Friday, May 7, 2010

"You should have taken the silver."


Fridays's eppy was very good in spite of Rafe ruining a wonderful friendship.

Melanie/Rae the bag lady/Nathan.  Rae for some inexplicable reason, shows up at the hospital with Stephanie's birth control pills.  Melanie spies them and confiscates them.  Nathan wheels Rae out of there for X-rays.  What exactly was Rae planning to do with bc pills?  Did she think it was Midol?

Stephanie/Nathan/Maggie.  Maggie comments on Stephanie "glowing."  Stephanie later is confronted by Melanie over the pills.  I actually like watching Mel/Stephanie fight.  I'm glad Stephanie got caught.  The last thing this stupid quad needs is a baby thrown into the mix.

Victor/Brady/Maggie/Mel.  Victor announces to the almost fully exposed chest of Brady that he is going to cooperate with the police to try and catch the Whacker.  Maggie is impressed with Victor's grandfatherly love of Brady.  Mel comes in later and starts tattling to Brady about Stephanie.  Man, if they really want to get rid of overcrowding at the hospital, just have Melanie go around and tell her problems to all the patients.  They'll gladly leave.  I do like the friendship chemistry of Brady/Melanie.

Ejami. HOT HOT HOT  Very sexy bantering between these two.  EJ eventually convinces Sami to go swimming with him and Johnny.  Sami is reluctant to get into her bikini.  Come on Sami!  It's EJ.  Go skinny dipping!  lol  Forget the suits!  Johnny goes swimming for ten seconds, then gets sent off to get dried off by Mary.  Lucky Sami.  Now she has a built in nanny/housekeeper.  Hey, she doesn't need a job, she doesn't need to raise her kids, and she doesn't have to clean.  When can I move into the DiMansion?  Anyway, Sami and EJ are about an inch away from first base.

Anna/Calliope/Rafe.  Drunken Anna is being prodded by Calliope to recount the Sydnapping.  Arleen Sorkin is flipping hysterical.  Calliope tells Anna that she "should have taken the silver."  Arleen Sorkin did such a great job delivering her line that Leann Hunley clearly started laughing before she recovered herself.  lol  Their scenes kept getting ruined by cutting to Rafe listening in.  No one gives a shit about him.  Go away!  

Maggie/Victor.  I'm impressed by the chemistry between the Greek tycoon and the soon to be matriarch of the Horton family.  Victor seems interested in her.  Maggie seems uncomfortable in a romantic way in his presence.  Maggie asks Victor to take her home.  He does as the gentleman that he is.  They go inside to discuss Melanie and Philip.  Maggie tells Victor that Philip and Melanie are not happy with his engagement to Viv.  She put the idea in my head, and probably Victor's, that maybe Victor should marry someone that both Mel and Phil both like.  You know, like Maggie.  lol  Maggie's hand starts to shake, she passes out in Victor's arms.  So romantic!  

Other than Rafe, Friday is a must see eppy.  You know what would be awesome?  Since Rafe has spied on and interrogated pretty much everyone in Salem, that usually leads to a good, old fashioned murder mystery.  Yes, it is time for Rafe to die.  There's plenty of suspects.  Make it happen baby!


  1. To heck with a murder mystery, how about an old fashioned massacre with someone taking out the entire Hernandez family.

    Melted Jello

  2. I agree. Let's get rid of Rafe and make way for Ejami all the way!

    I enjoyed reading your take on the epi! Thanks

  3. as my sister says they should all hold hands and jump

  4. Anna and Calliope have been great. Puh-shaw on Rafe. Thank goodness on Hulu, we can just skip his scenes

  5. Diva I absolutely love your posts! First thing I do when I get to work during the week! (You're in NYC? Me, too). As I as watching Rafe blackmail Calliope into this jam I really thought - these writers never knew where to go with Gering - yeah he is a nice piece of meat - but he has never been able to act. I think HE needs to get busted for blackmailing Calliope - then of course - only in Salem, get off - and he and NIcole should get it on. That way Ej & Sami could get equally plucked. But THOSE TWO are HOT HOT SIZZLEAN! This show - despite a few sucky weeks ago - is really watchable - I don't skip through a thing. Victor & Maggie? Interesting - I guess they dropped the whole Caroline angle.....oh and how did you get to the idea that Chad was a DiMera? That threw me! XO Dishy

  6. I'd prefer the murder mystery only if it was Sami or EJ who was killed. They've just been overdone, redone, poorly done, and all the beefcake/cheesecake in the world isn't going to save them.

  7. I'd prefer a murder mystery with Sami or EJ as the victim. EJami is poorly done, overdone, underdone, and all the beefcake/cheesecake in the world isn't gonna save them. I can't wait until she finds out what that asswipe did.

  8. Oh she will discover his deception, she will get revenge in a "Sami bitchy mode" and after that they will slowly reconnect and built a more healthy relationship !! (in my book of course ! wink wink) They are made of the same clothes !

  9. The writers just want Rafe to be the hero but it ain't working for me the show was unwatchable for the last few months when it became the GG show I was just reading recaps for the last few weeks until I saw that EJAMI is happening Ej is Samis' match because they are one & the same the only other believable choice for me is Lucas than reaching back Brandon heck ANYBODY BUT RAFE

  10. When Sami finds out with EJ's done, she'll get angry, want vengence and realize, just like EJ did, that she's madly in love with him.

    Ej and Sami the greatest never actually been a couple, couple in the history of DAYS.

  11. Cherry kool-aidMay 9, 2010 at 3:03 PM

    James Scott is one fine man! I agree with taking out the Hernandez family. They all get on my last nerve.