Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost's mindblowing finale

I loved it.  I cried, and cried, and cried.  Every reunion, I cried.  Well, I was wrong.  lol  I thought everyone would die on the island but Jack.  Turns out, everyone lived but Jack.  I'm very content with the ending.  I wish Michael, Walt, Ana Lucia, and Eko would have been there.  The actor who portrays Eko refused to return, rumor has it he wanted more money.  Still, it was a fantastic ending.  Not sure why Ben refused to go into the church, maybe he still felt guilty.  Maybe he just needs to let go.

Watching Jimmy Kimmel now.  ttyl


  1. I do not think Jack died during the plane crash, he died when he fixed the Light. Despite all the science it was very religious. Note the stained glass in the church, it had images of all beliefs, the Christian Cross, the Hindi wheel, Islam's Crescent Moon, Judaism's Star of David, the Yin and Yang. It was the Afterlife, and thus faith won out -- but still the laws of science, physics is part of the universe.

    It is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end. People die at different points in time, yet they also die at the same point since after life there is no time. Hurley was dead but died much later than Jack. The plane did take off and Lapidus, James, Kate, Miles and Claire all lived. Everyone died at different times, but everyone is united. The perfect afterlife, what we all want in death, to be permanently together with everyone we love.

    Hugo was the real Candidate, and he and Ben must have lived a long while in that role. And they were better Custodians of the Island than Jacob. Though in a way Jacob actually did do something good, by bringing everyone together in the first place he saved them. They were lost and being together they learned about love and sacrifice and repentance and forgiveness; through these qualities they were saved and moved on in their afterlives.

  2. I don't think Jack died in the plane crash either. He died from Smokey stabbing him. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

    I'm a bit bummed, especially for Desmond who thought extinguishing the light would move them into the Sideways world alive. Even when Juliet said, "it worked" I don't think she knew exactly what she was talking about. The bomb helped create the sideways world for them to be together in death, not to prevent the plane crash. I guess Des can still use the boat to go home.

    I'm still sad that Locke, Charlie, the Kwons and everyone who died are still dead. I'm glad they are happy in death, but still it's a bummer.

  3. I agree. I think everything on the island happened and people died when we saw them. All at different times. The sideways world was like a holding place, I guess. I cried a lot. All the reunions were so good!

    Over all, I think I loved it. But I feel like I'm still thinking about it and deciding what I really thought of it. Main disappoinent was I really just wanted some more defined answers about what the island really is and it's origins, but I guess you can't have everything.

    Was Miles at the church? I didn't see him there and I thought it was weird he wasn't with everyone at the end.

  4. I was glad that Hurley/Hugo was the real Guardian. He was the only one without "sin." He was the one who was the uniter on the Island. He made for a better Guardian for that reason. He changed the rules of the Island, and it appears by the end more than likely took care of the Island better. I am thinking that maybe the big mistake everyone made was that they cared more about the Island than what really matters, people.

    The Island is a place, it is the heart of the world, it embodies the Good in the world, and for that reason its Heart needs to be protected. Its safety is important since without it both the earthly and afterlife would cease to exist.

    I loved it that Ben was Number #2. He had been obsessed with the power the actually caring about the Island, or people. And in the end he learned that. He was guilt of the big three sins, pride, envy and wrath, and lost those sins in the end. He willing stayed with the Island and then willing was subservient to Hugo to protect the Island.

    Still not sure if the Sideways lives was a form of Purgatory and a process to salvation, or it was actually Heaven/Nirvana with everyone rewarded in an eternity with those whom they loved.

    Well, also about Des, remember that Hurley, and Ben agreed, that they would be different than Jacob, people could come and go from the Island. So he could easily have helped Desmond, and the remaining Oceanic 815 survivors and the remaining Others to leave.

    In Dante's Purgatorio after going the souls finished surviving time purging themselves whatever sin or sins they were guilty of, they then bathed in two rivers, first the River Lethe, where all the memory of sin is washed away, and then the River Eunoe which intensifies all one's good qualities, and I think memories as well.

  5. I'm glad Hugo is in charge of the island. He's the most non-violent person on the show. He wouldn't let island wars happen.

    Miles and the freighter ppl weren't at the church. I'm actually shocked that Miles lived. Such an odd collection of ppl on the plane, Lapidus, Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles, and Richard. I never would have guessed those were the ones to never die.

  6. I think some people were not there because their lives were surrounded by other important people. Reading the boards one explanation for Daniel not being there is that Eloise asked Daniel to not take Daniel yet, and the reason was that she wanted to continue making amends for all she did to her son: Forcing him into physics instead of his true love music; and then actually killing him. Ricardus would not be part of this circle, but people from his time, and especially Elizabeth -- that was her name, right. People are theorizing that it is a combination with Ben, partly he feels he has to wait longer due to his sins but also he wants to live the Sideways life a little longer with Alex and Danielle. I think that we did see a Sideways life for Mr. Eko, his life was not with the Losties but with his beloved brother. Lapidus had another set of dear ones for him to be with; as with Miles. The Losties were the Chosen Ones because they had no one. I think that the Island was behind them being chosen, and not Jacob; not so much to be Jacob's successor, but to "fix" them, or at least put in place the ability for them to choose if they want to be fixed or not.

  7. I am ambivilent about the finale I think what we saw was just Jack's death and how he experienced it every other death was different Jack could have died at many different points I think one possibility is that he died when he set off the atom bomb at the end of the season when the Sideways world came to pass or on JK live Jimmy suggested that Jack died at the point of turbulence on the flight ... another theory of mine is he died putting the stone back into the center of the island also possible that the Sideways world was a way of creating a way to get over the guilt of killing Juliette and since he had such a savior complex it was his way of creating a happy ending for everyone, Kate forgives and loves him and he is able to help some people get off the Island and thus be the leader again finding redemption... My big annoyande is that the island really is purgatory I have been hearing that theory since before I ever watched the show... But of course I cried very bittersweet

  8. I never have watched Kimmel, but knew he was a LOST fan. I did watch the Aloha to Lost show and was disappointed with it. Not enough actors from the show, some of those on really were not asked significant questions to help sort out what happened.

    People are complaining about the number of commercials, thanks to DVR I did not notice. Though I loved the Target Smoke Monster detector, and later saw the Target computer keyboard commercial. Were there other Target LOST-esque commercials, I want to track them down if there are? Oh, and they replayed the LOST take off Bud Lite commercial which aired during the Super Bowl.

  9. I loved it. And I cried a lot! I agree the reason some of the Losties weren't there was because either 1. they had other more important people in their lives to go to OR 2. they simply weren't ready to let go yet (like Ben for instance and Michael).

  10. I wondered about Michael was he eternally damned or was he in another form of Purgatory -- where he was purged/punished of his sins but once that was through he would be able to move on to the next stage? I thought that Michael actually repented of his sins in the end: He followed the Island's or Jacob's or both's call -- no matter what he did we saw that he could not be killed because he was still needed -- and returned to the Island to protect it, and he sacrificed his life to allow his fellow Losties to escape on the chopper (at the end of Season IV).

    So, I guess the newest group of survivors also became world celebs. All I know I could see it, people notice Kate on one of their flights and would run screaming off the plane.