Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leann Hunley's cousin on DOOL next week!

According to Leann's post on her guestbook, her cousin will be on Monday's episode.  His character attempts to buy the Cheatin' Heart off of Adrienne Kiriakis.  Leann's cousin's name is Blake Reed.


  1. If you get to interview Leann's cousin could you ask her to mention to Leann that the fans have noticed Leann has been packing on the pounds and needs to sign up for the Weight Watchers program. The wardrobe department was trying their best to hide her weight gain by putting her in lots of long sport coats to hide Leann's ever expanding hips, but that will only get you so far.

  2. Hey anonym i hope you are kidding with this post because if it is not the case you are a freaking MORON (and i could use some words/adjectives far more appropriate and vulgar but i am not like that and i have some self-control yes !).
    Leann is a beautiful and great actress.
    And yes she is a buxom/curvaceous woman and it is so needed in this business where you are always judged by your weight and your looks (even more for a woman).
    With this shallow and dumb mentality lot's of women are becoming anorexic and even some end by dying ! So your comment IMO is disgusting !
    p.s: shame on you really !

  3. Yeah... and how about a facelift, some botox, lip injections, hair extensions, fake eyelashes?? Let's build another Hollywoodesque clone/robot!! My God, Leann is perfect the way she is, a beautiful person on the inside and the outside.
    If the poster above was trying to be funny or something... YOU'VE FAILED!

  4. Wow...cannot believe what I just read. It's pretty obvious you've never seen Leann in person or you would see that she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and pretty tiny, actually. I've never seen someone more gorgeous. Watch yourself before you go running your mouth all over the place insulting people who are beautiful inside and out.

  5. I completely agree with the other posts. Why would you post something so ridiculous!? What does her weight have to do with her acting? She is still BEAUTIFUL! I am a friend of Leann's; I saw her in December (10') she was nothing short of beautiful and gracious. Always taking time to chat with fans. Love her! And I certainly don't hear Thaao complaining or any other male lead she plays opposite of! I have to sign in as "Anonymous" but I'm not THAT anonymous! STOP THROWING STONES wise one that left that comment!