Friday, May 7, 2010

5/6/10 review - Someone Get Me a Midol!

Stefano/Kate/Madeline/Chad – Kate and Madeline freak out when Chad sees an old picture of the two of them together. So far I’m just not into this story. It is just too freakin’ predictable that this is all a set-up to make Chad a Dimera. Even Stevie Wonder can see this one coming! I don’t even want Chad as a Dimera cuz quite frankly, he’s not cool enough to be one. Also, I suppose this is a set-up to give the much-acclaimed Jessica Tuck a storyline, but other than watching her constantly play the one-note uptight neurotic bee-yatch, I don’t really see what the big deal is with her either. Meh.

Arianna/Gaby – Apparently Arianna was a PMSing shrew today around Gaby, but once she did that Midol commercial, she was okay.

EJ/Sami/Will – I am happy that DAYS is finally giving EJ and Sami a chance to get closer again. Loved the scene where they strike a deal to make Kate miserable. I enjoy it when they scheme together because I’m in the camp that wants Sami to be the bad girl again. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again. She is simply not interesting as Marlena Lite. That is not what made Sami and Ali Sweeney popular in the first place. Now I’m ready for more EJAMI Hawtness. As for Will, it’s a shame he’s too old to be shipped off to boarding school again because he’s getting on my last nerve.

Anna/Calliope – I love seeing Arleen Sorkin back. I love seeing Leann Hunley back. I love seeing the old Anna/Calliope friendship back. I love Calliope’s one liners and comedy. Love it, love it, love it. But I am truly starting to HATE Rafe…which leads me to…

Rafe - If Rafe’s blackmail of Calliope is supposed to be a funny twist, I don’t find it amusing at all. All of the time we are having to listen to Rafe pontificate about how evil EJ and Stefano are, but his actions are not much better. I don’t know if it’s how the directors want Rafe played or if it’s Galen Gering’s choice as an actor, but I am so sick of the constant arrogant smirk and the bullying…with Calliope and Anna and Sami and EJ and with, well, pretty much everyone who he has a scene with. I’ve never found SAFE to be an interesting couple; and I’ve never heard a compelling reason from their fan base as to why they like the couple so much except that Rafe isn’t that nasty raping EJ Dimera. He says he’s doing all this to avenge Sami for the kidnapping. Has anyone ever clued him in that Sami tried to sell Belle on the black market and raped Austin and forged hospital records – that in her past, she has done a lot more reprehensible things than Anna Dimera ever thought of doing? And lastly, why does Rafe and Galen Gering rate so much glory and airtime? Rafe Hernandez has truly become the Victor Newman of DAYS, getting his way in every situation, being a key player in every scene and always coming out smelling like a rose. The difference is Eric Braeden served many years on Y&R for the character of Victor to earn such an exalted position. What is Galen’s claim to fame other than he has PASSIONS and VENICE on his resume?


  1. Friday's show was so boring. Boring to the max. Only salvation was Calliope and Anna. These girls knocked it out of the park. The rest of the show, I channel surfed.

  2. I agree with you, wholeheartedly, about Rafe - hate him, hate him, hate him! As far as I am concerned, he exists solely to create angst for ejami.

    I am one person who would love to see someone, anyone, wipe that smug smirk right off of his arrogant mug! I also hate the way that he is bullying poor Calliope into betraying Anna. My only hope for this situation is that Anna catches on to Calliope, soon!

    I just wish that we could get a decent run here for ejami - before Rafe ruins them. I also do not, under any circumstances, want Sami back with Rafe when, or if, E.J. is ever exposed for the Sydnapping! Bring Lucas back if Sami has to dump E.J.! I would love it if sami ultimately chose E.J. over Rafe - even in light of any wrong-doing reveal.

    In fact, I actually thought of a solution to get E.J.out of this whole mess. It would be really great if Stefano ultimately threw himself under the bus (figuratively speaking, of course) to save his son, and took the blame for the Sydnapping. That is, unless Calliope/Rafe somehow gets Anna on record implicating E.J.


    I just want Rafe neutered/eliminated - in whatever way possible. He has to be one of the most irritating characters yet to be created by DOOL's PTB!

    Save ejami!

  3. BetseyD i disagree with you and i love Ej and Sami together.

    Ej has to tell Sami the truth once and for all !
    He has to be honest for once; she deserves it.
    I want him to pay by her hands. He makes her suffer by kidnapping their child and let her believe she was dead so she has to make him suffer. I want them to be equals about everything : she doesn't have to be his victim; it works for me only if he is her victim too ! Yes they have a dysfunctional, complex relationship but they have to be in a equal level even more in this type of relationship.
    I want her to go far and only her; he did get revenge so she has to get revenge; i wouldn't even mind if she tries to murder him. I want her to dominate the situation and ONLY HER not a third party like Rafe (i certainly don't want her to be rescued or saved..this is not Sami Brady so any other character is not needed; she can fight her own battles herself !).
    I want Ej to be miserable but i also want a Sami who can't go away from him despite herself; who can't kill him and can't stop loving him but who also hate him for what he did to her again and again..
    Finally they can be on a equal level and stop making hurt each other; i know they are their worst enemies but they have to stop this cycle. They can get revenge and be devious but not against each other enough is enough it is becoming to be a vicious circle; they have to be a team where one complete the other and wreak avoc against others who are on their ways and not against each other anymore !!
    If only the writers could listen to me for once ! Hear, read, listen to me writers !!!!
    Of course Sami has to get over her fantasies to be a "good, stepford wife for a good, boring guy" THIS IS NOT HER ! Accept you as you are Sami Brady, we love you as you are : a flawed soap heroine/anti-heroine.