Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Why do I get the eyebrow?"

For real Julie?  That's the first time Hope's given you the 'eyebrow'?  lol

EJ/Lexie/Nicole/Arianna.  Lexie's still concerned about EJ's attack.  Nicole tells Arianna to convince EJ to grant her an interview.  Arianna gets him to agree.  Lexie gets all bitchy about Nicole's Sydnapping.  Nicole reminds Lexie she slept with Brandon.  wtf?  How is that relevant?  Why not bring up Lexie passing Hope's son off as hers?  That would make more sense.  Nicole gets her interview with EJ.  EJ refers to her as "Nikki."  lol  EJ drops the bomb that he knows who attacked him. 

I'm liking Nicole's new job.  She's perfect for it.

Baker/Bernie/Hope.  Baker owes Bernie money at the Cheatin' Heart.  Baker gives him a down payment.  Baker sees Hope at the pier-o-whacks, which is not the same as the pier-o-death as per Tony, Hope says she doesn't recognize him, but gives him the 'eyebrow' when she somewhat seems to remember him.

Hope/Julie/Hope's doctor.  Julie lectures Hope about sleep medications.  Hope insists she's not addicted.  Julie encourages Hope to take a leave of absence from work to deal with Ciara's kleptomania.  Hope refuses.  Hope gets her doctor to refill her perscription.  I'm starting to like this storyline.  It would be nice to have DOOL do a prescription medicine addiction storyline.

Kate/Will/Chad/Madeline/Mia.  Kate and Will have a chat.  Madeline tells Chad to move the location of the study group from the DiMansion to some place less nefarious.  Madeline drops in at the DiMansion to threaten Kate.  Madeline does not want Chad anywhere near the DiMeras.  Will and Chad have their study group at the Java Cafe. Mia thinks that they are talking about her, they are, but not in flattering ways.  lol  Chad's not interested in Mia anymore.

Overall, not a bad eppy.  I'm loving investigative reporter Nicole.  She even makes Arianna seem interesting.  Hope's pill popping has me interested too.  Still don't care about the teen scene.  NuWill is doing well, good for him.  I love seeing Kate v any woman, hopefully this Madeline story won't suck.

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