Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I always make it a point to confuse people."

"This is the worst internet porn I've ever seen."

Monday's eppy dragged a bit.

Will/EJami/Stefano.  Will nails Sami on the head when he points out to her that she can't go two seconds without a man.  He asks her if she's with Safe or Ejami.  Will also gets on her for lying.  Good for him.  Stefano tells EJ he will take care of "William" for him.  Sami tells EJ he is the father of two of her kids, and that's it.

Anna/Calliope.  Anna gets suspicious of Calliope.  Calliope lies that Eugene left her for a belly dancer. lol  Anna passes out before naming her co-conspirator.  Rafe does nothing but watch.  Maybe he should be reading the Diva blog instead.  lol

Brady/Arianna.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  Brady wants to try and capture the Salem Whacker alone.  Ari wants to help.  We get the same tired dialogue we normally get with Bo/Hope when the man wants to do something dangerous which is too dangerous for his woman.  blah blah blah  Neanderthal much?  Ari was in prison for crying out loud.  Ari complains about Nicole trying to manipulate her into thinking that Nicole and Brady are doing it.  Brady tells Ari to believe him not Nicole.

Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie.  Not much going on here.  Nathan tells Mel to not interfere with his relationship with Steph.  Steph again throws her birth control pills away in the river this time.  What a dumb ass.

Nicole/Charlie/Dr. Baker.  Nicole kicks ass at poker.  Charlie another player, gives her Brady's money clip.  Nicole reveals she's a reporter and wants to know who gave him the clip.  Nicole waits at the poker room while Tricky Dicky Baker shows up.

Hope/Ciara.  Hope crawls into bed with Ciara. She takes her happy pills.  Not much going on here.  Hope's pajamas are super cute, btw.

Maggie/Victor/Melanie.  Victor takes Maggie to the hospital.  She seems to be fine.  Melanie is touched by Victor's concern for Maggie.  Once again, Mel unloads her baggage on another patient at the hospital.  Poor Maggie.  Melanie sees Victor in a new light.  Victor tells her that, "I always make it a point to confuse people."  lol  Line of the day!

Pretty blah.  Calliope is still funny.  Rafe, Arianna, and Brady are still boring.  Stephanie is still stupid.  Melanie is still dumping on people.  Nicole has the Salem brain.  Nathan's still a pig.  Sami's still ping ponging between two men.  

Victor and Maggie are looking like a great couple.

photo credit to Chit Chat Haven

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