Monday, June 7, 2010

Corday's interview with SON

Oh good grief.  Why can't Ken Corday stfu?  The actors are not allowed to talk about future storylines, but this dumb ass is always spoiling stories.

Really?  The fans want "Safe".  Who the fuck are these people?  Most fans I see on the boards agree with me that not only do they not want Safe, they want Rafe dead.  So is the summer of Ejami supposed to be enough for the Ejamis fans?  I'm not taking sides.  I do think Ejami has more chemistry than Safe, but I honestly don't care who Sami ends up with.  Sami annoys me too.  My point is, why is Corday alienating the Ejami fanbase by telling them their hope is short lived?

Speaking of hope, Corday hints at a Bope reunion.  I "hope" that Hope beats the shit out of Bo first for cheating on her in her bed in her house.  But in typical DOOL fashion, they will probably have them reunite without addressing Bo's infidelity. 

Oh, and about the books about the off-screen supercouples, wouldn't fans prefer their favs be on-screen for a storyline instead?  With his *wink* about one or two of the actors returning, I'd bet money on Jack and Jenn.  I think the books would be better than the actual show unless Dena Higley is writing the books too.

Don't you miss my rants?  lol


  1. I am sure fanfic is better, fans know and care about the couples, not anyone who would be the type of writer Dork will hire. And then fans did not care for the fauxJacks or fauxJennifer so what is the point they want Matt and Missy on their screens, or Charles and Pasty or Thaao and Leann or Stephen and Mary Beth. I bet those actors are real excited, they want to return to DAYS, and have a job, an income.

  2. First, I'm tired of Ken patting himself on the back about the renewal. You're only as good as your last show; and has he seen the ratings lately?

    Second, SAFE sucks. Rafe makes Sami a weak character rather than a strong one; and he's just as much a bully as EJ. And without the IT factor that EJAMI has.

    Third, I don't want cheapass paperback novels about the good old days and the good old supercouples. I want the real thing. Damn it.

  3. One thing to say about this interview : Corday doesn't know his show, his characters and above all his audience !
    p.s : or maybe he is more smart than i believe and just doesn't care !

  4. I agree I don't care about these paperback romance books neither. If they think the supercouples are profitable and really want to please the fans start writing scripts about them and not paperbacks! To me if it didn't happen on-screen it didn't happen so I have no interest in this lets fire the super couples and then make money off of them by writing about them book deal. However I must say the books have a better writer than Days presently does but forget the books put it on the screen.

  5. I will never feel bad for the Ejami fanbase. They came in and tried to bump every fanbase that was already there. And they did it in the rudest of ways.

    They scoffed after Lumis were screwed over after nearly two decades of watching the show. They couldn't have cared less about the pain other were feeling over John/Marlena and Patch and Kayla.

    Now they whine because they spent four years rooting for a couple. Oh well.

    They use general boards to spew their hatred for other characters/actors. They have a mob mentality that jumps on people who don't agree with them.

    They're as bad as the guy they love so much. So for the first time ever, and I mean ever, I don't mind that Corday screwed a fanbase.

  6. honestly I don't care about Safe or EJami, neither one lets the real Sami out to play. As a Carly and CC fan I want CC to leave seriously when I find CC boring thats when I know she's bored and needs to go. If I have to see Bope get back together I want it to take a while, he's been cheating on her with Carly all this time and even wants a divorce I wont be happy with a quick reunion and then shuffled off the show just like every happy couple does.

  7. I definitley prefer Ejami and want Rafe as a character off the show and never to come back