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July 28, 2010

“I think that Hell has frozen over… Carly & I actually agree on something”

Bo attempts to leave the hospital against Carly’s wishes. Carly is afraid that whoever did this will try again. Victor arrives and actually agrees with Carly. Victor proceeds to ask Bo if he noticed any coincidence between what happened with him and what happened with Lawrence Alamain. Carly takes Bo home and complains that she feels that he would be safer at the hospital. Bo has a flashback, although he can’t remember exactly what happened, other than the fact that he was there at the house and then all of a sudden had a terrible headache… which has come back again.

Hope arrives at the house to find Bo and Carly on the couch getting ready to try some relaxation exercises. Carly offers to put Bo through the exercises while Hope is there just in case Bo remembers something – Bo thinks back to when he and Hope were sailing around the world. He tells Carly that he’s on the Fancy Face with Hope and that all his pain is gone. Carly asks him what he saw the previous night.

Johnny and Sami arrive home… and Johnny is not happy. He wants he jacket, he wants a popsicle… to which EJ says yes, while Sami says no. Sami becomes the mean parent, because she always says no. Why is the mom always the mean parent??? EJ apparently talks to Johnny, who ultimately apologizes to Sami. EJ tells Sami that she is amazing and she has a hard time accepting the compliment. She starts to clean up the living room and finds the penguin that Rafe gave to Johnny. EJ asks her what’s wrong and she tells EJ that Johnny told her that he wanted to talk to the Judge and tell him that he loved his daddy more than his mommy. EJ tells her that Johnny told the exact opposite thing. She thinks he’s joking and realizes that the whole shared custody isn’t great. EJ starts to explain that “When we’re married…” and Sami asks him to repeat that.

Hope and Justin discuss how Ciara might have reacted. Hope is also afraid for Bo’s life and tries to explain to Justin how she really feels about Bo. Justin offers to be there for Hope and help her in any way that she can. Hope asks for space and Justin is confused – asking her what their kiss meant. Hope asks why he’s bringing it up now… not remembering her kiss from the other night. She explains that she may never be ready to move on from Bo.

Nicole tells EJ that she wants money from him. EJ warns Nicole that he can ruin things for she & Brady just as easily as she can for he and Sami. Ej tells Nicole that he will pay of off at this point, but if the tapes happen to return, he will kill her. Sounds like I typical DiMera fest to me! Nicole hears Sydney crying and reacts strangely.

Sami takes Johnny to see Rafe so that he can take a picture of the fingerprint machine to show and tell. Rafe tries to push Sami away and tells her that he’s doing it all for her. He tells her that if she wants to make a life for her & EJ, he’s fine with it. Sami claims that Rafe is sending mixed signals and storms away. Rafe continues to work with Nicole’s diary, realizing that each number represents a different location. Rafe thinks he finds the first tape, but it’s not where the diary states that it is.

Maggie and Brady discuss his incident… and Nicole. Maggie feels like Nicole is playing Brady while his defenses are low. Brady explains to Maggie that she thinks Nicole is trying to become a better person. Maggie doesn’t believe that Nicole really hasn’t changed. Maggie tells Brady she feels like Brady is being evasive and that he’s not acting like himself.

Victor arrives at Maggie’s to tell her that Bo has been released from the hospital and is surprised to see Brady at the house. Brady sees Victor’s arrival as a way for him to leave. Maggie and Victor talk about Brady and how Maggie feels as though she’s failing him. Maggie again tells Victor that he’s married and that he shouldn’t be coming to her home and should instead be spending time with his wife.

Dick tells Nicole that he plans to leave town and asks for money. She tells him no and that if he doesn’t continue to lie low, he will be lying underground.

Brady runs unto Baker at the pier

July 29, 2010

EJ mentioned marriage, much to Sami’s surprise and EJ is upset that Sami thinks the idea is funny. Sami ultimately asks if EJ is proposing… and he tells her no. EJ tells Sami that he’s happy with the way things are to spare Sami (and his) feelings. EJ tells Sami that if he asks Sami to marry him, she’ll know and proceeds to show her how he would propose to her. I need a man to propose like that to me! Sami is glad that he’s not really proposing because they’re not ready… EJ “agrees” saying that they shouldn’t be listening to their heart at this point, which plays on Sami’s emotions.

Sami stops in at the Pub to see Caroline and tells Caroline how EJ attempted to proposed. Sami admits that she didn’t say anything but yet has no idea what she is supposed to do. Sami tells Caroline that she knows she should give him a chance because he’s changed but she can’t because she’s still in love with Rafe. Caroline wants to know why Sami would even consider marrying EJ. Sami confesses its because she doesn’t have a future with Rafe and that she needs to do what’s best for her kids. Sami thinks that this time with be different with EJ.

Dick runs when he sees Brady… Brady gives chase. Brady tells Nicole that he saw Dick on the pier and she almost faints. Nicole tells Brady that Dick is dead and that there is no way that Brady could have seen him. She tells Brady that he must have saw someone else who looks like Dick. Nicole says she hopes that he has left town, Brady hopes the opposite so that he can be brought to justice and that he’s called the police. Dick calls Nicole to tell her that Brady saw him. Nicole tells Brady that she can’t have lunch because she needs to deal with a situation down at the station. Brady follows Nicole to the pier to discuss the phone call that she received because he believes that it was about Baker. Nicole tells Brady that finding out that Dick was still alive and in town completely freaked her out and rushes away.

Bo says he remembers what happened while he’s under and wakes up shocked. He tells Carly that he remembers smelling gasoline and that he saw Ciara at Victor’s house. Bo remembers that he and Ciara were speaking about Bo and that it was important. Hope wants to know why and Bo tells her that he had been to Victor’s to see Hope, but that she wasn’t there.

Bo and Carly discuss his safety after he tells her that he wants to go down to the station to look through his old files

Carly wants him home and on the couch and Bo wants to be at work trying to figure out who would want him dead.

Carly goes to Victor’s to ask Hope to try and talk to Bo into taking some time and resting. Hope offers to speak to Bo, although she doesn’t think it will help. Hope and Carly argue and finally Hope tells her that all she wants is to find out who tried to murder Bo. Viv walks in and tells Hope to look no further… and points to Carly.

Bo makes it down to the station and sees Abe and Theo. Theo tells Bo that Ciara’s treasures are wallets. Wonder if Bo is going to start putting two and two together soon…

Vivian walks in on Victor slinging back the whiskey or whatever they decided to put in the decanter… and he’s not pleased with her since he’s suspicious of her actions and tells her that for all he knows, Viv tried to kill Bo. Victor tells Viv that he knew where she was, so he knows that she didn’t try to kill Bo. Vivian tells Victor that of course she plans to honor her wedding vows. Victor tells Viv not to bring up any kind of love, because he doesn’t want to lose his lunch. Vivian wonders aloud if Maggie shut him down.

Stefano and EJ discuss Sami and EJ tells his father that Sami will be living at the mansion full time. Stefano isn’t surprised. EJ also tells Stefano that he plans to marry Sami again. Stefano can’t imagine why EJ would want to do that again.

Dick calls and gets DT Hope, who has no idea who is on the other end of the phone. He tells her that he was spotted and wanted to warn her.

July 30, 2010

Caroline tells Sami that she should marry EJ. Sami is shocked and wants to know why Caroline agrees that she should marry EJ. Caroline wants to stop having the same conversations because she’s tired of voicing her concerns about EJ and the DiMeras. Sami tells Caroline that she’s confused about her feelings… she loves Rafe, but sometimes isn’t sure that he loves her. Caroline ultimately ends up dismissing Sami in favor of making tomorrow’s clam chowder.

Rafe heads out to look at Nicole’s last hiding spot… which apparently has something to do with Fay. Rafe shows up to see Fay and ask her about Nicole.

Bo and Theo continue to talk about Ciara’s treasures. Bo and Abe discuss Theo’s revelations and decide to see Ciara. Bo visits Ciara at camp to ask about Hope’s treasures. Ciara won’t talk about them, and he can’t make her. Bo apologizes for not believing Ciara at first and he tells her that he needs her help so that he can help Hope. Ciara makes Bo promise that if she helps that he and Hope won’t get a divorce. Bo explains that he can’t make any kind of promises. Ciara tells Bo that Hope had the wallets in a box under her bed and that they were the treasures that she was going to show Bo. Ciara tells Bo that the wallets belonged to all the people that mugged in Salem.

Vivian continues to tell Hope how it is completely possible that Carly could have attempted to kill Bo since she is a Black Widow Spider, after all - Especially since she “killed” her precious Lawrence. Hope and Carly both tell Vivian that she needs to get out of Salem. The “girls” share a moment over their hatred for Viv. However, the way she described the person who tried to kill Bo felt right to Hope… does this mean that Carly will soon be catching on to NT Hope’s antics. Hope asks Carly if she knew that she was going to kill Lawrence… Carly doesn’t understand why Hope needs to know. Carly admits that she did it out of desperation at the time. And although its something she regrets, she knows it was something that needed to be done. Carly knows that she’ll be haunted for the rest of her life – Hope tells her that Carly was very brave to do what she did. Hope tells Carly that she just needs to lie down and get some sleep…

Hope digs through her purse looking for her sleeping pills and can’t imagine how she could have run out… NT Hope appears after a brief, but refreshing nap.

Carly tells Vivian to leave Hope out of their issues and if she doesn’t she and Bo will make Victor through her out on her boney ass. Viv resolves to figure out the rest of Carly’s secrets.

Dick commits alcohol abuse by spilling his drink since he’s so nervous about being found out. He thinks about leaving, but thinks about Hope and changes his mind.

Rafe bumps into Sami at the Pub. Sami tells him that Johnny has done nothing but talk about their trip to see Rafe at the office. Rafe tells her that she needs to watch out because all he did was take an office tour when he was Johnny’s age. Rafe admits that he misses the kids… and Sami. He asks her to stay and have a cup of coffee with him. Sami agrees because she has something to tell him – and Rafe gets a phone call and interrupts Sami to take it. She ultimately doesn’t tell Rafe because she doesn’t want to keep him from his work. (What is with these Brady women and Law Enforcement guys?) Rafe and Sami argue about how he keeps putting his work first… again a classic Brady woman complaint.

Nicole demands that EJ meet her at the pier. Nicole has additional demands for EJ and it’s not money. She wants use of Marco. Nicole sends Marco to see Baker.

EJ surprised Sami at the pier… so that they can fish together. Sami can’t get over EJ and his silly fish hat. EJ tells Sami that he wants to show her that he can adapt and live the life of a regular Joe. EJ tries desperately to get Sami to reel in her pole… to catch a passive European fish. Sami reels in her line to find a whopper… of a rock that is! EJ offers a heartfelt proposal to Sami…

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  1. When has any one, especially a patient been safe in the Salem hospital. lol