Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rest in Peace Sun and Jin

 Wow.  What a tearjerker!  Tuesday's Lost eppy was definitely one of the best episodes this year.

First with the somewhat boring Sideways stuff.  I was getting into the Sideways stuff because I thought it was leading to some "coming together" moment with all the characters.  Instead it is meandering again.  I loved the Jack/Locke stuff, imho those two are the supercouple of the show.  Jack saves Locke's life.  He wants to perform surgery to fix Locke's paralysis.  Locke isn't interested.  Jack discovers later from Bernard (!) that Locke and his father were involved in a plane crash that was caused by pilot Locke's error.  Anthony Cooper is basically brain dead.  Locke refuses to get the surgery so he can hang onto the guilt of what happened to his father.  There were a few neat details to this story.  Locke remembers pushing the button in his dreams.  He also mentioned the line in his suicide note that he wished Jack would have believed him.  Jack overheard Locke's sleep talking.  Jack uses the "I wish  you would believe me" line to Locke later.  It obviously struck a memory with Locke, who paused before wheeling away.  So what was the point of Des hitting Locke in the car?  If he wanted Locke/Smokey dead, that didn't work.  If he wanted Locke and Jack to have the island epiphany, that really didn't work either.  This Sideways story ended up being a disappointment considering there's only a few eppies left.  A lot of code words being used by Jack, "what happened, happened," "candidate," and "I wish you would believe me."  Funny how Jack said Locke was a candidate, well he was until Ben killed him. 

Claire finds Jack.  She wants to know what is the significance of the box her dad bequeathed to her.  Jack didn't have a clue.  It was a music box with a mirror.  They both saw each other's reflections, but again, no conscious connection was made.

Back to the real action!  Widmore orders the Losties to be put in the bear cage.  Sawyer pulls a gun on the "doughboy".  Widmore threatens to kill Kate if Sawyer doesn't cooperate.  Widmore mentions that Kate is not on the list.  Sawyer knows that he's right, and gives up the gun.  I still don't get why Kate isn't a candidate.  She's alive.  Funny how the Skate bear cage scrump didn't warrant a flashback.  Sayid, Jack, and Flocke rescue the Losties.  I don't get how the barrier works on the beach, they turned it off for Sun and Jin to hug.  Yet it's not on around the plane, the thing that Flocke said he wanted.  Flocke and the gang go to the plane.  He finds explosives with very obvious dangling wires in the overhead compartment.  Doc Jensen thinks that Widmore is in cahoots with Flocke, and thus left the explosives there for Flocke to kill the candidates.  But, we haven't seen Richard, Ben, and Miles in a few eppies, they wanted to blow up the plane. 

So, everyone heads to the sub.   Flocke switches backpacks with Jack.  Kate gets shot.  Jack pushes Flocke into the water while everyone but Claire gets into the sub because Sawyer closes the door to prevent Smokey from boarding.  While tending to Kate's gunshot, Jack discovers the bomb.  Lapidus tries to get the sub to go back to the surface.  Jack and Sawyer fight over the bomb.  Sayid says it can be disarmed by pulling two wires simultaneously.  Sawyer doesn't trust Jack's faith when he says that Flocke can't kill them, only they can kill each other.  Nice to see that Jack is figuring things out, it's kind of obvious that he's the candidate since he is the only one who wants and understands the job.  Sawyer pulls the wires.  This sequence is very reminiscent of Juliet's death and jughead's detonation.  For a few seconds, the timer stops, then speeds up.  Sayid tells Jack basically that he's the candidate, and he needs Des in the well.  Sayid runs off with the bomb, and dies heroically.  Chaos ensues.  Lapidus appears to be hit by a door and dies.  Hurley and Kate swim ashore.  Sawyer, Jin, and Jack free Sun from a cabinet, yet somehow she's pinned to the sub with pipes.  Even with rewatching this scene, you can't figure out how this is even possible.  Sawyer gets knocked out.  After some protesting, Jack leaves with Sawyer.  Jin still tries to save Sun.  Sun accepts her fate, and wants Jin to leave.  Jin stays so they can die together.  *sob*  We see their clasped hands unclasp as they die.  *tears* 

Jack and Sawyer show up at the beach.  Sawyer is still knocked out.   Jack shakes his head no at the question about the fate of the Kwons.  I lost it when Hurley started sobbing.  Great acting by Jorge Garcia.  Kate hugs Jack.  Jack goes into the ocean with his anger and grief.

Flocke knows somehow that the sub is sunk.  He knows there's survivors.  He's pissed and is ready to kill them.  Claire is stunned.  I think Claire can get redeemed.  I think she's getting a clue that Flocke wants them all dead.

Next week's eppy seems to be about Smokey from the beginning.  You can see the preview at  I believe this is the eppy that some fans have been complaining about because there's no regular cast members in it.

So we got some answers today.  Flocke doesn't need the potential candidates to leave with him to get off the island.  He just needs them dead.  He tricked them into thinking that they could leave with him.  Jack and Claire are getting close to the truth.  But, Sawyer the wild card doesn't know what he needs to know.  My prediction, Jack's the candidate and the lone survivor.  Everyone on the island dies.  I think Jack will use Des to either kill Smokey or to capture him.  The dead move on to the Sideways world.  Just my guess.  lol


  1. Since Sideways James went to Australia to find "Anthony Cooper," and has always been searching for him, seems like Locke's father and are the same person even in the Sideways world. So, seems like either this version of Cooper was a jerk but changed, or maybe always was a jerk but Locke never got to see that side of him. Interesting that he is catatonic or brain damage and in a prison of sorts. So, he is punished for his sins and Locke (who set Sawyer up to kill him) and especially Sawyer do not have his blood on their hands and thus are not tainted with that sin.

    I was ticked that we did not get to see Juliet come to pick up David. Though all roads are leading to Saint Sebastian's, so there is still time.

    Interesting that Bernard in the AltLA world seems to be aware of things, even his Island experience. Rose was always the one who seem to be fey on the Island.

    I did not realize it but the actress playing Claire on the ABC comedy, MODERN FAMILY, played Jack's ex-. On last night's eppy, her stepmother paid for a family trip to Hawaii and the Claire character was freaking out about flying. Her son then was babbling on about it being cool if their plane were to crash on an island like in LOST.

  2. Hey, cannot fault Widmore for wanting Kate dead, on the boards that is one of the main wishes.

    I think Widmore was trying to protect the candidates. Unfortunately he went around the wrong way doing it. In fact everyone has. All Jack would have had to say was that if Smokey/Flocke/MIB escapes the world ends; he also should have told everyone about Ricardus could not die, using the TNT as an example. I always also wondered, why has no one told Claire that if her new BFF Flocke escapes the world ends and that means her precious Aaron ceases to exist as well.

    I still think that Sahid was playing a game and he never was on Team Flocke. I think he was working directly as per Jacob's orders. Sahid's death was sad, but was the only option. Nadia is dead, he has killed and tortured people as a Republican Guard and manipulated by Benry, as well on the Island (those probably could be forgiven for they were to protect others and survive, except Yoko and John, AKA Dogen and Lennon, but I think he had to kill them for the greater good, and I think Dogen realized this in the end) and thus he had to die, he would continue suffering emotionally. Through his sacrifices his sins were purged.

    Sawyer will feel the blame for the deaths of Chesty, AKA Frank Lapidus and Sahid, but most of all for Jin and Sun. He had become close to Jin, first they were on the raft together and suffered at the hands of the Others -- BTW Other Tom, is the whacked out Sherif in the sad TWIN PEAKS takeoff, HAPPY TOWN -- then more so during the past three years in the 70s in Dharmaville. I think this will put him on even footing with Jack, whom he blamed for Juliet's death. Through this James and Jack will actually work together.

    I have hated Jack with a passion. Though I really liked him in this episode. And I do like the sideways version of Jack, he is not an ass doctor, and I like his rapport with David.

  3. Yeah. I doubt Sawyer will do anything against Anthony now.

    I bet they are saving Juliet for the last eppy.

    Yeah that is odd that Bernard is so intuitive and Rose isn't.

    Yeah, I see that a lot of ppl think that Kate is a waste of time.

    It does seem odd that no one tries to reason with Claire other than Kate. Even Jack isn't that interested in his sister.

    I think Sayid was totally on Flocke's team until Desmond hit him with the truth. Sayid sacrificed himself because of all of his sins, plus he knew that Flocke had to be stopped, and that means Jack and Des have to live, not Sayid.

    Sawyer's been close to Jin since season 2 when they were with the tailies. He also saw Jin's suffering when they lived in Dharmaville for 3 years. Sawyer was moved emotionally by the Kwon's reunion that day. Maybe now Sawyer will listen to Jack. We'll see.

    I've always been on Team Locke, not Team Jack. Jack was in such denial over the island's uniqueness to the point of being absurd. Jack is finally catching a clue, which makes him more likable. Though last year, he was on Team Locke and it wasn't Locke! lol Smokey made him look foolish. Jack telling Richard that Locke is "special" caused a chain reaction of events because Richard ended up helping Smokey get Jacob killed by leading Smokey right to where Jacob was, and Smokey tricked Richard into telling Locke that he had to die. My mind is

  4. Forgot to add after the carnage and depression, they had an unconscious James on the shore with Jack, also wet, hovering over his body, and to pay me back I would have thought TPTB would have at least given me a few moments of mouth-to-mouth. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....

  5. Thanks for putting that thought into my head. lol

  6. You are welcome. Hey if Le Douchebag can have those fantasies why cannot this straight gal. Come on they both are hot. Sure, I would prefer James and Des or James and Sahid. But Des is like Ole Pussy and is in a well, and Sahid is in a million pieces.

  7. I thought Desmond hit Locke so that Jack could fix him.

  8. ^^^ITA Desmond seems to have a better link to what is going in both alternate realities, though I'm glad Jack is starting to catch on too. Now Locke just has to take that leap of faith and trust Jack.