Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Patsy Pease Mystery


The new SOAP OPERA DIGEST coming out this week reveals that Peter Reckell's absence from the show will be explained by Bo going out of town to donate bone marrow to his sister, Kimberly.  Yet, didn't this same periodical claim that Patsy Pease had been asked to return to the show as part of the France Reid memorial episodes?  Did SOAP OPERA DIGEST make a mistake?  Will Kim be coming back or won't she?  Is Bo's contact with her an excuse to get Kim back in Salem?  Enquiring minds want to know!

Patsy Pease's Facebook page is equally confusing.  At first, she stated that DAYS had yet to ask her to come back; and now her responses to fans seem to imply that she is going to be back.

Many die-hard fans of Shane and Kim are hoping, that with both Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease being on the show at the same time, there will be a reunion of this much-beloved supercouple.  This would bring in returning viewers to the show at a time when the soaps need all the viewers that they can get.  As for me, I'm not asking for long-term contracts or anything; but please just give me a little episode with this historic couple falling in love again.  Even just a small scene for the long-suffering fanbase who has been wanting them reunited for more than a decade.

DAYS, if you blow this one, you are once again throwing away a golden opportunity!  Ask Patsy Pease back to the show!

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  1. Bo would be the least likely candidate for such a transplant since he is only biologically related to her through Caroline. The writers continue to refuse to think things through to further their stupid plot du jour, or rationale for side-line characters/actors.

  2. I have not watched in years, but I gather these writErrs are the least likely to write a great reunion storyline for these two. For years they were my favorite couple. I was more excited about them in London than Bo and Hope and the wedding, and I was more for them than Steve and Kayla. Reading how they did nothing for S/K and how they destroyed B/H, I have little faith for Shane/Kim.

  3. For me it isn't about Patsy returning although I love her alot the most important thing is honoring Frances & Alice and making sure she gets a fitting memorial....what I really would be disappointed with is if Bo doesn't show up because Alice and Bo had a great relationship the focus should be saying goodbye to the legendary frances reid//Grandma Horton and the memories that center around her and her family sort out the rest another time!

  4. I agree that it's all about Alice. Of course it is, and there's plenty there for each character to reminisce and tell their Alice Horton story. I'm looking forward to it. I loved her character. Still, Kim and Shane are the only supercouple not to reunite -- and I agree with the earlier comment. They were the main reason I watched. Sure, other couples' reunions were often hasty or over too soon (Tony and Anna) but at least they got their chance to walk off into the sunset. I personally find bashing the writers less than productive. There are many factors at play, including the actors and their schedules and, frankly, their relationship with the show over the years. a "longsuffering" Kim and Shane fan, I do beg for at least a scene, a moment, a glimmer of hope that they are working their way back to each other. That's all I could hope for. We've been waiting 17 years. And I do believe that, given the right situation/timing, the writers would try to do something for Kim/Shane fans.

  5. tony and anna got to walk off into the sunset?? really? You mean, instead of the writers killing Tony off again for absolutely no reason? I guess I must have missed something.

    And as much as I want Kim and Shane back together, these writers suck and whatever kind of moment you get will be something you'll wish they'd left out the moment it happens.

  6. Any news on this mystery, Diva? Enquiring minds STILL want to know. A reunion would be amazing!!!!!!!

  7. Air Dates are: June 23,24,25,29,30