Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another interview announcement coming soon!

Oh the excitement!  He's been making a lot of news lately.....



  1. Tell me it is Matt Ashford !! Pretty please !

    Now he has to tell you that he comes back on Dool ! lol
    By the way on the Bay he plays Kayla's rapist but this time it is not really Kayla (but always the beautiful Mary-Beth Evans) and he is also the father of one her child..ah least with this dark past we know he will play a grey character multi-layered with a complex personality...he rocks at it ! (remember old-school Jack Devereaux..Steve/Kayla/Jack : one of the best Dool storyline where at this time Jack was IMO the best character on this soap and one of the best on Daytime).

    I am looking forward to see Matt and Mary-beth dynamic on this if Jack Devereaux comes back on Dool and of course they write for him (yeah i know but i want to be positive ! lol) everything will be fine !!!

  2. I am hoping it is not rape. Fans do not like rapists, and there will not be another redemption story that I can see. I hope it is something more complex, and that as a result of years of prison that the character is bitter and out for revenge, so that way there is can be shades of gray. I definitely do not want a EJ/Sam stuff going. And I know that even in 2006 that Matt and Mary Beth did not want Jack and Kayla to be too friendly, and so I cannot see EITHER agreeing to a rapemance.

    Jack back on DAYS would be good, but I remember the Dena era, taking the paper away from J/J, the insipid talk show, and the fact there was a poor wedding, no vows, no honeymoon or even wedding night, and they were off screen more than on, so I worry about them returning -- but I guess at least unlike JER Dena had them together and did not have Jennifer jump in bed with the loser Frankie, or have the creep Patty move in with them.

  3. Anonym it is said that his character is a rapist..i agree they should be more careful about "rape" stories on Soaps : most of the time they don't take it as seriously (it is more treated as plot points than real social issues) as some fans and it is a mistake since lot's of soaps fans are really offended by the way it is not said that their characters will have a romance so let's not "put the cart before the horse" about what will be the dynamic of their characters.
    p.s : Jack/Kayla was a real rape situation where Kayla did not love Jack whereas Sami/Ej was a coercion where Sami has always been strongly attracted by the situations are totally different..the comparisons are quite ridiculous actually.
    But i disagree with you about one thing : the Jack redemption story with Steve and Kayla was one of the most powerful story Days ever had and Matt Ashford made an outstanding work with it !

  4. I thought article said he was in jail for raping her. That does not mean he actually did, she could have lied, someone else could have done it. And many times on soaps nothing is at appears, bad guys are not really, and the nicey-nicey guys are actually villains. A rapist means short shelf life, but if he were innocent and then became bitter they can have a gray-shaded character who is out for revenge out of bitterness and the fans may not like him but they could have some empathy towards him, understanding his bitterness.

    But EJ RAPED, even if there was some feelings for him she did not want to have sex, and he forced her with a threat of allowing Lucas to die, that is rape.

    Thankfully during the 80s Matt and Mary Beth fought to make sure the rape was not whitewashed nor forgotten, even nearly twenty years later. Matt said in 1993 upon his firing that now the writers could just forget the rape, that he fought to keep it part of Jack -- and with the sad recasts that is what they did. Too bad that is not the case on current DAYS.

  5. We just have to agree to disagree.
    In my book the Ej/Sami stuff was not a act of rape : it was a blackmail where Sami could have found another issue, the fact that Lucas was in danger was not Ej's fault, he was not forced to help her to save Lucas after all, he did not even make a threat but an awful proposition/offer (i don't say it was fair i just say it was different than what you said)..but i can understand that some people saw that as a sort of rape, even more when the show called this event a rape..but a real act of "rape" it was not..the Jack/Kayla stuff or the Luke and Laura stuff or the Bill and Laura stuff were on the other hand real acts of for Sami and Austin (date rape in this case).
    It is my opinion, i don't expect to change yours i just say that i don't see this situation the same way and i will not change my point of view.
    So agree to disagree.

    As for Matt and Mary-beth characters on the Bay we will see, anyway it seems interesting.
    And if some fans doesn't like the character because of his evil actions it is their loss, they are just narrow-minded, nothing new in the soap planet..there will be also other fans who will just love his performance, interpretation and the complexity of the character rapist or not.
    Matt will not care about some dislike from some soap fans, believe me it will not be the first time for him, he will just appreciate the depth of his character and that some fans can understand that.

  6. And no, the article said "RAPIST" and that he was in also said he is the father of her eldest child, like it or not it is what it is..of course it can always change it is soap writing, dead characters can also come back from the death and rapists not being really rapists or murderers not being really

  7. I remember when Tony raped Liz Chandler. That was an interesting storyline.

  8. Yeah there are other famous "rape" cases : Tony and Liz, Billie and Bo, Victor and Kim (who was not a real act of rape but saw by some like it was) and that it is just for Dool..Soaps use rape as some plot point for their storylines..most of the time it is not really clever since lot's of soap fans take this so seriously..whereas you have also murders, kidnapping, brainwashing, baby-switch, torturing, possessed by the devil

  9. Sorry! No date yet. I was expecting one on Friday. I'll keep you updated.

  10. My question is, why do these "rapist" characters have even one fan, much less ALOT of female fans? I understand loving the actor, but if my character raped someone, he would be kicked to the curb in my book--no second chances!

  11. Because lot's of people don't take this soaps, their stories so seriously, they don't compare plot points in soap storylines with real life social issues and even more when the writing doesn't take it seriously either !
    It is the same thing about characters written as baby-switchers, kidnappers, murderers, possessed by the devil or pill substances ect... Why do these "kidnapper", "murderer", "attempted-murderer", "baby-switcher", "baby stealer" characters have even one fan ?
    p.s : there are always second chances in my book since everything can be rewritten or changed..if the character is entertaining, can show remorse, has a purpose, has layers and depth i am on ! But it is just "my book" LOL !
    And why female fans should be more offended ?! It is quite insulting to think like can be raped also.

  12. I said FEMALE fans because all the "rapists" mentioned in this blog were men who raped women, duh. That insults you but you'll forgive rapists, murderers, kidnappers and possessed people if they are entertaining?

  13. Yes exactly that insults me and lot's of other people because you talk about it as a serious issue unlike me who doesn't take this seriously but just as some plot point in a soap opera story..But if we base it on a serious topic like you do yes it is insulting to only speak about raped women and not men and by the way who said that in this blog we speak only about men who raped women..duh. I also talked about Bo and Billie or about Austin and Sami duh.
    As for murderers, but ALSO attempted-murderers (i don't forget them either..), kidnappers, possessed people ect.. i just said that i don't see why we should make some difference between them and rapists..there are as much horrible crimes in these cases in my book. So what ? Yes soap villains or grey characters even if they made some of these evil deeds (and they always do it since this is their purpose on the show..they are villains duh !) can entertain me if they are well-written and played by good actors.