Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another two-fer, kiddos!

Tuesday's eppy

Chloe interrupts Melanie/Phillip on their way to the bedroom because she’s looking for Daniel at Maggie’s. Melanie leaves to go and check on Bo, leaving Phillip & Chloe alone to talk about how Daniel thinks that she is postponing the wedding because she doesn’t love him enough. Chloe wonders if they can continue to keep this secret.

Carly/Daniel talk about Bo and why Daniel went to see Carly. Daniel tells that Carly that things are going to hell with Chloe and how she doesn’t want to marry him anymore. He begs Carly to tell him what she knows. Carly tells him that she knows that Chloe loves him and would do everything she can to keep him.

Rafe attempts to decode Nicole’s diary to figure out how it ties Nicole and EJ. While working, Arianna stops by to see Rafe and he tries to get her to leave – telling her that he’s working on classified FBI business. Arianna realizes that whatever Rafe is working on has to do with EJ Dim era. Arianna tells Rafe that she can form her own opinions about people. She tells Rafe that EJ was the only one who stood by her during her whole ordeal while she was in jail. She thinks that EJ is trying to turn himself around and she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt. After Ari leaves, Rafe manages to crack the code to the diary.

Brady goes to see Nicole, bringing her a “housewarming” gift. Nicole asks Brady if he meant what he said about having a fresh start with Nicole. Brady spots Nicole’s diary, and Nicole promptly freaks out when she sees it in Brady’s hands. She rips the diary out of his hands, much to his surprise. He wants to know why she’s all freaked out about him finding her diary. Brady offers to help Nicole find a better apartment, but she tells him no because her ship will be coming in since she plans to invest in her future. Brady asks Nicole is she’s planning on doing something illegal that has to do with EJ.

Kate and Stefano discuss Madeline’s death and how it will affect Chad and how her secrets died with her. Stefano rips up Madeline’s obituary, upsetting Kate because she feels badly about how Chad is feeling. Stefano forbids with Kate to have anything to do with Chad, saying that Kate needs to learn how the DiMera’s deal with their enemies – they do not cry, they do not coddle… they obliterate them.

Chad and Kate chat about Madeline. Chad shows up at the DiMansion and he tells her that he wants to thank her for reaching out to him after his mother’s death. Chad admits that he is still blaming himself for his mother’s death and thinks he will continue to do so until he understands some things from this mother’s death. He asks Kate about Madeline being a “working girl” along with Kate and wants to know if it is true. Kate tells Chad is that Madeline loved him and how all he should be thinking about is how she loved him and asks him to let everything go. Kate expressed her sympathies to Chad, who asks if they can talk again. He leaves the DiMansion just as Stefano is returning and wants to know why Chad was there. Kate lies and tells Steffie that he was there to see William.

Melanie pops over to the hospital to see how Bo is doing and runs into Carly. Melanie tells Carly that she just wants to her (Carly) to be happy and they share a warm mother/daughter moment.

Daniel heads home and Chloe returns shortly after. He downplays saving Bo’s life. Chloe tells Daniel how much she loves him and how waiting to marry has nothing to do with her love. She tells Daniel that she’s an emotional wreck because of the pregnancy and how she is thinking of Nicole and her miscarriage and there are all these reminders of everything that can go wrong. She tells him she hasn’t told anyone she’s pregnant because she’s scared. Daniel blames himself for feeling insecure and taking it out on Chloe. He buys it! Daniel promises that they can wait a month and makes her promise that Chloe will always tell him what she’s thinking. Daniel tells Chloe that there should be no more apologies. Daniel heads off to visit with Melanie.

Stefano and William have lunch to discuss the information he compiled for DiMera Enterprises. He offers will a part-time job during the school year. Will is starting to feel bad about not telling Sami about his internship. And Stefano tells him that keeping secrets made be a way of protecting people.

Daniel heads to Melanie for the father/daughter date, and he tells Melanie that he and Chloe talked and everything is ok. Daniel gives Melanie a pair of earrings in honor of her graduation.

Carly goes to see Chloe after her conversation with Daniel. Chloe tells Carly that she lied again to Daniel.

Carly tells Chloe that she arranged for the paternity test at St. Mary’s’ for the next day, which also happens to be where Daniel is assisting on a surgery.

Phillip sits in the park feeling guilty that Daniel bought another lie and imagines how Melanie will handle the news…

July 26th

Bo doesn’t remember the incident so Carly questions him about both what happened that night and what was so important that he pulled his breathing tube out. Bo and Roman were joking around about the whole incident… Carly freaks out and wants Bo & Roman to take things more seriously.

Phillip takes Melanie on a surprise picnic on the beach to celebrate getting her grades early. Melanie mentions that since she is in the accelerated program she may be able to help deliver her new brother or sister, which again freaks Phillip out. He quickly redirects the moment by giving Melanie a bracelet. The love birds stop by the pub where they bump into Adrienne. She mentions that she vouched for him since he was going to visit Daniel’s apartment.

Also at the pub, Will bumps into Chad and offers to leave. Will feels responsible for Madeline’s death since he was the one whole told Chad about his mother’s past. Chad mentions to Will that Madeline had started to talk about her secrets and that he’s now going to talk to Kate to see what she knows. Chad leaves a bouquet of roses at the steps of the pier… hopefully someone sees them so that they too don’t fall down those steps!

Again we find Stefano & Kate discussing Madeline’s death. Stefano is almost giddy at the fact that Madeline is gone, taking along all of their problems. Kate on the other hand doesn’t look so sure. Stefano asks Kate if there’s something that he should know about and she mentions that the safety deposit box was empty when Mr. Woods went to get Madeline’s will.

Adrienne drops by to visit Stephanie and discuss a conversation that she had with Stephanie’s father – that he’s planning to come back to Salem and pay a visit to Stephanie and Nathan. Stephanie worries that all her father will actually do is harass Nathan, but Adrienne tells her not to worry – she talked him out of it.

Someone please tell me when Victor became the stud muffin of Salem! Carolyn realizes that Victor knew about Bo’s incident and didn’t call her, and yet he was sitting with Maggie. Victor explains that it was Roman who didn’t want her called and Carolyn storms off at that news. Maggie sends Victor after Carolyn and once he finds her, he admits that yes, he should have called her.

DT Hope discovers that Bo has been attacked through Justin, so she rushes to the hospital, where she walks into Bo’s room to find Carly & Bo embracing. Abe has assigned her to the case, so she asks Carly if she can ask Bo a few questions. “So, where do we start?” Oh, Hope you are lucky that Bo can’t remember a damn thing! He realizes that he passed out at home, yet he can’t remember getting there, only that he was at the Kiriakis house at some point. Carly tells Bo & Hope that the reason why Bo can’t remember is due the fact that he was drugged with a large amount of sleeping pills, which can cause memory loss. Bo admits that he can see images, but can’t decipher what is real and what was all a dream. Bo then asks Hope if she’s told Ciara about his accident… and replies no, that she didn’t want to tell Ciara that she almost lost her daddy and that Hope almost lost him – I couldn’t imagine the world without you in it.


  1. I like that they are bringing some of Bo/Carly's actual problems from the past back I remember her being more uptight and sometimes got annoyed with Bo's joking. If they are going to break up Carbo (and I know they are) then I hope they do it like that, their were reasons why she left him in the 90's they need to explore that.

  2. She was fickle first Victor, back to Bo, and then Lawrence the man who tried to kill her brother and her, and Bo several times.

    But frankly I could never see what Carly saw in Bo. I could see Hope and Bo, but Carly was European blue blood, working class Bo, living on a 2 by 5 boat just did not cut it. They also made a big mistake not having Carly a baddy and have her and Lawrence team up to fool the Salemites and be the resident rich, powerful villain duo.