’s not the typical victim, lining up to let by-gones be by-gones – and worrying about if they’ll be invited to the next Horton Christmas party. Bo walks in and tells EJ NOT to threaten his wife and Hope looks a bit surprised that he used that term. Hope and Bo argue over EJ’s visit and him working on her case. As Bo is leaving, Brady stops by to see Hope. Again, she apologizes to him. Brady suggests that she talk to someone who understands what she’s going through. Brady tells her that she needs to watch out for that hopeless part of herself and to NOT give up.

Abe and Lexi take Ciara and Theo to the beach for their playdate. The talk about Ciara and wonders what she knows and how she’ll handle things as they get worse. Lexi and Abe talk about how they could help Ciara get through this situation with Hope and how with this whole thing makes him feel like he and Lexi are strong. This leads to a chat about bringing in another member to the family.

Bo goes to see EJ and tells him that if there is any retaliation from any of the DiMeras against Hope, that he will kill EJ. EJ tells Bo that it’s probably not a good idea to threaten him… seeing as how they have all kinds of security there at the mansion.

Gina Gallego replaces Stacey Haiduk

Gina Gallego most famous for playing Santana on Santa Barbara is replacing Stacey Haiduk for a role in the State prison.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eric Winter cast in "The Mentalist"

Eric Winter who played Gemini twin Rex Brady has been cast on "The Mentalist" according to Entertainment Weekly.

Stacey Haiduk fired from DOOL

According to her facebook page, she was fired because there was a scheduling conflict with a Fox show she was doing in Chicago.  She said there was only a one day conflict with Days of Our Lives.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Matt Ashford films 90210 eppy

According to his Facebook page, he just finished filming.  No air date as of yet. 

Be sure to friend the Diva on Facebook.  We love using the share button.  You can find us as D Va Days.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"This is the answer to all your questions"

Bo looks up the side effects of the drug that Hope was taking while she sleeps it off. Hope wakes up and is shocked to be on Bo’s couch. Bo asks Hope if she remembers what happened the night before. He doesn’t tell her immediately and she assumes that there is something wrong with Ciara. Bo tells Hope that Ciara is fine and Hope wants to know why he’s not giving her answers. Bo then asks Hope to tell her what she remembered from the night before – she tells him that Carly & Viv argued and that the argument bothered her. Then she tells him that she decided to call it a night. Bo asks if she had a problem going to sleep, Hope admits that she took a sleeping pill. Bo holds up the bottle and tells Hope that he has the answer to all her questions.

Bo tells Hope that he’s found the mugger… and Hope asks who it is. Bo shows Hope the video he made of her discussing the muggings that he made the night before. Hope is distraught to discover that the mugger is her! Hope says that there is no way that she could have said anything… and Bo tells her that it was the reason why he taped her. Hope admits that she’s felt a connection to the mugger from the beginning. Bo tells her that he thinks the DNA evidence against Arianna was planted… by her. Hope again tells Bo that she doesn’t remember and Bo states that there are a lot of things she doesn’t remember. Things start to click for Hope - that there were plenty of things happening that she couldn’t explain. Bo starts the tape again and Hope watches herself admit that she wanted Bo dead. Hope asks Bo to watch the tape from the beginning so that she can see what she’s done. Hope watches everything and tells Bo that she wouldn’t have believed it, but it was all on tape. Hope is devastated at the amount of people that she’s devastated. Bo tells her that it wasn’t her, it was the sleeping pill. Hope doesn’t care – it was still her that did things and she can never face these people again. Hope tells Bo that he needs to arrest her, Bo attempts to protest, but she stops him, reminding him that he knows what needs to be done.

Roman calls Bo about Baker and tells Bo that he needs him down at the station. Bo informs Roman that she and Hope also have some interesting news as well. Hope wants to take the tape with them to go and see Roman and Hope wants them to wait. Luckily Ciara interrupts them.

Stephanie and Adrienne have coffee at the pub. Stephanie tells her that she thinks she made a mistake moving in with Nathan. Stephanie tells Adrienne that she found a picture of Nathan and Melanie while she was unpacking his things and how much it bothers her. Adrienne tells Stephanie that she shouldn’t mention anything because Nathan is entitled to be sentimental and enjoy his memories. After the boys leave, Adrienne mentions to Stephanie that Phillip has seemed edgy lately.

Phillip goes to Melanie’s to discuss hospital business and runs into Nathan. He tells Nathan that he needs to talk to him because Phillip owes him one because Nathan had helped get the hospital to get new pediatric equipment. He asks if he has a few minutes to look over a new proposal. The boys “bond” over Nathan’s relationship with Stephanie. The guys bump into Stephanie & Adrienne at the bump, but quickly leave to have brunch.

Chloe & Carly make arrangements to meet at St. Mary’s. Chloe attempts to leave the apartment and Daniel stops her because his consult had been postponed. Chloe makes up another lie that she’s going to Chicago to get Opera tickets. Daniel tells her that he’ll go with her so that they can spend the day together. Fate intervened as suddenly the consult is back on. Chloe rushes out before Daniel can say anything more.

Daniel tells Melanie that Chloe had been acting strange this morning, not wanting to spend the day with him when the consult was cancelled and then running out the door like an exciting school girl when he got word that it was back on. Melanie tells Daniel that it’s obvious what’s going on… Chloe is hiding something. Melanie thinks that Chloe is hiding some sort of surprise for Daniel for the baby. Melanie & Daniel arrive at St. Mary’s for his consult with Donna Scott. The Nun advises him that although she has cleared with the patient for Melanie to be there, he should still meet with her alone at first. Because of a new nurse’s mistake, Daniel is inadvertently handed the chart for Dana Scott (we all know where this is going, right?)

Carly bumps into Melanie at the hospital… and is shocked to say the least.

Carly & Chloe arrive at St. Mary’s for Chloe’s paternity test. Carly introduces Chloe to the nun as Dana Scott. Chloe offers a heartfelt thank you to Carly… after lying to a nun – Yep, Chloe’s going to hell. Chloe mentions that she’s been thinking things through and jokingly suggests that Carly should the baby’s Godmother.

Brady and Nicole talk about his bail. She tells him to go home and stay there. Little does he know that Marco is there waiting.

Brady tries to figure out how Nicole got 5 million dollars. Nicole calls and finds him still at the apartment, unaware that he found the bank statement. Nicole arrives home to a passionate kiss from Brady. Brady tells her that he doesn’t like her living in the neighborhood – and asks if her investments have made good yet. Brady asks Nicole if she’s broke… and Nicole lies and says yes, and then asks Brady if her money situation bothers him… uh, only if you have $5 million in the bank and aren’t sharing it! Duh, Nicole!!! Brady reminds Nicole that if she needed any help financially that she could come to him. She agrees… and then he shoves her up against the door for another passionate kiss. During this screen time today, we’ve learned that Brady likes it rough when he’s pissed… Nicole finally asks Brady if he’s upset. Brady tells Nicole that he’s done being lied to and that they’ll no longer be together. Nicole again asks why Brady is so upset… and Brady tells her that she’s lied to him that he wants to know how she got the money.

Roman receives the sketch of the person who purchased the stuff to set fire to Roman’s house and the guys looks strikingly familiar to him… it’s a sketch of Baker. He asks Baker where he’s seen him before and heads off to see if Baker has any priors.