Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Michael T. Weiss at NYC Gala


Michael T. Weiss (ex-Mike Horton, DAYS; Jarod, PRETENDER) attended the Atlantic Theater Company Spring Gala in NYC celebrating its 25th year anniversary.  The cheapest price to attend the event?  A cool grand!


  1. This man will be gorgeous when he's 90 !!

  2. He was my favorite my favorite Mike! although Roark was good mike t weiss was so charming and funny and I loved his scenes with Missy Reeves

  3. tonight 6/3/10 - I was having a nice evening in the the big apple, the crowded streets are never ending but you never know, who you may encounter!!

    Tonight around 10:45 pm, between the crowd I see a familiar face getting closer towards me, Michael T. Weiss comes walking toward me with a couple of friends,formerly Mikey Horton (DOOL), as formerly Jarod (The Pretender). My night went from perfect to incredibly perfect!!!! Wow, what a rush!!

  4. Congrats, Chris! Michael T is pretty damn tall, isn't he?