Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Biggest Loser

Yes they went there. Just surprised they didn't have Sami calling Nicole The Biggest Loser instead of Gabby.

Nicole/Gabby/Arianna/Brady The Diva says Gabby was The Biggest Loser in her confrontation with Nicole. "I'm Nicole DiMera I'm never done" Gabby go back to your teen friends and stop messing with the big girls. Gabby is giving Nicole grief about messing with Brady and telling her to stop. Basically Nicole puts her in her place. Arianna is looking for Brady who was just knocked on the head by nighttime Hope. He stumbles into the Brady Pub just in time for Nicole to play the heroine. 

Nighttime Hope/Dr Baker They pick on Brady this time and Nighttime Hope leaves her mark on his chest. Great chest BTW. Anyway Dr Baker steals Brady's money clip and loses it in a poker game. Nighttime Hope returns home goes to bed and Daytime Hope wakes up with a memory of Brady and his chest.

Chloe/Carly/Daniel/Philip/Melanie Chloe rips Carly a new one and poor poor Carly just doesn't know why. Have to give credit to Viv for fooling Chloe and making her seem paranoid. Daniel walks in and demands to know what is going on. Carly leaves and Chloe tells Daniel the whole story about the nurse and the hotel guy saying him and Carly had an affair. They run into the hotel guy and he denies even knowing Chloe. Chloe is really losing it now thinking Daniel doesn't believe her. Would you? Meanwhile Philip is feeling very guilty about screwing Chloe and is telling Melanie they shouldn't visit her dad and Chloe for now. Melanie overhears Philip telling Chloe not to do anything rash with Carly. Melanie wants to know why? He tells her that Chloe has been confiding in him and tells her the whole Chloe can't have a baby thing. Melanie believes everything and Philip is off the hook for now.

Nathan/Stefanie She is doing the I am going to trap him into loving me by getting pregnant. ZZZZZZ. These two just bore me to death. Homeless lady finds her pills. I don't think she needs them. I'm sure someone is going to find out what she did. My bet is on Melanie.

Roman sighting! He accuses Nicole of knocking out Brady. Of course the super cop is wrong as usual as Gabby knows she was with her the whole time. Nicole accuses Arianna of the crime.

Anna/Calliope sighting! Yes we get them both tomorrow! This should fun!


  1. OK call me crazy but I would rather have Melanie & Phillip just because I absolutley hate Nathan & above all Stephanie(for years) why not have Steph get preggers and her and Nathan leave town?? I also cannot stand Chloe but I would rather Phil & Melanie have a Quartermaine-esque marraige ( sorry about the GH references) than a drab Mel & Nathan pairing

  2. There is no way in hell that Stephanie is Steve and Kayla's daughter... no way.

  3. HAha they want to make Steph a bad girl !! And they already totally failed with Mia..So for Steph i don't really trust the writers moreover the actress is really pretty but i am not sure she has the charisma or acting chops for that..
    Sami was the ultimate bad girl who can still be a rooting character or love to hate character : she was the big success in this type of character, the it bad girl..Long time after Chelsea was not bad...a semi-success, Nicole too...the others..maybe Melanie was not really bad..
    Why not keep the bad girls "bad" and keep the good girls "good"..let Sami being herself : the conniving, scheming bad girl and let Steph be a good girl less vanilla. Not difficult writers !!

  4. I can't stand Nathan's character as well. The writing for Chloe and Stephanie is atrocious too. I don't see this big love story with Nathan and Melanie. Philip and Melanie are the ones to watch, much more interesting!

  5. absolutley I see Nathan & Melanie turning into another Shelle and I cannot take that torture again there is much more potential in the Phillip Melanie match

  6. Gabby is annoying as hell. Her little teeny bopper "talk to the hand" attitude toward Nicole was stupid. I didn't think she would ever shut up!

  7. Nadia is my lover. XOXOXOXO

  8. I am an attention seeking Phloe Phreak.